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Jannia Tully


In Brief

A maiden with periwinkle for eyes and mussed auburn hair so dark it nears chestnut, daring to cascade in fat ringlets down her back. She is tall 67 inches or 5’7”. Her head is always in the downward position when she walks, unless briefly casting her gaze upwards, this is to keep her clumsy self from tripping on a bump, divot, or puddle of mud. Often in heavier gowns of blue or mud red as the weather has gotten colder, or a paneled gown of those two colors in a rich damask, her finest gown; silver thread emblazoned with the Tully sigil on it’s bodice. Medium weight gowns in the colors of Periwinkle and White she has had these for quite some time, the sleeves have just recently been repaired and are shorter than her new gowns. And gowns that hold the lightest of weights light pink, and light blue. Of course she has a few girdles, wide belts, fancy ropes, chains and a few pieces of jewelery. Jannia does not usually look too over the top, she isn’t one to draw attention to herself willingly, but when occasion calls for it, she pretties up nicely.


A riotous, sprightly cascade of dark auburn curls surround this young lady’s fair face, the windswept locks approaching a rich chestnut hue is more often than not to be found half up in a semi neat bun, or smartly down but pinned up at one side or the other.

Endearingly sweet-faced, with a sun-kissed complexion, her expressive eyes,—large and lushly rimmed with curling lashes,—hold a vivid periwinkle hue, which if faced with the moonlight can give them an eerie silver colour. With pink lips oft residing in a frown when unengaged; this comes not from temperament, however, but from a naturally dramatic shape and a thin, light coloured crescent scar that adorns the bottommost. A small, dark freckle decorates her cheek, with two more adorning the side of her slender throat, some would say she was beautiful, others would say average, but this depends on the day.

No longer a girl but now a young lady her body has finally stopped growing, she has blossomed into a full figured woman. Although still tall—67 inches to be exact—and slender, she does not lack for curves. She is not as overtly endowed as some, and her hips are average, but at least she is no longer a willow branch. She is oft found in red or blue—or both—colored gowns, that consist of dropped sleeves, and moderately cut neckline, befitting the current trend of the ladies at court. Her love for her family is usually shown on her person at all times, either subtly showing such as sleeves lined at the hems with silver brocade in the form of the Tully trout. Or her sigil in a myriad of sizes, placed in any number of random locations in the same fine thread. Upon her thumb crookedly rests a signet ring of the House Tully, upon her neck there usually sits a small deep blue gem on a silver chain. While her feet used to be adorned with utilitarian boots at Riverrun, she now wears shoes befitting a lady, although flat soled to help keep her from tripping.


Jannia’s smile is never far from her lips. This sweet daughter of the house Tully is a patient, kindly, and a respectful soul, who at times can seem a touch recluse. That is mainly because she finds her self frustrated by the ways of court, it’s pomp and ceremony grating against her practical nature. As such she is more comfortable with her books and those who share her passion for them. She also draws others into her circle, providing advice on the various topics she has read about over the years.

Her love of books over needlework and other ladylike pursuits mark her as odd among the ladies of her age. Her love of mystery whether it be tracking down some lost bit of lore in a dusty tome, or tugging on the threads of courtly gossip and scandal, has marked her further still, often making her seem a nosy busybody. Though when not on the trail of some mystery she presents herself as a kind friend, who is willing to share her good nature and wit with those who can stand her oddness.

She is however dutiful and loves both her house and home. She may not like her family all of the time, but she will go to great lengths to aid them and make them happy. As such she tries to be the lady they want her to be, even if it’s not always easy. She is also fond of her homeland and is known to welcome most Riverlanders with an almost familial affection. However this kindness has its limits, and she will not brook disrespect to her house or those who treat her with courtesy below what is due a woman of her station.

Still despite this prickliness on the subject of station she is not one to hold grudges, and when she speaks too sharply, her desire and drive is to please her family and act in a courtly manner. This resolve compels her to make amends swiftly and completely, often through letters, as she does love the written word. Clumsy as a child, she has made strides to perfect her poise and movement, but she still takes the odd stumble, a trait that has caused her to look down as she walks, to watch her feet and avoid embarrassment.


