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Aloran Celtigar

In Brief

Ser Aloran Celtigar, famously dubbed ‘Crackclaw’ - second son of Ser Rolland Celigar; the younger brother to Lord Celtigar. Far from the line of succession of Claw Isle, the anointed knight by Lord Bar Emmon’s hand has not been restrained from shaping his name and renown, known to have been the Lieutenant of the Oakenfist and responsible for the co-command of the fleet that ferried Reachlords and Riverlords north in 161AC alongside many other endeavors during the Rebellion of Dorne.

Though now spouse-less, child-less and without a position - the proven knight must now face the life of a courtier, in assuring his future.


A towering man with a broad build with a firm, disciplined posture. His locks of hair are trimmed shortly and wrap around his head in a shade of ashy-blonde which resembles more of silver than anything, which is emphasised under a flicker of light. His visage is painted with a fair, pale skin and a rather small stubble coats around his cheeks and upper lip, shaved clean beneath the chin. His gaze is alike gems of emerald, glistening with a powerful, rich shade of vibrant green. His entire countenance forms a strong outline of a chiseled jawline and a well-defined stern stare.

Around his torso is a lengthy surcoat of black, which fits Dorne more than Westeros, a tunic of crimson beneath the generously open collar, revealing a light shade of his flesh beneath the layers of elegant and yet humble clothing. Upon his right shoulder is a carefully sewn crab in the shade of pristine white. At the lower parts of his body is a black-dyed pair of tailored trousers that cover his legs all the way down to his ankle, lightly rolled up above the chestnut leather boots with hardened soles. Upon his hip is a scabbard made of similar leather, the interior being more of a beige shade, whilst a fine blade rests inside.


Aloran has never been one to boast his exploits nor promote the glory gained through his campaign at Dorne. Yet on a personal level, he is an individual who does not desire to disappoint let alone fail, taking his own vows to heart. Besides being an individual of resilience and stern attitude, especially towards those serving under him, he has a short fuse to his temper which snaps him from an facade of everlasting patience to a man of terrible rage and most often unrestrained aggression. Only a handful close manage to glimpse beneath the hard shell which offers a gregarious man of fair humour and compassion, being extremely protective to those he offers his affection and his family regardless of their relation to him.


Ser Aloran Crackclaw Celtigar is the second son of Ser Rolland Celtigar - whom is the fourth child of Lord Celtigar, also a younger brother to Tasmund - an officer of the Citys Watch.

Aloran was born alike the rest of the crabs at Claw Isle, soon enough showing his promise of a towering, athletic figure. Restrained to the boundaries of the island; each day and night was another challenge for the young boy to prevail, at first being force-fed the nature of war, and as soon as his palm could clutch a sword - experiencing it. Despite being far from the chain of heritage of House Celtigar, the boy was not spared the dreary lectures of the importance of his blood and the demeanor of a noble.

Amongst the crowd of relatives stranded by the sea, Aloran was known to have a fairly short temper which gained him a infamous reputation with a few of the Celtigars such as his own sister Jenette - and often unintentionally shaming his older brother Tasmund, whom he truly respected and intended to treat kindly, whilst instead offensively prevailing him. Not all hope was lost however, for Philbert - his uncle, discovered the boys talent for the sea, becoming more of a trusted brother to him than his actual sibling.

At his fourteenth nameday, Aloran swore himself as a squire to Lord Bar Emmon of Sharp Point, serving under him with utmost ambition to prove himself worthy of respect, and hopefully gaining a whisper of recommendation into his fathers ear. Separated from the usual faces into a sight of foreign men and women, the young man was forced to develop a thick shell around his emotions, earning a proficiency at discipline. And with a rather dull, eventless stay at the tip of the continent, he was eventually knighted and shipped back where he belonged.

