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House Hawick of Saltpans

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Hawick from the books.

Family Tree

  • Martyn Hawick (b. 131), Lord of Saltpans,
    • his wife, Lady Hollyse of House Massey (b. 131),
    • their children:
      • Ser Orrald (b. 151), heir to Saltpans,
      • Lianne (b. 154),
    • his siblings:
      • {Kendron} (b. 121), a squire killed in a mêlée (d. 138),
      • Laria (b. 125), m. Ser Corren Meadows (b. 122),
      • Jenna (b. 140), called Golden Jenna,
    • his father, {Lord Orstos} (b. 100, d. 140), called the Golden,
    • his widowed mother, Lady Neria of House Tully (b. 104),
    • his uncle, aunt, and cousins:
      • Lady Elarra (b. 102), m. Lord Lyndon Farman (b. 100),
      • Ser Dorant (b. 104), captain of the guard for his own uncle, Dorellan Erosenes, a powerful merchant of Lys, m. Noressia Sellos (b. 110), a Lysene,
        • Dorant's son, Ser Ormallos (b. 129), captain of the guard at Saltpans,
        • Dorant's son, Talandor (b. 132), an officer in the city guard of Lys, m. Tiaelle of Volantis (b. 136),
        • Dorant's son, {Harayn} (b. 135), killed while fighting in the Disputed Lands,
        • Dorant's daughter, Soranna (b. 140), a skilled singer and a lady-in-waiting to Lady Hollyse,
          • Septa Halorra (b. 126), Soranna's chaperone,
    • {Alynne} (b. 107, d. 150), m. {Lord Derrick} (b. 105), Lord of Darry, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
  • his household:
    • Maester Arman (b. 135), a healer, tutor, and counselor (see House Estermont),
    • Ser Ormallos Hawick (b. 129), his cousin, captain of the guard,
    • Ser Daston Melcolm (b. 114), master-at-arms,
    • Soranna Hawick (b. 140), his cousin, a skilled singer and a lady-in-waiting to Lady Hollyse,
    • Waymar Manderly (b. 152), heir to White Harbor, a page.