Born the fifth of sixth Tully children, Jannia’s birth was an easy one, perhaps to compensate for the years to come. Ever since she first learned to talk, she filled Riverrun with the prattling of ‘Why?’ and would continue to do so until the maester of the household sat her down and taught her to read at a young age. Ever since then learning has been a joy. Rather than just read about things of interest, she began to experiment with them as well. Miniature catapults were made from weighed down spoons, corks, and twine, while less successful experiments, such as bottle-shoes to walk on water, did not. Her interest in experimenting continues, as does her more recent desire to travel abroad.

Although she did not travel abroad, she did get to travel. Because of her oddities, and her affinity to laze about Riverrun doing nothing but read and invent, her parents -after discussion with the Maester- decided it would be best to send Jannia away. At the age of 14 she traveled to King’s Landing, there she is, and there she will stay. Awkward with being thrown into the rich social situation that is the King’s Court, Jannia did everything she could to avoid public situations.

Four years later though and Jannia has had loads of practice. Although up until recently -and a very stubborn illness- Jannia was still wild, defiant and ran away at every chance she could to gain a free minute alone. Usually she was not to hard to find, one would only have to look in the Royal Library, or if not there the Kitchen Keep where she would go to catch a bite and catch up on what the servants had heard. On occasion you could find her in the Kitchen’s itself though that was only on the day they made fresh tarts and pies.

An illness at the age of 18 kept her in her rooms at the Tully Manse for nearly a moon. She was only seen leaving the Manse to make a daily trip to one of the two Septs in King’s Landing, and occasionally when she was feeling up to it, she was seen around court either in the Solar, partaking in some chestnuts with her brother Brynden, or in the Great Hall for a bite to eat. Because of this illness, Jannia came back to court with a new outlook on the way her life should be.

Faced with a prospect of a betrothal to Ser Humfrey Westerling, and whatever answers she found in her prayers at the Sept, Jannia came back new, and improved. Only time will tell if this ‘Trout of a Different Colour’ will remain the way that she is, with a respectable amount of propriety or not. Either way people are impressed with the way she has been acting, she will always be odd, nothing can change that. But at least now, people are willing to overlook her more peculiar aspects to the person Jannia is, a caring, loving and concerned girl with a true heart and a bright mind.

Now she is betrothed to Humfrey, and with the whores lead out of the city, and the ripper caught, her newly betrothed has made quite a ruckus on the matter of the Street of Silk being vacated. Making some question her mothers choice in a betrothed for her daughter, even if she is the third and youngest and undeniably oddest. 


Notable Events

Social & Political Affiliations

Significant Relations

Ser Luthor Rivers: {Acquaintance|Friend}

Luthor is Jannia’s favorite person in all of King’s Landing, it could be thought the whole of Westeros even, her relationship with him is on a familial level. Even so close as to call each other brother and sister in public, a rather humorous sight to see considering Luthor’s station and the fact he is a bastard of the Riverlands.

This can be confusing for most, but it is a term of endearment and her way of honoring him. The desired result is letting the court see how much she respects him, as well as letting him know how much, and to what context she appreciates his presence in her life. She speaks often of her pseudo ‘brother,’ calling him, “My brother,” or “Luthor,” rarely does she call him ser anymore, as that only depends on who she is talking to.

She knows with all certainty that Luthor would go out of his way to make sure she is safe, happy, and always smiling. This fact and certainty means the world to her, unusual for her though is the fact that she enjoys his attention to her life. She feels comforted knowing that he has an attentive eye and a wary ear looking out for her interests. He does not judge her harshly as most would so she feels happy with telling him everything.

