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Janden Melcolm


In Brief

Janden Melcolm is a relatively minor knight of some renown in the jousting tourneys, having placed well in some from time to time while yet to actually win a tourney. He earned his spurs in the first war with Dorne and is a capable knight with the sword as well. Formerly an Officer of the Kingswood, dubious circumstances led to him no longer being employed there. Janden is not particularly adept in court, though he has gained the position of Master of Horse after serving as Royal Huntsman just shy of two years. Due to circumstances related to ongoing conflict at one time with the Dornishman Red Rhys and the Lys pirate Sullehman Saan, certain exploits led to Janden being called Swiftspur by many. He was wed to Olianne Rosby early in the 9th month of the 165th year After the Conquest.


The scar that only misses one of Janden Melcolm’s eyes on the right side of his face could appear sinister. Instead, it adds a sort of raffish lift to his brow beneath a shock of untidy red hair that reaches the bottoms of his ears all around. His eyes are bright green, a complement to his hair, but there is only occasional levity in them. His mouth is generously wide and is seen in a smile more often than a frown.

The knight looks slightly too tall for his own skin, as if his bones grew before his muscles could bulk out, but he isn’t too gawky. By now, full into adulthood, it only registers in the form of making him appear tall and thin. His clothing fits him well, a tunic of fair quality white linen under a doublet of dark green. Instead of the Melcolm badge, he wears a red Targaryen one at the breast to help signify his ties to them as Master of Horse. Brown trousers fit snugly and are tucked into well-worn boots of black leather. A sword is also belted at his left side.


Janden is a sociable and sarcastic individual, though he possesses a quirky sense of humor where off-color remarks may be taken as hateful instead of an intended joke. He has had all the noble training of a house son on courtly etiquette and chivalry for his station as a knight. Along the way he has also developed an affinity for dancing and hunting, and is a skilled public speaker. Drawn into the war against Dorne at a relatively young age of 15, some of his training may not be as polished as his family would like concerning politics and the political structure of King’s Landing. His temperament helps him in this regard as he tends to stay on an even keel, not prone to emotional outbursts in most situations, preferring to stay level headed.


Early Years & Growing Pains

Janden Melcolm was born on 13-7-140 to Jeron Melcolm and his second wife, Lady Hemona of house Swyft. He was the first child from that marriage. His early days were spent swimming in the ocean with his older siblings with dreams of being a captain of one of the Old Anchor warships along with joining the knighthood.

However, at age five tragedy struck as he nearly drowned in the bay while swimming with his older brothers Baran and Dorik. He later accused Baran of trying to drown him, a claim his father brushed off as a lie on his part which he was beaten for. A deep-seated phobia began to grow as he developed a fear of deep water and the ocean, wanting little to do with either from that point forward.

His relationship became tense with his older brothers as well as his father. Numerous fistfights took place between he and Dorik as tensions between the half-brothers grew from childish spats to more physical altercations. Jeron always sided on the part of his first wife’s children, making sure Janden was sufficiently punished.

When he was seven, tall and slender for his age even at that point, he began his training as a page along with his martial training under the house Master of Arms. Not as strong as his older brothers due to his rangy build, he instead used his speed and quickness to his advantage, practicing hard to give a good accounting of himself.

When he was nine, an incident in the training yard led to lifelong repercussions as a sparring match with Dorik boiled over with Janden breaking the older boy’s wrist and beating him rather severely.

Fostering in Oldtown & Developing Skills

Offering favors, his father sent Janden as far from Old Anchor as he could arrange, fostering the boy out to the Hightowers. A vocal child, Janden expressed his pleasure of being rid of his family, making it known to anyone who would listen that his brothers were pigs, his father little better in his eyes. Luckily for Janden, Lord Lyonel Hightower had three children his age who he made acquaintance with during his time in Oldtown, most notably Myles, a boy two years his senior who he developed a rough friendship with over the course of their meetings.

Just a few short weeks after his coming to Oldtown to foster, Janden competed in his first tournament event. Lord Whalon Rosby’s tourney was held, Janden and others from Oldtown journeying there. He conducted himself well in the youth fighting, lasting until he was defeated in the third round by a boy three years his senior.

As he developed from a boy to a young man, the next several years were much the same. At age eleven he took part in the tourney at Oakenshield, defeated in the youth swords event in the next to last round by the eventual champion.

At age twelve he began his time as a squire under one of the house knights serving the Hightowers. Lessons in court etiquette were joined with others in chivalry as he was taught the ways of knighthood by his instructors. A bright child, he applied himself to his studies, working on all manner of skills both military and courtly. As he matured he continued to grow up and not out, whipcord slender and quick. He used this to his advantage in the training lists, capable of besting boys older than him due to his endurance and speed.

Ages thirteen and fourteen saw him competing in youth tournaments and melees in Lannisport, Pebble and Highgarden. Never the victor, he nonetheless performed well in each of them.

First Joust & War With Dorne

Age sixteen found him finally atop a horse in the royal tournament at King’s Landing, his first tests in the jousting lists. Of the three day tournament he made it to the second day of jousting before being unhorsed by Ser Jace Rollingford. In the final days of the tournament he competed in the melee. Having finally grown into some size and strength, he reached the final twenty combatants before he was defeated in sword duel by Ser Ingram Swyft who would go on to win the event.

Later that same year he was called back to Old Anchor by his father as war with Dorne was announced. He boarded a ship for the first time since his swimming incident, journeying with his father and brothers to Gulltown at the call of Jonothor Arryn. Assigned to serve as a squire to his older brother Ser Baran during the campaign, he was assured by his father that for past transgressions he would not receive knighthood at his hands during his time as Baran’s squire.

His first taste of battle came at the assault on Planky Town. He handled himself well, several Dornish men-at-arms falling to his blade during the battle. The battles that followed ranged up and down the Greenblood as the fleet destroyed key structures of Dorne. The ship he and his brother were stationed on was part of the fleet led by Jonothor Arryn that destroyed the Lemonwood harbor (Y 157, M 6-7).

As the fleet linked up with The Young Dragon’s land army, he was part of the cavalry transferred to the ground forces. He rode to the Oakenfist encampment for the battle there, then later participated in the battle of the Carrion Woods where he received his first significant wound of the war, nearly losing his right eye and leaving his face scarred (Y 157, M 9).

His luck would hold, to a point, as part of the force sent opposing the crossing of Lord Vaith (Y 157, M 11). He avoided the dangers of the bloody flux but wasn’t as fortunate in battle as a mace blow cracked his shield arm, leaving it useless until healed. He was taken out of the fighting, then upon his return to the armies at Godsgrace he was given duties of running messages between the king and his units in the field in the ensuing days (Y 157, M 11).

Knighthood & More Trouble Back Home

However, his broken arm provided a vital opportunity as he took part in the battle to defend the Young Dragon from an ambush at the previous Oakenfist camp. While running a message to the king, his arm only barely healed, he was in the thick of the fighting as the ambush was sprung. He acquitted himself well in spite of the injury, killing a pair of Dornish knights as he helped defend King Daeron during the battle, at one point fighting side by side with a member of the Kingsguard. His actions did not go unnoticed as he was knighted the next day by Ser Osbert Bettley of the Kingsguard for his valor during the fight (Y 157, M 12).

The battle for Sunspear was his next chance to prove his mettle, taking part in the fight against the Dornishmen as they tried to hold the city. Newly knighted, he continued to prove his worth by leading a countercharge on the third day of the battle to reclaim the body of his fallen cousin Ser Jaymar Melcolm. Wounded for his third time during the war during the charge as a dying Dornish knight shoved a spear into his side, he passed out soon after and was carried from the battlefield along with his dead cousin (Y 158, M 1).

