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House Dalt of Lemonwood

Lemons strewn on purple

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Dalt from the books.

Family Tree

  • Ser Dinias Dalt (b. 125), Knight of Lemonwood,
    • his wife, Lady Adeline of House Blackmont (b. 123),
    • their children:
      • {Ser Blaise} (b. 145), heir to Lemonwood, formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, killed in a skirmish by Willum Gargalen, called Wild Will (d. 166),
      • Selara (b. 147), heir to Lemonwood, m. Ser Abelard Wyl (b. 142),
        • Selara's daughter, Deneza (b. 170), twin to Denzel,
        • Selara's son, Denzel (b. 170), twin to Deneza,
      • Ser Digory (b. 150), formerly squire to Ser Marius Dalt, m. Muriel Santagar (b.152),
      • Alesia (b. 154),
    • his siblings:
      • Sybelle (b. 128), now a silent sister, m. {Ser Garyn Uller} (b. 124), killed by the Dragonknight (d. 158),
      • Ser Galwell (b. 130), formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, Lord Bailiff (see House Martell), m. Liane Uller (b. 136), heir to Hellholt,
    • his aunts, uncles, and cousins:
      • Ser Falion (b. 109), Ser Dinias's uncle, steward and castellan of Lemonwood,
        • Falion's first wife, {Gilda Santagar} (b. 109), a sickly woman, dead in childbed (d. 135),
          • Falion's son, {Ser Gilbert} (b. 128), killed at the Carrion Woods (d. 157), m. Silva Santagar (b. 130), a cousin,
            • Gilbert's daughter, Ravenna (b. 152), betrothed to Godric Allyrion (b. 150),
            • Gilbert's son, Edgar (b. 156),
          • Falion's son, Ser Simon (b. 134), a household knight at Sunspear, m. Tereza Blackmont (b. 133),
            • Simon's son, Tyce (b. 164), twin to Sharyn,
            • Simon's daughter, Sharyn (b. 164), twin to Tyce,
          • Falion's daughter, Gilda (b. 135),
            • Gilda's first husband, {Ser Addam Qorgyle} (b. 136), killed at the Battle of the Rush (d. 157),
            • Gilda's second husband, Ser Hugh Manwoody (b. 130),
        • Falion's second wife, Nerissa Jordayne (b. 124),
          • Falion's son, Ser Falbert (b. 140), m. Evain Qorgyle (b. 139),
            • Falbert's son, Derrett (b. 160), twin to Adrya,
            • Falbert's daughter, Adrya (b. 160), twin to Derrett,
            • Falbert's daughter, Deridre (b. 165),
            • Falbert's son, Dylan (b. 167),
          • Falion's daughter, Tyssa (b. 142),
          • Falion's daughter, Helia (b. 148), a novice of the Faith,
      • Lady Lilianne (b. 112), m. Lord Davit Gargalen (b. 108),
      • {Ser Devon} (b. 114), a hopeless cuckold, killed during a fruitless attempt to found a sellsword company in the Free Cities (d. 140), m. Mylene Gargalen (b. 110),
        • Devon's son, Ser Laurent (b. 136), a famous knight called the Sand Dog, formerly castellan of the Planky Town, now Keeper of the Sandship, formerly betrothed to {Alays Blackmont} (b. 142), killed in the storming of Blackmont (d. 157), m. Caitrin Blackmont (b. 142), called Spearlover,
          • his son, Ronyn (b. 162), twin to Gemma,
          • his daughter, Gemma (b. 162), twin to Ronyn,
        • Devon's daughter, Eloise (b. 139), m. Ser Jarvis Sand (b. 135), called the Bastard of the Red Dunes (see House Vaith),
      • {Ser Rufus} (b. 118), a famous knight, killed by Prince Aemon Targaryen (d. 161), m. Lady Marcia Fowler (b. 116),
      • Darcia (b. 122), m. {Ser Ronan Toland} (b. 120), killed during battle in the Sea of Dorne (d. 157),
    • his great-uncles:
      • {Ser Bedard} (b. 96), killed in a tourney (d. 140), m. Maryse Vaith (b. 100),
        • Bedard's daughter, Sybella (b. 121), m. Ser Elyas Gargalen (b. 117),
        • Bedard's son, Maester Valerion (b. 124), serving at Godsgrace,
        • Bedard's son, {Ser Toryn} (b. 126), killed in a tourney mishap (d. 149), m. Avelyn Wyl (b. 130),
          • Toryn's daughter, Jeanne (b. 144),
          • Toryn's son, Nigel (b. 146),
        • Bedard's daughter, Olivia (b. 130), m. Ser Elvyn Ladybright (b. 130),
          • Olivia's son, {Artos Ladybright} (b. 150), a page at Godsgrace, dead of illness during the siege (d. 157),
        • Bedard's son, Ser Waldon (b. 134), m. Monielle Toland (b. 139),
          • Waldon's daughter, Belessa (b. 155),
          • Waldon's son, Gesmund (b. 157), a squire,
          • Waldon's daughter, Ynna (b. 159),
          • Waldon's son, Elfred (b. 164),
          • Waldon's bastard son, Harry Sand (b. 150), squire to Ser Felix Sand (b. 127),
      • Ser Gideon (b. 100), called the Gallant in his youth, now more often known as the Sour, m. {Lyanna Drinkwater} (b. 104), who soon grew estranged from him and died in childbed (d. 127),
        • Gideon's daughter, Lisette (b. 123), m. Ser Morgan Dayne (b. 120), formerly a household knight at Starfall,
        • Gideon's son, Ser Marius (b. 125), called the Little Lemon, small of stature but great in courage, a spice factor at Sunspear (see House Martell), m. Nicolette Manwoody (b. 128),
          • Marius's daughter, Elda (b. 145),
          • Marius's daughter, {Wylla} (b. 149, d. 154), dead of a snake bite,
        • Lyanna's bastard son, Ser Felix Sand (b. 127), raised by Ser Gideon despite uncertain paternity, a household knight at Lemonwood,
    • Other members of the household:
      • {Ser Garin} (b. 127), a distant cousin and household knight, killed by Ser Burton Crakehall at Godsgrace (d. 161),