He is her most trusted friend after all, she respects his opinions because of this. Always with kind words and a gentle hand does he speak to her. She does not forget this as she goes about her political business either, as she has proven by acquiring him aid for the Kingswood company, by way of her own funding as well as petitions to her Uncle Darmen. Procuring him use of Tully house hold knights on two separate occasions, when her Uncle permitted. As well as giving Luthor 150 Dragons of her own saved funds so that he could purchase sellswords for the cause of eradicating the bandits from the wood.

She has much love and respect for Luthor and will always see him as family, as long as, of course, he and her family permits. Though in light of recent events, and how quickly he rushed to get her out of potential danger, she doesn’t think that even her family can separate this “brother - sister,” pair, thinking it would almost be an offense to her house words for them to do so, those words to which he encompasses himself, Family, Duty, Honour.

Lady Reyna Saltcliffe {Acquaintance|Friend}

Catching positive notice from a few persons of note at court. It is no secret that the main person of note Lady Reyna Saltcliffe, wife of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe is well received and well respected at court, often finding favor where there may have been none. Jannia has always looked up to the woman but more so now that she has had prime opportunities to get to know her to the fullest. Taking an example from a once ‘Bad Girl’ of King’s Landing and turning her life around to make as many genuine political connections as she can. She accredits her recent lack of social awkwardness to the Lady, as Reyna would make stop and take notice when ever she was about and Jannia was nearby, taking the time and effort to assure Jannia’s steadfastness in keeping her path.

From Roleplay

Chasing Janna - Connection to Josmyn Reyne: Age 17


While reading in the Kitchen Keep last night, hiding out from the rain, cold, and Knights in general, JANNIA Tully was sought out, spotted, and asked for favor by none other Ser JOSMYN Reyne.

Jannia thinks this was a very sly and cunning thing, as she was obviously hiding there because of the games. Jannia complied and impressed with his confidence, presented him with three quest in the form of the words “Family, Duty, Honour.”

Quest number one, in the name of Family, Josmyn must do a selfless act for a member of his family, the matter of which is of his choosing, but it needs to be satisfactory, or Jannia can reject.

Jannia explained to Josmyn that Duty was the second most important thing in her life, and that what she does for herself must always be for the benefit of her house. This fact is what has inspired quest number two, in the name of Duty, Ser Josmyn must do something for the realm in his houses name, where ever he feels the realm needs help, and that he should apply himself and his house along with it.

The third in final quest is in the name of Honour, she asked for a gift that bares his house mark, giving her a piece of his own “love”, his honour, his house. %r After a conversation about, pride, reputation, and disappointment or lack there of, the two parted ways and said good eve’ as the hour was very late.

A Trout of a Different Color- Relationship Reyna Saltcliffe- Turning point - Age 18

Some might have noticed the recent return of the youngest Tully daughter to court, Lady JANNIA Tully had been relatively scarce for near a moon. If asked, anyone that did see her would have said she did not look well. Although few and far between, most sightings of her were in the most common places, though there were a few odd encounters. The young Tully had taken trips to both Visenya’s Sept and the Royal Sept over that long stretch of time, daily yet sometimes twice daily in her sickest of days. No one knows what afflicted the poor child, but a maester would likely say “It was a chill, albeit aggressive, but a chill nonetheless.”

Also quite unknown is what the girl ‘found’ while she prayed to the Mother, Maiden and Crone. What ever it was, it seems to have been quite advantageous for her all the same. Since Jannia’s health has been restored, her appearances have become more and more frequent. Persons of note have begun to notice the change in the Tully girl as she is being seen more in public, than she has ever been before. Strange the girl may be, but she is starting to be taken as more than just the ‘odd little fish.’

While recently conversing with the Lady REYNA Saltcliffe, which consisted of a fairly intellectual conversation, complete with talks of books, the Lady Reyna’s children, and her brave husband, Ser Dagur. Of course Jannia got to meet little AERON, the newest addition to the Saltcliffe home, and coo over the handsome lad and his pin-straight raven hair with eyes that match. Discussion of the lads name, it’s origins, and the place where his father came from, made for a conversation that lasted a fair amount of time. Seemingly this left both ladies fairly satisfied with the meet. The Lady Reyna was quick to add comment of Jannia’s most recent behavior, giving the girl some courtly tips and staying, “Come and see us, Lady Jannia, do. It has been so nice to talk to you,” also, “I say you have improved greatly since the early days here.” Jannia happily agreed to go see the woman whenever she needed and thanked her for her compliment.