As Sunspear fell he was near death, finally regaining consciousness on the fourth day of his coma. His wound too serious to be allowed to heal in the field, he was shipped along with the hostages by boat to King’s Landing (Y 158, M 2), then to Old Anchor and the care of his mother to recuperate. It was there that he knew his first few months of peace since the start of the war, regaining his strength as his body healed and spending time with his family still living at home.

This peace was shattered once his older brother Dorik returned from the war as tensions and tempers flared. A verbal altercation over dinner one night led to blows and the departure of Janden from Old Anchor toward King’s Landing.

A Place In King’s Landing & Another War With Dorne

Taking his effects he journeyed there, taking up residence in a guest wing of the Red Keep. His goals were simple, to take up service with one of the more prominent noble houses as a sworn shield and possibly find himself a woman of good standing to take as a wife.

While there, Janden became more of a regular in the jousting lists prior to serving again in the second war with Dorne, part of his duties including being an Outrider. Upon returning again he became betrothed to Aurana Buckler and obtained a job as an Officer of the Kingswood, including briefly serving as Acting Warden during a time when Sarmion Baratheon was away. This was done over the acting deputies at the time, a position Janden never held. When Sarmion became Harbormaster and took most of his staff with him, Janden remained in the Kingswood.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons that included an extended period of time stationed deep in the Kingswood away from most contact, he delayed in marrying Aurana long enough that his betrothal was ended by her father. Farin Prester, a Kingswood Deputy, essentially replaced him. Suspecting foul play in spite of his own fault in previously waiting too long, an enraged Janden confronted Farin, challenging him to a duel in which he physically bested the man. Compounding matters, Farin was also Acting Warden at the time because Luthor Rivers was on vacation. This meant repercussions were swift and immediate. Janden was allowed to resign from the Kingswood and pay a 30 dragon fine rather than be subject to harsher discipline as a result of his actions.

For a time, Janden felt his life was destroyed. He’d lost his betrothed and a job he sincerely enjoyed. During the Joust of Love in Highgarden, he fought any and all who would oppose him and declared love false, a farce. Though going unbeaten, including defeating Farin twice, he did not earn the victory because it was decided his vow went against the event’s purpose. All the same, at the end of the stay in Highgarden Princess Daena awarded him 100 dragons for his showing in the tourney. This certainly helped in light of the stiff fine he’d paid before.

Moving On & Gaining A New Position

Given Janden’s lack of status within his own family and house, there was little he could count on from his father. The gift from the Princess along with the occasional tourney ransom from various wins went a long way toward allowing him to live above the level of a basic hedge knight, especially when spending carefully. Being a capable hunter, he settled into a job helping Melissa Lannister, especially when it came to hawking.

His hunting prowess would soon be of benefit again. During a boar hunt in the Kingswood that nearly went very wrong, he handled himself well enough that afterward, he and Luthor Rivers spoke a few times. It led to the idea that Janden might make a good candidate for Royal Huntsman, especially since things had grown lacking among that outfit. It’s a position some believed he should have had in the past, but the timing and politics behind it weren’t in his favor. This time around, he ran a successful hunt under Luthor’s eye and gained enough support to earn the position. This, along with a couple strong showings in jousting tourneys that included unhorsing Prince Aegon Targaryen en route to being among the last four left one day, has led to a marked improvement in his station in life.

Janden has settled into his new position comfortably. In an odd twist of fate he came into his role about the same time Farin Prester became the new Warden of the Kingswood, further connecting the two in ways. His martial skills have been put to the test as he fought against pirates during a raid outside Storm’s End following travel for a wedding, killing a Dothraki in the battle. He also assisted with bandit hunts in the Kingswood, leading to him teaming with Luthor Rivers to finally put Bors Breakhelm down. While at Riverrun during travel for another wedding, he unhorsed Jaesin Lannister of the Kingsguard in nine rounds during jousting practice, a noteworthy accomplishment for any knight of Janden’s stature.

Notable Events

[16-06-159] Competed in the first day of a prestigious jousting tourney in King’s Landing. He made a strong run, defeating Bonifer Buckwell, Axell Farman and Elmer Crakehall. He finally lost to the winner, Almer Connington, in the final. Almer took a 5,000 dragon prize.

[18-06-159] Janden competed in the third day of the jousting tourneys, having a less successful time of it in falling to Anders Dondarrion. Later Janden nearly got himself into a bigger mess when he mocked Sarmion Baratheon following a poor showing by the giant of a man in a tilt versus another, but the Stormbreaker’s challenge to single combat was interrupted by William Waxley, Sarmion returning to the lists.

[20-06-159] On the fifth day of the jousting tourneys, Janden unhorsed Manfred Dondarrion and Corrent Gargalen before going down to Jaesin Lannister’s lance, then Dagur Saltcliffe’s.

[23-06-159] On the final day of the multi-part tourney, said to be the biggest in a century, Janden came close to winning the whole thing in a competition where many knights would face the champions of each previous day for the right to claim a large prize and declare the Queen of Love and Beauty. He faced and defeated Dagur Saltcliffe and Triston Templeton, reaching the last four along with Aemon Targaryen the Dragonknight, Joseth Smallwood, known as Oakshanks, and Aidan Dayne, the Knight of the Twilight. Janden would fall to Aidan, who faced Aemon in the final. The pair unhorsed each other and then fought on foot before King Daeron finally called an end to it before blood might be spilled, declaring a draw and a split purse of 20,000 dragons between the two winners.

[10-06-160] Janden was hired as an Officer in the Kingswood by Sarmion Baratheon (the warden at the time).

[09-07-160] Queens Joust of Love. Janden wore a favor for Elyana Mertyns and declared that he would face five opponents in the lists. He began with an epic tilt against Tancred Baratheon, lasting for nine rounds before he was finally defeated. He was then defeated by Ardon Tyrell and Raynard Locke before unhorsing Elyana’s brother Ethos. He finished the day with a surprise victory against the Jousting Lord, Whalon Rosby.

[25-09-160] Tourney in Rosby, hosted by Lord Whalon the Jousting Lord. Though he would not win the day, Janden sent Ermen Frey and Ethos Mertyns to the ground (who defeated him is unknown).

[07-11-160] After moderate success in recent tournaments (including unhorsing Whalon Rosby in a joust), Janden is asked by Dagur Saltcliffe to become a member of the Company of the Lance. He accepts.

[13-11-160] Janden was named temporary Warden of the Kingswood during Sarmion Baratheon’s extended absence due to his wedding. Janden was still an Officer and was promoted into this position rather than the available deputies.

[30-11-160] Janden grew close to Aurana Buckler when he warned her of a possible plot against her brother. The pair became strong friends and fell in love. He spoke to her father and while the man was reluctant, he agreed to a betrothal. He would give little to the union, however, only offering to pay for a townhouse in the city. Janden would be required to improve in station with no additional resources.

[06-12-160] Sarmion’s wedding melee. Janden had a strong showing. He lasted until the final three - himself, Dagur Saltcliffe and Andry Chester. Knowing the strongest opponent, he and Andry both took blows against Dagur, eventually knocking him to the ground. However, Andry would go on to defeat Janden in the one-on-one match.

[11-02-161] Janden took part in the melee at Princess Daena’s tourney, lasting toward the end with fellow members of the Company of the Lance, Dagur Saltcliffe and Andry Chester. They ended up against Aidan Dayne and Jaremy Dustin, and though Dustin was taken out he dragged Dayne down as well and the two began to fight amongst each other before order was restored. Andry ended up the winner, Aidan was arrested, Jaremy was sent off by the King, and the knights of the Company of the Lance were named champions due to their courage, prowess and chivalry, rather than the Brothers of the Battle.