Philbert supported Aloran since the dawn of their relationship, and so forth it was time to see what sort of a man his nephew has become. And he had just the way to do it. Crackclaw Point since long has refused to bend the knee to Celtigars, and with three other young men who could barely hold a sword - all with the same idea of proving themselves to the Celtigars as more than commoners, Aloran was shipped away on a vessel barely capable of floating towards the hostile finger of mainland. The following week they returned with twice the demanded coin of tax, and without a single word of justification. The people of Claw Isle and soon the realm named Aloran Crackclaw - which stuck to him ever since.

Ser Aloran found himself serving in Dorne, earning much fame and recognition as Oakenfists lieutenant, crushing through the sieging army at Salt Shore, adorning the vanguard with his illustrious banner, proving himself not only a soldier, but a commander, providing safe escape for many rejoiced figures. Many have pondered over Crackclaws escape from Planktown which many considered to be the final seal in his astonishing campaign, yet the man never speaks of the march that might have been his last, caring close to none for promoting the tales of his journey for actions speak more than words for him.

A master at a sword and with a talent for a spear, the crab tested by war gained enough recognition in the conflict to become a rather hefty name, despite never being expert in the matters of the nobles. Drifting aimlessly, Ser Rolland eventually dispatched him for Kings Landing, with the goal of what once failed - to mend his heart with a suitable candidate, reluctant to the task yet unwilling to displease his father, eventually finding himself on a Celtigar fleet heading to Dorne for the Royal Wedding.

Notable Events

Aloran is knighted by Ser Bar Emmon of Sharp Point and the man is sent back to Claw Isle.

Philbert Celtigar sends Aloran - his nephew with a handful other men to Crackclaw Point to prove themselves men through extortion of the petty houses and settlements within the mainland.

Aloran returned to Claw Isle with twice the demanded tax, therefore earning the byname of ‘Crackclaw’ by his successful gain of coin.

King Daeron is supported by Ser Aloran Celtigar who travels to Dorne in pursuit of proving himself as not only a soldier yet a commander.

Crackclaw leads a vanguard as Oakenfist’s Lieutenant, crashing through Ser Manfryd’s troops and routing the enemy, hauling the Westerosi lords from the Reach and Riverlands to return from Dorne. 500 of his men were garrisoned in Salt Shore to defend it.

Ser Aloran was left with no choice but to concede Planky Town to the Dornish and escape with his fleet towards Salt Shore, fleeing the danger with a risky maneuver.

The famed Crackclaw arrives in King’s Landing with an ambition of a wife and a Lord to serve in mind.

The fleet heading off to Dorne from King’s Landing includes House Celtigar - and in that Elleria, which persuades the cousin to travel with her for the royal wedding.

Ser Aloran Celtigar participated in the archery contest, rivalling with Lady Joleta of House Gargalen, at which they tied. So forth, he prevailed to the third position, after which the woman from the Summer Isles with a golden bow and Ser Digory Dalt bested him, the latter being the winner in the end.

Furthermore, during the grand tourney - with over a hundred men-at-arms participating, the Crownlander named Crackclaw met with Ser Bryar Mooton, the heir to Maidenpool, besting him in a single tilt. Then, Aloran met with Ser Durance Darklyn, and after a tense stalemate of five tilts, Ser Aloran was unhorsed. As a follow-up, he encountered the famed Dragonknight - Aemon Targaryen, who bested Ser Aloran in a single tilt, therefore concluding his participation in the joust.

In the race between many Dornish riders and several Westerosi representatives, Ser Aloran found himself commanding a local steed provided by the Prince himself. In the first round, Aloran found himself head to head against Lady Joleta Gargalen, then soon enough finding himself slumping behind her and Lady Aisling, although often ahead of Ser Durance Darklyn. In the final round, Ser Aloran prevailed head to head with Lady Joleta, rising tensions and pressure of the crowd’s anticipation, coming only by a mere head behind the victorous Joleta of House Gargalen, still worthy of recognition in the race due to his charge.