The two came across each other again this day at the Royal Sept, Lady Jannia in white, was reading the scripture of the Seven Pointed Star on her own as her Septa and maid sat behind. The Lady Reyna sat with the Veiled Ladies, they were reading from a single book and doing the same. Once the other ladies departed Jannia joined the Lady Reyna. After a few kindly words with the Lord JUSTYN Serry, he departed to make his own prayers, and the ladies were left alone again. All that is known of their conversation, is that even though the Lady Reyna did not apparently ask for it, Jannia was quick to give her support as she was seen holding the woman’s hand briefly and giving it a squeeze. The reason for the kind gesture? And did the Lady Reyna appreciated it? One may never know, as the ladies hushed tones given out of respect to the persons in prayer, were masked by hymns being sung, and prayers being spoken.

Some are uncertain, yet others hope that this new path Jannia is on will be permanent. One thing is for sure, she is a different lady, how much remains to be seen, still she is different all the same, and people are starting to take note.

Memorable Quotes

“Cold-Hearted Jannia”

I do not believe that love should be had, or personally allowed to be had anyway, prior to a betrothal. Why break your sanity, your heart for something you do not know if you will ever have. That is why I choose to wait to love, until my parents deem it so and proffer me a betrothal. Then, and only then, will I allow myself to love, when the person to whom I am betrothed is set in writing and contracts signed, He will then have with certainty my hand, He be my Husband someday and I his Wife. No question in it, it is binding, some call me cold hearted because of it, ‘Cold-Hearted Jannia,’ they say, ‘It will be a wonder if anyone could melt the block of ice that surrounds her heart.” I say to them, that, “I will not shed a single tear because of lost love in this case, only of love gained.” I do not see any problem or issue with that, I do not think it odd either. We are all game pieces for our parents to move around the board as they please, political game pieces, why would anyone presume they had a choice in the matter is beyond me.


Selected Logs

Sit Down Meal With The Lady Reyna, and her Lovely Daughter Lady Rhiannyn: Age 17

The servants are milling about readying for a lunch at the Tully Manse, upon Jannia’s instructions the best of everything is being used, including the grand table that usually sits bare, now has a dark blue runner on it. The smell of fresh baked bread and rabbit wafts through the air.

Jannia Tully stands watching her servants go this way and that. She is wearing a periwinkle gown, the color of her eyes, her hair is pulled back into two braided buns with the ends draping over her shoulders. She smiles as everything is set into place, and the servants done with their set up stand with backs against the wall, “Well done, my thanks.” She nods to them, and waits for her guests to arrive.

And arrive they do, in a fine litter with heavy curtains borne by men in Tyrell livery. Reyna Saltcliffe steps out, splendid in her court finery of green and gold, colors that suit her brown eyes and honey hair. Then she lifts her daughter out of the litter and holds her on her hip, the little girl’s black curls marshalled into two short plaits tied with pink ribbons that match her embroidered smock.

When they have been ushered into the manse, Reyna puts her daughter on the floor and, holding tight to the little hand, makes Jannia a curtsy. “Lady Jannia, I must apologize for how overdue this visit is,” she says as she rises. Rhiannyn, wide-eyed, mimics her mother in a clumsy little curtsy that almost topples her, then waves her free hand at Jannia in greeting.

As Lady Reyna enters she greets her, and her daughter, with a broad smile. She curtsies, and waves back to the littlest one, “Welcome to my home Lady Reyna, Lady Rhiannyn, I am afraid it is me that has to apologize that it has taken me much time to arrange this midday feast.” She gestures to the table, “Please ladies, sit and enjoy some mulled wine, and fresh pressed fruit juices.” Jannia takes her seat. “How do you fare this day my lady? It is incredibly chilly outside, I do hope it is warm enough here for you.”