[18-04-162] After an extended absence due to an assignment deep in the Kingswood, the betrothal to Aurana Buckler was ended by her father and a new contract written up between Aurana and Farin Prester. Janden did not know what happened at the time, as all letters were being kept from him and it was arranged that he did not return to King’s Landing during this time.

[07-07-162] Discovering what was happening between Farin Prester and Aurana Buckler in King’s Landing, Janden raced home. He called out Farin in the yard and beat the man soundly to the ground twice. He then resigned his position, as he had left his post, and was fined 30 dragons.

[16-08-162] Joust of Love in Highgarden. Fresh off the loss of his beloved, Janden was in little mood for a Joust of Love. He proclaimed that he’d meet all challengers, with the declaration that love was a farce and false. If anyone could defeat him, they could perhaps prove otherwise. He went unbeaten on the day, defeating Farin Prester twice, Tancred Baratheon, Ethos Myrtens, Lymen Flowers and (someone). However, he did not earn the victory on the day because his vow went against the nature of the event. At the end of the stay in Highgarden, Princess Daena Targaryen awarded him 100 dragons for his prowess at the tournament.

[07-09-162] Joust of Champions in Highgarden. He had little luck in this event. He challenged Ser Almer Connington and was quickly put to the ground. The tilt lasted for a few rounds, but Almer was his better.

[08-09-162] Melee at Highgarden. He worked with his companions in the Company of the Lance. Janden faced Bryce Caron twice and unseated him both times. He also unseated Alek Reyne and Josmyn Reyne. He was unseated the first time by Almer Connington. When only Janden, Dagur Saltcliffe and Almer remained, the two other knights focused on Janden. Lasting a couple rounds, Janden was quickly overpowered and beaten a second time by Almer.

[23-03-163] White Tourney in King’s Landing. Janden competed in the joust to find a new member of the Kingsguard under King Baelor. He moved through the first two rounds before facing Argos Waxley and unseated him with a thunderous blow that shot the man from his horse. After that he rode against Sorin of Sevenstreams and fell in spite of both hitting each other strongly. Sorin would further advance to the end before yielding to Galfrid Velaryon due to injury.

[20-05-163] Hunt in Blackwater Rush. Following a boar hunt Janden participated in the month before that was hindered by problems dealing with preparation and safety, Luthor Rivers approached Janden to gauge his interest in an effort to help him gain the position of Royal Huntsman. Janden agreed and, following Luthor’s advice, sought and gained support from both Melissa Lannister and Aurana Prester in whatever ways they could provide it. Janden and Luthor also worked together to plan another hunt outside King’s Landing that gave Janden the chance to work with the huntsmen and oversee the planning and execution of it. A basic duck and rabbit hunt was successfully held, with both Sarya Baratheon and Ammara Costayne adding their birds of prey to those that brought down numerous ducks.

[17-07-163] Following the subtle efforts of support made in his name, plus a successful hunt run by him, Janden is appointed to the office of Royal Huntsman.

[05-08-163] Tourney of Love and Beauty to mark the betrothal of Humfrey Westerling and Jannia Tully. Janden moved through the first three rounds easily before unhorsing Brynden Tully, Prince Aegon Targaryen and Andry Chester in the double-elimination tourney. He then fell to Jace Rollingford and, as one of the final four knights left, lost to Sorin of the Kingsguard in a close contest that went three rounds. Jace defeated Sorin in the final, completing a perfect day.

[06-08-163] Tourney of Battles. A day after the Tourney of Love and Beauty, one sponsored by the Brothers of the Battle was held. In another double-elimination format Janden had an up-and-down day of it. He took his first two rounds then defeated Endros Buckler before falling to Dagur Saltcliffe. After that he sent Ermen Frey to the ground prior to being bested by Humfrey Westerling.

[27-08-163] Princess Rhaena’s Nameday Tourney. Janden passed through the first two rounds easily before defeating Ethos Mertyns by decision of the Princess after neither knocked each other down after three passes. He then quickly dispatched Astos Corbray prior to falling just as swiftly to Humfrey Westerling and then Ethos Mertyns in a rematch, finishing his day. In the end, Brynden Tully was named champion and victor of the tourney by the Princess.

[12-09-163] Following a raven sent to Lord Lyonel Hightower asking for his assistance in finding Janden a suitable squire from the Hightowers or those sworn to them, Lyonel arranges for Malwyn Hightower to report from Castle Darry to King’s Landing. Janden had spent time in Hightower fostering as a lad and relations remained good to this day. Malwyn arrives while Janden is in Storm’s End for the wedding between Brynden Tully and Sarya Baratheon.

[19-09-163] Wedding tourney at Storm’s End, to celebrate the marriage of Ser Brynden Tully to Sarya Baratheon. In a field of sixty knights and squires, Janden won his first two rounds then unhorsed Astos Corbray. His day ended after falling to Humfrey Westerling and Jan Marbrand, the final tilt lasting seven passes. Elmer Crakehall went on to defeat Luthor Rivers in the final.

[21-09-163] Janden joined in on a hunt outside Storm’s End with Lord Corwen Baratheon and various other knights and ladies, only to be ambushed in a deadly attack from pirates led by Sullehman Saan. With nearly all of them lacking swords or anything more than hunting leathers, many lost their lives in the initial assault. Janden helped to get the women together (including Katla Serry, Reyna Saltcliffe, Elrone Darklyn and Jannia Tully) and protected them, which included being attacked by a Dothraki pirate called Memmo the Braidless. Defending himself with a spear and dagger (the blade briefly loaned by Jannia for other reasons), he traded blows with the Dothraki and was nearly defeated a couple times before managing to turn Memmo’s arakh around on him, gutting the man with his own weapon. The arakh has been kept as a trophy and reminder of how close he came to a more grievous wound, or worse. Saan himself escaped with the surviving pirates and captives they did manage to take.

[18-10-163] Held a rabbit and grouse hunt in the Kingswood for the nobility, which was well-attended and successful overall with no real problems or accidents.

[25-10-163] Jousting tourney for the wedding of Josmyn Reyne to Alyce Bar Emmon. Janden swept through the early rounds, defeating an unnamed knight before unhorsing Eon Hunter in two tries followed by Brynden Tully, that one in five passes after the first three were dead even. The next three were done in one each as he beat Yorick Staunton before falling to Luthor Rivers and narrowly missing out on the final when he lost a rematch to Yorick. Luthor defeated Yorick in the end. Unfortunately part of the day was tarnished as Humfrey Westerling killed a hedge knight by the name of Lem of the Pendric Hills with a lance through the eye, also breaking his neck. There were many questions as to whether it was an accident or not before Humfrey was taken back to the Red Keep.

[27-10-163] Janden joined Farin Prester, Ammon Massey, Jan Marbrand and Ryckon Westerling as groups of Kingswood men and other knights inspected various places in the Kingswood based on news of whorehouses suddenly ‘disappearing.’ While at one they ended up engaged in battle with five bandits. Janden pressed an advantage against their leader by the name of Landis but lost it, suffering a broken nose in the process. The bandits were killed, then among the others left behind one refused the black and had his left hand severed. After that the rest agreed to take the black and the group returned to the Red Keep.

[22-11-163] Fought on the sands outside the Kingswood in a key battle against Bors Breakhelm and his elite bandits. Janden rode with Luthor Rivers and other knights under the command of Farin Prester and was briefly overcome during a clash with the bandit Naevys. By the time he got back into the fighting, he and Luthor squared off with Bors himself. The two took turns trading blows with Breakhelm, who had already been engaged with Luthor and others, and they wore each other down further as Janden rocked the bandit leader twice with his attacks. Just after Bors wounded him enough to put him out of the fight, Luthor finished Breakhelm off and killed him after he’d fallen. Janden was helped back to the Red Keep to have wounds over his chest and stomach tended to, with rest to follow.