The success and failure at once was short-lived, for Ser Durance and Crackclaw witnessed the flood that surged in the canyon first-handedly, having to charge through the torrent atop the steeds. Aloran charged atop his steed in search for missing Lady Aisling and many other riders, right behind Ser Aidan and his entourage. Taking lead of the situation, the hardened commander showed his true colours, leading Ser Durance, Lady Cindria, Lady Elleria and Lady Ashera to set up a refugee camp right outside of the canyon. Leading Ser Durance ahead into the canyon, the two came across many stragglers, some wounded, some without their steeds and the named horses wildly escaping the canyon before them. A crippled horse was beheaded by Crackclaw, eventually the two meeting a ring of injured around a deceased Dornishman who drowned. Freeing the corpse, it was transported atop Ser Durance’s steed, whilst Ser Aloran offered his to those incapable of walking. All the injured were transported to the camp into the maiden’s care, and once returned, the Celtigar knight immediately was summoned by Lady Joleta, concluding his efforts at saving the trapped locals within the canyon, reassured by two men of Ser Aidan’s entourage that Lady Aisling and the Dornishwoman were found - having taken a detour after her steed was wounded.

As Prince Maron assembled a immense collection of Westerosi huntsmen, northron and southron alike - Ser Aloran was witnessed in the smaller group accompanying Prince Rhodry Nymeros Martell and many others. Offered a challenge of silver for any white rock dove shot; Aloran managed to shoot down a single of the prey after several attempts. The failed arrows brought Ser Orson Baratheon to remark with distasteful arrogance over his fine shots, bringing the entourage of many to scowl at him. Crackclaw visibly expressed his dislike for boasting, which brought the two knights near a duel challenged by Ser Orson, only for Aloran to dismiss the man - the situation deescalating following Lady Elyse’s and the Prince’s attempts at resolving the matter.

Soon, the group found themselves forming spearmen and archers outside of a shadowcat’s lair, to which he simply charged, entering the caverns with a huntsman fetching a torch and Ser Orson behind. Facing the beast, Aloran managed to take down the impressive beast by thursting a spear into it’s heart, finding the huntsman barely alive after being nearly mauled down. The servants tended to the collapsed man and carried the trophy outside after Ser Orson called for help. And so at that, Aloran was then seen riding off towards the oasis, with some locals offering applause - some… not as much.

Social & Political Affiliations

As of the present time, Aloran is found without a position at court of King’s Landing, and without having sworn himself to any Lord or Lady. Instead, he is fairly independent as apart from the directive of his father and his house’s Lord.

The man has fair connections with figures such as the Oakenfist, or arguably even the Hand of the King whom has made acquaintance with the Celtigar at the feast celebrating the fleet’s return from Dorne.

Significant Relations

Rolland Celtigar - Parent - Supporter
Being his father, Rolland is naturally a figure that earns Aloran’s respect, and shall be supported due to his kind nature and favoritism over Tasmund.

Tasmund Celtigar - Sibling - Supporter
Although Tasmund has developed a sour attitude to Aloran’s previous besting, the younger sibling truly respects his older brother and does not despise him contrary to popular belief. At heart, he is a pleasant man to him.

Philbert Celtigar - Relative - Friend
The hardened Captain has always been more of a brother rather than a uncle in his eyes, and thanks to his conditioning and tutoring in the arts of seamanship, he is admired and favoured, which brings much comfort.

Elleria Celtigar - Relative - Supporter
During the voyage to Dorne, Aloran managed to establish a fair connection with his cousin - Elleria. She proved to offer genuine care for him, and persistent support. Her reputation allowed Aloran to find himself more susceptible to blending into the court. Aloran is yet to truly become comfortable around the relative, although her warm attitude has left him eager to provide her with loyalty and keen on discovering her personally.

From Roleplay

Memorable Quotes

“Watch your tongue, stag - boasting and talking will only get you so far.” - Crackclaw warning Ser Orson Baratheon’s provoking at the Great Hunt in Dorne, 170AC.

Selected Logs

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