She smiles and gestures to the servant to brink out the water, juice, and mulled wine, when the servant fills her cup with the hot steamy liquid she picks it up and takes a sip. The servant in turn fills Reyna’s cups one with water one with wine. ” Lady Rhiannyn, how do like being at court?” She smiles at the little girl, “She is beautiful my lady. I could only hope that mine will be half so.”

Reyna settles Rhiannyn on a cushion close by her, tugging the chair close. Rhiannyn, at just two, looks at Jannia with her black eyes, then nods and echoes, “Court.”

Reyna smiles as she puts out a little cup for some juice. “Thank you. I hope it will not go to her head one day, but I think her father will see she is well-grounded, pretty or no.” When all are settled, she reaches for her wine and sips it appreciatively. “Ah, lovely. You are keeping well, I trust?”

Scene Break for Length

“As do we all in such matters,” Reyna says of Alyce, then lets it drop while Rhiannyn uses her finger to get the last of the cream from her plate. “She is doing well now, though she mourns still. We all do.” She is quiet as she contemplates her own plate, the honeycake still untouched. “This has been a lovely meal, Lady Jannia. My compliments to your cook.” And she forks up a bite of the cake.

Jannia smiles, “It was my pleasure my lady.” She finishes up her desert and sips at her wine as her servants clear her place. Looking to Rhiannyn, “How did you like your desert little lady?”

Rhiannyn looks up, her little face a mess of cream and berry juice. “Good!” she crows approvingly while Reyna laughs. “Here, little one. You’re a mess.” She plies the napkin again, wiping her face clean and then tending to her hands as well. “What do you say to Lady Jannia?” she prompts in a low voice.

Rhiannyn, pleased to have so much attention on her, waves at Jannia. “T’ank you!”

Jannia giggles at the berry-faced girl, “You are most welcome little Lady Rhiannyn,” she turns her attentions to Reyna, “Cook was happy to hear of another little one in the Manse, my sister has her daughter here of course, but she is now used to the cooking so there isn’t as much zeal when it comes to meal time for her anymore.” She looks back down to Rhiannyn, “You might like to play with her, you will have to come and have another meal while she is about alright?” She smiles to the dark-eyed little girl.

“Yes yes,” Rhiannyn says agreeably while Reyna wipes the honey from her own lips and then rises. “She has so few playmates,” she says while the maid comes with their cloaks. “It would be very nice to have someone she could play with. Another girl, that is. Thoryn leads her into all kinds of trouble.”

Rising as well Jannia squats down to Rhiannyn, “come now little one give me a proper hug, you must come back.” She stands back up, and curtsies, “Aye, my brothers were always getting me into trouble, but I will say I am now thick skinned because of it. It is not always a bad thing, more of an annoyance.” She smiles, “I enjoyed our meal, do say you will return, I will be sure that my sister is here, and her little girl too.” She shoots Rhiannyn a smile, “You would like that wouldn’t you?” She smiles back to Reyna, “It was a pleasure my lady.”

“My brothers as well,” Reyna says with a smile. Rhiannyn dances about a little, her little cloak tied snugly under her chin. Reyna dons her own cloak, a heavy, fur-lined garment, and pins it with a dragon pin, the beast’s eye a winking emerald. “If it was a pleasure, then we shall come again,” she says, touching Jannia’s arm. “And if you are troubled further by Lady Alyce, remember: you are a Tully of Riverrun. That is no mean thing.” She smiles at the younger woman, then takes Rhiannyn’s hand and is gone back into the chilly day.

Jannia smiles warmly, “I will remember that my lady, and of course it was a pleasure. It is good for me to sit down with respectable people such as yourself, it reminds me of where I come from, and who I really am, It is most refreshing. You have a lovely daughter, she will do well at court.” She looks to the little girl dancing about impatiently, “And you were most well behaved, you both are welcome here anytime.” She smiles as they make their leave.

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