[11-12-163] Participated in the melee for the upcoming wedding between Willard Ryger and Andrya Tully. Janden was selected for the group representing the groom but, perhaps because he fought so soon after recovering from injuries, did not fare well as he fell to both Elmer Crakehall and Cleyton Waxley without defeating a single knight. On the day, the bride’s group routed the groom’s.

[12-12-163] Won a prize for coming in second place for the men in a small archery tourney held at Acorn Hall, which was a bit of a surprise. His reward was a gold acorn brooch with three garnets in it, suitable for pinning up a cloak.

[15-12-163] On the way to Riverrun from Acorn Hall, Janden came across Simona Tully in the process of being attacked by an unknown man who’d trailed the traveling party, trying to force himself on her late at night. Janden stopped it before the man got too far, ensured Simona’s safety, and led the man to Tully guards for them to handle further.

[18-12-163] Jousting practice with Jaesin Lannister. Two days prior to the Riverrun tourney, Janden practiced with knights including Ser Jaesin of the Kingsguard. They actually jousted twice. The first time, both shattered lances in two passes but Janden slid from his saddle on the second one. Jaesin went on to tilt with Elmer Crakehall and Dagur Saltcliffe, beating Elmer quickly while winning and losing once to the Iron Serpent. Janden then faced him again and though it was just practice, their tilt lasted nine rounds with numerous shattered lances as both were nearly unhorsed, including twice where Janden failed to make good contact but remained in the saddle. On the ninth pass, both destroyed their lances but Jaesin was the one who finally fell. It was both unexpected and exciting to witness, the sort of display usually seen only in tourneys. Jaesin, beginning to feel the effects of a concussion, then took on Dermett Corbray and outlasted him in six rounds before he displayed signs that required a maester’s attention.

[20-12-163] Joust in Riverrun to celebrate the wedding of Willard Ryger and Andrya Tully. Prior to the end of the tourney being marred by a bloody dispute between the Brackens and Blackwoods, Janden rode a total of six times. He defeated two knights in the early rounds, along with unhorsing Eon Hunter and Farin Prester both in one try. However, though he lasted four passes against Argett Prester and three against Roger Ryger, he tasted dirt against both famed knights, the win against Farin splitting the losses.

[05-01-164] Janden got into a brief, harsh exchange with his older half-brother when Dorik turned up at Riverrun as part of a smaller traveling group separate from the main party. The two had not seen each other since tensions rose after the Conquest of Dorne when Janden was recovering at Old Anchor. Various others were witness to a few cold words from Janden, including a bit of swearing before cooler heads prevailed. Not long after that, they ended up apart from each other again as events proceeded further with the Bracken/Blackwood feud.

[28-01-164] Melee to celebrate peace between the Brackens and Blackwoods. Janden had a poor showing, offering to test Ryckon Westerling only to fall on the new knight’s second attack, quickly ending his day and a chance at a 500 dragon prize. Later at the feast, Janden met his sister Mara for the first time since they last saw each other following the Conquest of Dorne while he was home recovering from injuries (back in 02/158). Their reunion went much better than the one between Janden and Dorik.

[09-02-164] During a group visit to the Tower of Ghosts in Harrenhal, the knights and ladies present heard screams and Jyana Arryn immediately ran off into the darkness to investigate. With a torch in hand, Janden hurried after her and caught up in time to stop her just a step from plunging into a dark pit from a section of the floor that had given way in the past. When they found the source of the screams, they all saw a man killing a woman who held a baby close, but the group could not reach them. It’s unclear whether what they saw was real or ghosts.

[25-02-164] Was invited to meet Jyana Arryn at the Arryn Manse, where she gifted him with a small dagger as a way of thanking him for likely saving her life in Harrenhal. It is a simple blade, perfect weight, well-made grip, with a bright yellow gem of some quality in the pommel, “like a light in the dark.”

[29-02-164] Melee held aboard ships from the Ironborn embassy. Janden participated in spite of his discomfort being so close to the water, starting out in a defensive position aboard his team’s ship. He soon became involved to the point of aiding Ryckon Westerling by knocking down Merys Lydden, though he fell quickly to both Ammon Massey then the Ironborn Rafe Botley. His team still came out victorious and Janden collected a portion of furs, silks, spices and more from the victor’s chest, amounting to about 7% (70 dragons) of the winnings. He later gave half of that to Walton Smallwood, whose exceptional showing for the losing side - almost single-handedly evening up long odds - left Janden feeling he deserved something for it.

[27-03-164] Lord Serry’s Tourney. Janden passed through the first two jousts with easy victories before falling on the first pass to Dagur Saltcliffe. He defeated Ryckon Westerling by knocking him from his horse on the second try, then his day ended against Kendros Goodbrook, known as Longaxe, losing on points after three attempts as Kendros broke more lances than he did with neither knight falling. Humfrey Westerling claimed the top prize by defeating Dermett Corbray twice in a row. For the tourney, Janden used lances painted white with three red stripes near the tips as a personal way to honor the memory of Lord Whalon Rosby, the Jousting Lord.

[20-04-164] Janden held a small hunt for deer in the Kingswood, with about half a dozen participants.

[16-05-164] First of three events planned between teams of Crackclaw and Kingswood men. In this one, both sides held forts with attacking and defending taking place. Though working for neither group himself, Janden ended up on the Crackclaw team along with Eon Hunter, Ammon Massey, Barion Smallwood, Luthor Rivers, Humfrey Westerling and Lennos against Amrell Celtigar, Sarmion Baratheon, Albyn Crane, Jan Marbrand, Jared Fell, Cleyton Waxley and Ryckon Westerling. Part of the attacking group on the Kingswood fort, Janden and Barion teamed up against Albyn and knocked him down, though Janden fell to Albyn as they fought on. The Crackclaw team was routed by the Kingswood side, though Albyn took offense to a sharp comment Janden made about his own half-brother Dorik, who is married to Albyn’s sister. The two dueled with their tourney blades at Albyn’s insistence, agreeing that the first to fall would yield. Janden ended up the victor.

[12-06-164] Having helped search for a number of women who ended up missing, Janden is with a group of knights that finds them in the Traitors Tower, where they’d tripped a switch to a hidden door in a storeroom and become trapped for some time. Seeing her state and that of the rest, Janden wasted no time in carrying Olianne Rosby, a woman he’d grown friendly toward, out to be fed and tended to.

[27-06-164] Tourney to select a Queen of Love and Beauty, hosted by the Company of the Lance and Brothers of Battle societies. Janden had an unremarkable day, dispatching a lower knight, then Jan Marbrand before falling quickly to Dagur Saltcliffe and Luthor Rivers. Notably, Janden rode with Olianne Rosby’s favor.

[28-06-164] Tourney of Battles, hosted by the Company of the Lance and Brothers of Battle societies. In a format that begin with individual jousts before the participants went on to challenge each other in melee, Janden’s day was over quickly. Again wearing Olianne Rosby’s favor, he handled a lower knight, then unhorsed Josmyn Reyne before falling to the knight once on foot. By that evening, frustration that had been building boiled over and he made a drunken fool of himself in the great hall before passing out and being taken back to his rooms.

[27-07-164] Utilizing his tracking skills, Janden aided Deputy Warden Jan Marbrand in bringing a group of Kingswood knights and men deep into the woods in search of clues as to the disappearance of another unit of officers. Upon reaching a clearing they came across a grisly sight of a dead, flayed man before being ambushed by nearly feral men and hounds. Janden ended up in a fight with a strange, club-bearing Skagosi man (The Eater). Though Janden only managed to land one blow it was a good one, but repeated strikes of a heavy club - including two to the head with one of them unprotected - led to him being knocked out briefly and rushed back to King’s Landing for treatment of a concussion and other injuries once the knights managed a retreat.

[07-08-164] After offering the hunting lodge to be used for the purpose of coordinating missions further into the Kingswood, Janden met with his huntsmen and let them know their duties would be changing to one of support as needed, so long as the bandit threat remained top priority. Two of the four merchant sons Luthor Rivers brought on some three years before decided to leave when an ultimatum was given. The four orphan boys from Flea Bottom, now about 13 each, have been helping with changes being made to and around the lodge.

[09-08-164] Janden fought with others who gathered to lead an assault on a bandit lair they were led to in the Kingswood by a commoner from a village that was raided and burnt down. However, it was intended to be an ambush as the man, Pate, brought the knights there in exchange for the safety of his young son. Instead, the Skagosi man that was their leader (The Eater, name unknown at this point) snapped the boy’s neck in front of them all. Once the fight was on, initiated by two of Janden’s huntsmen putting arrows into a pair of bandits, Janden himself had no trouble with a couple foes, including one named Hurven, killing the spearman in two blows while remaining unscathed. This led to him joining Elmer Crakehall against The Eater after Dermett Corbray was knocked down. Though Janden took a blow to the chest from the man’s club, two on one proved to be a much better strategy and Janden soon sent The Eater to the ground before the chaos rose up around them. The last any of them saw as they pulled back in the wake of ever-increasing danger was The Eater up again, ripping out the throat of Wat the Strangler, who’d come to fight the new horde as well.

[25-08-164] Joining with other knights and men who sought to find the lair of the bandits, Janden ventured into a hidden cave system deep within the Kingswood where not only The Eater was found amid numbers too great for them to defeat alone, it was revealed they were led by Red Rhys of Dorne. Fighting their way out while being attacked on multiple sides was one thing. Parts of the caves beginning to collapse on them was another, but they were able to make their escape by taking a leap of faith into the waters below, which let out into the open.

[08-10-164] Janden sends a letter to Belard Rosby seeking his approval for a betrothal to Olianne Rosby.

[05-11-164] Sailing near Crackclaw Point with other knights, Janden is part of the fleet sent to deal with Saan that ends up attacked and severely damaged by the pirates. Janden engaged in a lengthy battle with a pirate called Aggar, taking injuries in the side, shield arm and cheek before falling. He got back up in time to find Luthor Rivers in a compromised position against Saan himself and the knights fought bravely, enough to injure Saan but they both went down in the end, Janden taking another injury to his sword arm. Before the ship was sunk, some of the men barely managed to escape to another as they fled the area with pirates harassing them all the way to Gulltown where the Arryn fleet finally aided them, but not before there was a mutiny on their own ship.

[29-11-164] A letter arrives in King’s Landing from Belard Rosby, intended for Janden. It is to deliver word that his request for a betrothal to Olianne Rosby has been approved. However, with Janden and the rest of the men who sailed believed to have been killed in battle, the letter is taken to Olianne herself. Servants carry the news around the Red Keep.

[02-12-164] Having sailed back to King’s Landing from Gulltown, the remaining force arrives to find many at the docks waiting for them after having received word that all had perished. Janden passes through the River Gate and meets up with Olianne Rosby, where he learns of the betrothal letter.

[30-12-164] “The Bloody Feint.” Janden rides toward the front of some 2,000 strong sent to retake Stonedance from the clutches of Red Rhys. Attacked by the Dornishman’s forces, Janden fights alongside primarily Kingswood men in scaling a low rock wall set up through a narrow pass. While climbing over it he immediately faces an opponent called Ennard, whom he knocks to the ground once before they tangle again, Janden finishing the man off. From there, he takes on Red Rhys himself in single combat and makes some progress before falling, ending with a quick fight he wins against another bandit, Cris. On the day, the King’s men appear to gain a victory overall.

[01-01-165] “The Killing Thrust.” Janden ends up toward the rear of the remaining force, nearer to what is mostly Crackclaw Point men. Closer to Stonedance and along a somewhat wider path, the Kingswood men are again attacked from the front by Red Rhys, with the Eater. This time, Sullehman Saan and Vaario Quanis surprise and ambush the rearguard, sandwiching the King’s men in the middle. Janden dispatches a Westerosi man named Ash with little trouble, then does away with an already injured Dornishman known as Hyland. Facing a second Dornishman, Brys, Janden suffers a setback and goes to the ground before taking on one more from the South, Halor. The man’s spear does damage to him and his own attacks do little until Janden spots the fall of Ethos Mertyns, who’d made a nearly impossible climb only to take a crossbow bolt through an eye. Rising, Janden finishes off Halor and is able to retrieve the body of Ethos. Richard Harte dies in the massacre and the men of the rearguard barely open enough room to escape back down Massey’s Hook.

[02-01-165] While retreating, the King’s men learn Saan had attacked the camp of the injured and decimated the supply train, killing or taking all of their ravens. With no other way to send word back to the King and Hand, Janden is part of a small group of men selected by Dagur Saltcliffe that take the remaining horses to make for King’s Landing fast as they can. His path takes him across the Wendwater and closer to the southern coast of Blackwater Bay through the edges of the Kingswood, riding each horse into the ground out of necessity. Janden’s squire, Malwyn Hightower, is left under the care of Luthor Rivers for the time being.

[06-01-165] Toward evenfall, an injured and feverish Janden barely reaches King’s Landing before collapsing along with his last horse, completing a remarkable pace of about 5 days of hard riding compared to a more common 20 or so if going via a less direct route at a normal pace. He is aided in seeing Prince Viserys Targaryen, the Hand of the King, to deliver news of the losses along Massey’s Hook. This prompts Viserys to gather more forces to send, including Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Sorin of Sevenstreams, both of the Kingsguard, plus Sarmion Baratheon and Mathin Lannister. Meanwhile, Janden is taken off to have his injuries tended to by a maester, requiring days of sleep and medication to help break the fever and keep him from dying. Treatment includes the spear wound from the fighting, plus an arrow in the same leg due to a bandit encounter on the ride back. Of the men sent by Dagur Saltcliffe, he is the only one to successfully complete the journey. Many begin to call him Swiftspur for his heroic feat.

[20-02-165] Having returned to Massey’s Hook with reinforcements led by Aemon Targaryen the Dragonknight and Sarmion Baratheon the Stormbreaker, Janden fought in the final days of battle after working closely with a group of men led by Sarmion. They helped pave the way to the last battle and though Janden himself did not have a great day of it - quickly dispatching a foe named Farian before struggling and falling to Gaucelm of the Lung and the Eater - he did not suffer any injuries too serious to prevent him from anything further once it was over.

[26-02-165] Staying behind with men led by Sarmion Baratheon, Janden aided in ridding the rest of Massey’s Hook of any remaining bandits and pirates that fled the fighting. This day saw a quick battle as they tracked down men in the woods north of Stonedance who attempted an ambush only to be routed. Janden had little trouble with an enemy by the name of Oly while Sarmion, Stevyn Locke and Ryckon Westerling made short work of their opponents as well.

[30-02-165] The last of the fighting came when Sarmion Baratheon and those with him found a secluded area with a Lysene ship south of Massey’s Hook. There they came upon a group of pirates along with the badly burnt and injured Vaario Quanis. There they drove him and the survivors to the sea without mercy after initiating a distraction that allowed them an opening to attack. Janden battered a man named Arred repeatedly until he was finally killed, then he did much the same against Vaario as Sarmion and Stevyn Locke wore him down as well, Sarmion striking the final blow that forced the other giant of a man to flee. They were unable to kill him, but the region was finally clear of danger.

[07-03-165] Janden and the rest who stayed behind finally return to King’s Landing, ready to see to things that had to be left behind for some time.

[16-04-165] Queen’s Joust of Love and Beauty for the marriage of Gallard Connington and Melarra Hightower. Due to his ties to the Hightowers, Janden began the day as one of three champions along with Justyn Serry and Almer Connington. However, he quickly lost to Luthor Rivers when his friend challenged him. Back in the field of jousters after that, with the chance to test himself against Almer again after a number of years had passed Janden once more found himself on the ground in short order, his day done.

[22-04-165] Janden held a grand hunt in the Kingswood for lords and ladies, aided by Orson Baratheon. Janden led knights off to hunt stag and boar while Orson took men and women to do hawking for waterfowl and kill small game with bows. Danger came in the form of a wounded boar that broke through the line of men after it, chased by Janden as it reached the area the others had been hunting in. There, Janden, Orson and Halwin Selmy finished it off but Bessa Hunter’s horse took to the woods and Elyanna Baratheon chased after her. Orson followed and was able to find them around evenfall, returning them safe and sound (though cold) to the lodge where a feast was held once worries were soothed.

[13-05-165] Janden is selected by Viserys Targaryen, Prince and Hand of the King, as new Master of Horse after the former one, an old man who had held the position for years, decides to retire.

[26-06-165] A tourney held to honor squires newly knighted, attended by both King Baelor Targaryen and the High Septon. Janden competed but had an uneventful time of it on a day in which he did not perform very well. A mystery knight revealed to be Kavan Paege defeated Dermett Corbray in the final after the two lasted 10 passes earlier, Kavan winning that one as well.

[02-07-165] At the wedding for Jan Marbrand and Elrone Darklyn, Janden gifts the pair with a note promising both of them custom saddles once they’ve decided how they want them made and sized.

[03-07-165] Wedding Tourney for the marriage of Jan Marbrand and Elrone Darklyn. Janden finished runner-up on the day to Elmer Crakehall, whom he fell to twice, including a heavy blow in the final when both shattered lances against each other. Between those, he won five other tilts including ones against Jostyn Grell, Jan Marbrand and a hedge knight known as Parl o’ the Port in the contest to decide the final pairing. Elmer earned a prize of 200 dragons while Janden came away with 100 for himself.

[10-07-165] Attending the wedding of Jonn Lannister and Jyana Arryn, Janden tried a gauntlet of sorts intended to provide entertainment for participants and observers. It consisted of a couple sets of mechanical obstacles, including blunted blades, which Janden navigated without incident thanks to his quick reflexes. This earned him a dragon. His gift to the wedded couple was a horse each of their choosing.

[14-07-165] Janden and Olianne depart King’s Landing to spend a few days at Rosby Keep, for purposes of discussing matters related to their existing betrothal with Lord Bolen and Olianne’s father Belard.

[22-07-165] Janden and Olianne return to King’s Landing with plans set for their wedding date.

[30-07-165] Janden competed in an archery tourney in the Kingswood and did well for himself, placing fourth out of a hundred or so men. It was won by Orson Baratheon in a close contest with Albyn Crane, Halder Frey finishing a distant third.

[01-08-165] Janden contributes to a trade agreement organized by Katla Serry for the purpose of bringing in supplies for the North in preparation of the coming winter. His part is matched by the Serrys as a wedding gift, which would effectively double any profit later seen.

[06-09-165] Janden and Olianne were wed at Rosby Keep. After beginning with the ceremony, some of the visitors participated in a horse race, won by Elmer Crakehall (30 dragons) with Dermett Corbray and Elyanna Baratheon coming in a very close second (15 dragons each). At the feast, Janden gave a fine red stallion to Olianne while he received a white and red falcon from her. Other gifts for Janden included a cask of brandy from Dermett Corbray, a longbow from Orson Baratheon, a bridle from Darran Selmy and a polished cherrywood quiver from Ryckon Westerling. Olianne came away with a tome of prayers to the Mother written by Damia from Dermett, a bolt of fine silk from Qarth in Melcolm colors to be fashioned into something wearable from Elmer Crakehall, a current map of trade routes between King’s Landing and the Stormlands from Orson, a snow white and charcoal gray gyrfalcon from Darran, and pearl earrings from Ryckon. From Elyanna Baratheon, they were given a small sculpture of two horses made of Volantis glass, with their house colors shown in swirls. Lord Jonothor Arryn presented them with chairs featuring legs designed as raring stallions, Melcolm arms on the backs, and cushions in their respective house colors.

[27-09-165] Participating in the tourney to name the Queen of Love and Beauty following the wedding of Tarell Darklyn to Myleria Tyrell, Janden debuted new armor featuring a styled horse-head helmet along with a breastplate including a pair of rearing horses and a rusty anchor. He first challenged Darran Selmy and lost in one pass, then later challenged Kendros Goodbrook, known as Longaxe, and unseated the famed knight in two passes. Immediately afterward he was challenged by Conrad Arryn, who defeated him in one pass. The final three were Conrad, Kendros and Dermett Corbray, and when they could not agree on the Queen of Love and Beauty they rode against each other and finished in the same order listed with 700/200/100 dragon prizes. Conrad selected his betrothed, Isabel Royce.

[07-10-165] Janden rides from King’s Landing out to the Kingswood and meets up with a contingent of knights, scouts and trackers on the trail of Aubry Allyrion after the Dornishman caused a scene during a hunt held by Dermett Corbray. This led to Aubry’s hand being stabbed, Dermett put under house arrest back in King’s Landing, and Aubry going on the run in the dead of night. Now they seek to catch up to him before he can presumably reach the Boneway.

[11-10-165] Janden and those he rode with, including Cleyton Waxley, Durance Darklyn, Halder Frey, Lory Florent, Orson Baratheon, Haston Costayne and others, finally reach Aubry Allyrion after heading from the Kingswood’s edge across the Roseroad and near the Blue Byrn through weather most foul. Along the way they came across an elderly man who claimed a rape was committed and a horse stolen. They also found the scout Pate, injured after he was ambushed by Aubry. He was finally tracked down at night amid a thunderstorm, hiding within a small rocky area, due to his own scream for he had cut off his own damaged hand and attempted to cauterize the wound. Halder rushed ahead of the group and was stabbed in the shoulder by a crude spear before others appealed to Aubry, trapped and in poor shape, to do the right thing and return with them. Finally the Dornishman passed out and Janden helped withdraw him from the small space so the journey back to King’s Landing could begin.

[29-11-165] Wedding Tourney for Conrad Arryn and Isabel Royce. Janden had a strong showing, moving easily through early rounds before unhorsing Kenric Darry of the Kingsguard in one pass, followed by Jace Rollingford, the Knight of the Fountain, in three. After that he topped Halder Frey in two passes to reach the final. Undefeated up to that point, he subsequently fell twice to a man he’s formed some history with, Mathin Lannister, in one pass then two, making him runner-up. Janden received a 250 dragon prize, while Mathin claimed 500 dragons and crowned Lira Arryn Queen of Love and Beauty for the day.

[23-04-166] After a conversation with Jonothor Arryn, Janden begins to spend time helping teach the Lord of the Eyrie’s son and heir Eldred about matters of horsemanship. Eldred’s younger brother Ronnel is also seen about, though at this point he’s too young for much instruction.

[02-06-166] Janden and Olianne are blessed with the birth of twin boys.

[06-06-166] Names for the twin boys are revealed: Whalon (black hair, green eyes) and Jaymar (red hair, blue eyes). They take after their parents in this regard, the names chosen to remember one knight from both Rosby and Melcolm houses.

[02-07-166] While shopping at Cobbler’s Square in the city, Janden was present for an incident in which a tailor with new fabrics was knocked over by a Meadows guard, ruining his possessions in the mud. When the tailor refused appeasement by coin alone and sought to press assault charges, Ryckon Westerling showed up to hear the complaint. At that point, Janden criticized Ryckon for, in his eyes, suggesting the tailor should take the coin and be done with it lest something unfortunate happen to him. It was Janden’s opinion that the man should have the right to be properly heard, his case decided by a judge. Janden and Ryckon engaged in a few harsh words with each other, with Janden claiming the smallfolk saw Ryckon as beholden to other interests beyond his duty to the King as a Gate Commander in light of his testimony at Mathin Lannister’s trial.

[06-07-166] Janden and his wife walked with a variety of nobles from the Red Keep to Flea Bottom at the urging of King Baelor. While the King prayed in a small sept that hardly looked the part, he charged the nobles to give to the needy smallfolk that had gathered around. Janden did so and also pledged to give time of his own to help with other needs, which earned some scorn from Farin Prester and Jostyn Grell, who seemed to take it as if Janden was trying to draw attention and goodwill toward himself rather than acting quietly in private.

[07-07-166] Riding in the Tourney of the Seven, Janden reached the final. Along the way he defeated Durance Darklyn, Jonn Lannister on the heir’s nameday, and Jaynard Lydden, shattering his lance on the deciding pass each time (though he nearly fell to Jonn). He was defeated by Dagur Saltcliffe in three passes, both shattering lances on the second before the Iron Serpent repeated it on the third try. Swiftspur earned his place in the last tilt with a shattered lance against Elmer Crakehall. Janden and Dagur would both shatter lances once more, but Janden again fell. Dagur claimed a 100 dragon prize to be donated to a charity of his choice, while Janden received 50 dragons toward the same purpose.

[21-10-166] Joust for the wedding of Orson Baratheon and Ryone Prester at Storm’s End. Janden met Elmer Crakehall first, falling in five passes. Then he defeated Ryckon Westerling in one and his goodbrother Holtyn Rosby in two. After that, he went down on the first pass to Roland Hunter to finish his day.

[22-10-166] Janden participated in the archery tourney the day after the wedding joust. He advanced far enough to tie with Dermett Corbray before eliminating him in a shoot-off after they tied, then lasted one round longer than Garlan Hunter. That left him against Gwenda Redfort and Bryon Waynwood, who both shot consistently better, but just after a near-confrontation between Garlan and Orson Baratheon took place, Janden shot poorly and a severe thunderstorm descended upon the tourney grounds, killing at least one man and forcing the rest to scatter and flee back for the keep.

[22-11-166] Janden is part of a group gathering resources to bring back to Storm’s End. Riding with others including Farin Prester, Arion Baratheon, Luthor Rivers, and Ryckon Westerling, they come upon a ruined village that was ravaged by the severe storm that hit the area, then ransacked by unknowns who slaughtered all they could see - except for five young orphans that were revealed to have been in hiding. The septon with the knights urged those with gilded spurs to take the children in, and Janden suggested they return with the orphans to Storm’s End first, then figure out how to handle it. Instead, Luthor said he would take one even though he had no gilded spurs. This prompted Janden to reconsider and ask if any of the frightened, silent children would wish to go with him. A four-year old boy approached to reach for his cloak, and Janden took the boy in, promising to teach him the things he knew. He also did this with the thought the two boys of his own might grow up around someone closer to their age. Farin then relented and took an orphan, and Arion agreed that the remaining two would stay at Storm’s End after Ryckon refused the septon’s attempts to cajole him into accepting, giving the reason that he and his meager holdings were unfit for the raising of a child.

[21-01-167] Wedding Tourney for Aidan Dayne & Aisling Ryswell. Janden had four tilts, all of which ended in one pass. He unhorsed Orlyn Jordayne and Hyle Harte, then fell to Joffrey Caswell (who lost to Tamlyn Toland in the final) and Elmer Crakehall.

[22-01-167] Tower of Devotion Tourney. In a field with prominent jousters, Janden had a bit of luck on his side in who he faced, up to a point. Passing through a couple early rounds, he subsequently faced and defeated Orlyn Jordayne for the second day in a row, then unseated Roland Hunter decisively. It took two passes to get beyond Bryar Mooton, who had defeated Dagur Saltcliffe. After that, Janden faced Aidan Dayne in the semifinals and fell in two passes. With a chance to get back to the final he lost in three passes to Aemon Targaryen, though they both shattered lances on each other on the second try. Aidan, who had defeated Aemon earlier in the tourney, did so again after both unhorsed each other on the first pass and then took to riding once more with swords to decide the true winner, something that was not uncommon between those two.

[28-01-167] Janden departs King’s Landing for a short trip to Rosby castle. With him is his wife Olianne, their twin sons Whalon and Jaymar, the orphan boy he returned from Storm’s End with, and a few guardsmen. The intent is to let Lord Bolen, Olianne’s parents Belard and Cynthea, and others see the twins, now about half a year old, for the first time.

[07-02-167] Janden’s group arrives back in King’s Landing after spending about six or seven days at and around Rosby castle.

[10-05-167] Janden is approached by Elyana Mertyns, who expresses her appreciation and thanks for recovering the body of her brother Ethos during battle, ensuring he could be returned to Mistwood. She gives him a ring that had belonged to Ethos. It is plain iron with a crude owl engraved into its face, and she hopes Janden will think of Ethos when wearing it, and that it will inspire him to always make the wise choices in his life. He accepts the ring with thanks, and will wear it around his neck on a cord of leather, whether seen by others or not.

Social & Political Affiliations

Though not adept in political matters, Janden is the current Master of Horse, a Minor Office within the King’s Household at court. Before that he spent nearly two years as Royal Huntsman. In addition, he is a member of the Company of the Lance society.

Significant Relations

From Roleplay

Memorable Quotes

“I hear Ser Ethos is rounding up white feathers for one purpose or another. Perhaps I will seek some black wool for myself.”—to Jannia Tully, after a perceived scolding from her while reminding him of her place and his. [11/163]

“Should I die in it, I give you leave to say ‘I told you so.’”—to Ammon Massey, when concern was expressed over how soon Janden would be fighting in a melee after healing from wounds taken in the battle with Bors Breakhelm. [12/163]

“With about the same eagerness as I’d have upon learning I was to face the Dragonknight in a duel to the death. I was not going to do this thing tonight, but after my and our showing in the morning, I may as well complete the day with further embarrassment.”—to Jyana Arryn, when asked by her if he was looking forward to the singing contest for the knights to be held at Acorn Hall (following a poor performance in the melee). [12/163]

“I should curse you for crushing my hopes we’d just find a way to bring the ships down to the central plaza instead. Just how not deep /is/ ‘not deep,’ then?”—to Katla Serry after learning a planned, unique melee involving those from an Ironborn embassy would be on ships in shallow waters. [02/164]

“Given the description you lay out, I’m like to offer to borrow Ser Trebor’s gold armor for the day and watch from the docks. We can color his hair the same as mine, find a way to make him taller and let him have a go at it. We can skip adding the scar, though.”—to both Katla Serry and Trebor Thorne after the goldcloak had expressed an interest in the melee and Katla further described how it ought to be designed. [02/164]

“I’m..thinking I like each of my fingers and knuckles just where they are now, even this last little bit.”—to Katla Serry, at the suggestion he try the Ironborn finger dance with her or another. [02/164]

“I don’t think the Lady Serry is like to join my sister in her flower gathering.”—to Jyana Arryn during a conversation about the interactions to date between Mara Melcolm and Katla Serry. [02/164]

“One with four legs, a mane and tail. And this kind, I ride.”—to an Ironborn man after being asked the sort of ship he sailed upon learning where he was from. [02/164]

“Yes, I’ll just picture it as a great big drunken horse fit to hold twenty-some people or more atop its misshapen back.” -– to Farin Prester, when told to forget the ships were on the water as they prepared for a unique melee involving members of the Ironborn embassy. [02/164]

“I’ve heard of people bashing their heads against the wall in frustration, but never has someone tried to do it to my shield.”—to Albyn Crane, after Albyn attempted to headbutt Janden and hit his shield instead, a moment before Janden knocked him down with another strike to the head with that shield during a duel initiated by Albyn. [05/164]

“We could test that theory with your own. Let me see your tongue.”—to Jostyn Grell, following Jostyn’s annoying interruption of a search for missing ladies at court, plus his thought that by spilling a bit of blood a secret passage might open as if through some ritual. Jostyn then pricked his finger with no result. [06/164]

“That worked so well the last time with him.”—to Eon Hunter after the knight suggested Red Rhys might be allowed to take the black if he surrendered at a parley including the Dragonknight and his forces. [02/165]

“Dead men, all of you. Best you get a peaceful sleep. It’s the last one you’ll enjoy before you take the long one that never ends.”—to Red Rhys, Sullehman Saan and others with them during a parley met by the Dragonknight and his forces, after denying Rhys’ terms and giving much more specific ones in exchange. [02/165]

“That’s well and good, correct enough besides, but I am not Master of Mule.”—to Berena Hightower, said as a jape after she explained her preference of mules over horses for certain things like pulling carts due to being calmer in some situations. [06/165]

“In my experiences, the only Dornishmen I’ve come across must have learned chivalry in order to best know how to ignore it.”—to Isabel Royce, following an off-color jape by Aubry Allyrion. [09/165]

“But I can understand your reluctance, seeing as you must have had memories of your bedding ceremony come to mind out on Breakspear Lane.”—to Farin Prester, as they discussed matters related to the smallfolk and Farin being accosted by some of them. [07/166]

Selected Logs

  • [16-06-159] The Tourney Begins - The first day of the King’s Landing tourney, where Ser Almer Connington carried the day. (One of Janden’s earliest jousting tourneys)
  • [23-06-159] King’s Landing Tourney, Day 8 - Janden reaches the final four. (Tidings post)
  • [09-07-160] The Royal Joust for Love - A fortnight after the wedding Prince Baelor and Princess Daena, a joust of love is held in their honor. Over two dozen competitors take part.
  • [05-10-160] The Dangers of Rumors - Several nobles gather in the Red Keep, but somewhere the conversation takes a turn for the worst. Ser Ethos ends up gravely offending Lady Reyna, Ser Tancred arrives in a fury, and what started as a pleasant gathering ends in anger and distress.
  • [11-02-161] A Chaotic Tourney - a joust and melee for Princess Daena, leading to trouble in the melee. (Tidings post)
  • [04-03-161] War on the Horizon - The king discusses the progress of his fleet’s journey with Ser Janden Melcolm and Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, and how the war with the Dornish rebel may proceed once he lands.
  • [15-03-161] Observing the Enemy - Reports from outriders lead the king to make a decision that will soon prove serendipitous. (Note: cited for a brief reference to Janden’s role at the time)
  • [09-07-162] Cat and Mouse? - Janden confronts Farin over suspicions related to his time in the Kingswood and it leads to major changes for the Valeknight.
  • [24-09-162] Reach Justice - In the midst of a search, Myles Hightower and Willard Ryger nearly come to blows.
  • [28-09-162] Melee at Grassy Vale - The search for Ser Josmyn Reyne turns to blood upon the fields before Grassy Vale.
  • [03-04-163] Unexpected Winnings - Janden Melcolm encounters Farin Prester not long after the White Tourney and a surprise is given.
  • [18-04-163] Hunting for a Huntsman - Luthor calls for Janden, seeking to speak with him about the boar hunt that took place. Also, an idea is brought up that would affect Janden’s future.
  • [28-04-163] Collecting Support - Janden seeks out Aurana to ask for her help with something, getting it along with a surprise.
  • [02-05-163] Making Plans for a Hunt - Janden and Luthor meet to catch up on where things stand with their plans. Blayne wanders by as well.
  • [03-05-163] Surveying the Site - Luthor and Janden head out to inspect the area their planned hunt will be held in, with Janden getting the opportunity to give his input on how it will be handled.
  • [20-05-163] A Hunt Down By The River - With the help of Luthor Rivers and some huntsmen, Janden Melcolm puts on a hunt for duck and rabbit along with a feast for those gathered.
  • [05-08-163] A Tourney of Love and Beauty Held in Celebration of a Betrothal - Tourney for the betrothal of Humfrey Westerling and Jannia Tully.
  • [06-09-163] Songs of the Sea - With a number of the nobles traveling to Storm’s End unable to sleep, a group of such tired persons find relaxation in a little music on deck.
  • [21-09-163] The Whoreson Cometh - The self-styled Prince of the Narrow Sea returns.
  • [10-11-163] Hey Cousin, Can You Spare A Hunting License? - Ethos comes to ask Janden about a little favor: a free hunting license. Janden sees things a bit differently.
  • [11-12-163] The Songs We Sing - Brave, bold knights of Westeros come together to…sing? Indeed they do, judged by a panel of women. One song in particular makes waves.
  • [17-12-163] Riding into the Mouth of a Trout: Arriving at Riverrun - The traveling party from King’s Landing reaches Riverrun in preparation of a wedding.
  • [18-12-163] Jousting with Jaesin - Jaesin Lannister is a main source of practice for other knights looking to test themselves against him before the Riverrun Tourney. Though Jaesin splits a pair of tilts with Dagur Saltcliffe, it’s the second one between the Kingsguard and Janden Melcolm that will lead to stories being told.
  • [18-12-163] A New Perspective - Conversation follows the jousting practice from earlier, with Dagur and Janden in particular discussing the importance of self-certainty.
  • [20-12-163] A Wedding Tourney, a Feud Reborn: A Bevy of Brawling Brackens and Blackwoods - A tourney to celebrate the wedding of Ser Willard Ryger and Andrya Tully is ended abruptly and turns bloody, as the old feud between the Blackwoods and Brackens is rekindled by death. And a mystery knight proves a murderer, again.
  • [05-01-164] Brotherly…Love? - Janden and Dorik Melcolm meet for the first time since Janden left Old Anchor after clashing with his half-brother following the conquest of Dorne. Tensions quickly rise. (Note: there seemed to be a URL conflict so a tinyurl link was created)
  • [27-02-164] Green Lands and Iron Men - Visiting ironborn poke at Ser Janden - and it’s anyone’s guess who is the one who ends up wounded.
  • [29-02-164] Melee on the Blackwater Rush - To acknowledge the arrival of the ironborn embassy, an unusual melee is conducted: a shipboard melee, three craft joined together, with the goal to be the team with the last man standing. The teams are fairly evenly matched - in a rather unexpected way.
  • [16-05-164] King of the Hill - In an attempt to train new recruits, the Kingswood and Crackclaw Companies compete against each other in the first of three events. Though not in either Company, Janden participates and it ends with a duel between the knight and Albyn Crane.

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