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Jeona Tyrell

In Brief

Jeona Tyrell was born in 154 AC, to Lord Lyonel Tyrell and Lady Annet Costayne. She is the younger sister of Rylla Tyrell, and the elder sister of Lord Leo Tyrell. In 162 AC, she was betrothed to Eldred Arryn, the heir to the Eyrie.


Jeona is a young rose of Highgarden, her heart-shaped face possessed of many fair features, of which compliment her smooth, unblemished, near-pale skin. Beneath thick black eyebrows, a pair of large, round, vibrant chestnut eyes maintain a look of girlish innocence—they reflect her kindly and caring attitude, and are not made to pierce. Her small nose might be called aquiline, save from a slight upwards curve at its peak. Below that lie her soft pink lips, almost sinfully full, though they are more often than not curled up into a warm, friendly smile. Sitting above a neck of proper size, her lower face is marked by a pointed chin that is only slightly rounded at the bottom. This does, however, lead up to high cheekbones, not entirely hollowed out, albeit not considered big or puffy either. To frame it all, gorgeous, golden-brown locks of hair swept back and tucked behind her ears tumble over her shoulders, and down her back in a perfectly straight course that reaches her waist. Hers is a petite, lithesome build, one which is far too delicate, and perhaps considered underweight. Still, her frame is promising, with slim hips, and the beginning of a woman’s curves.

At court, she wears a splendid gown of green silk, trimmed with Myrish lace along the sleeves and neckline, and patterned with roses and thorns of a vibrant gold colour. Her undergown is of the same silk and colour, but a lighter tone, and is adorned simply with roses of a green hue—the bodice is cut to fit her petite figure, which it does almost perfectly. These two skirts flow together in a light breeze, and with every moment, held together will a small, but intricate belt done in rose gold, of which a small green gem is set into the middle; Jeona is not one for ostentation, it simply befits her station as the soon-to-be wife of the heir to the Eyrie. Around her neck is a jewelled pendant, which from a chain hangs the shape of a dark green rose, bordered with gold. Her footwear is straightforward, too, a soft and comfortable pair of slippers.


If ever there was a young noblewoman considered such an imitation of the Maiden, it might just be Jeona herself—well, close enough. She does have a certain rare beauty about her and does not lack for etiquette or courtesy.

At a glance, the Tyrell girl may be perceived as quiet, subdued, even shy in public—and prone to bouts of silence and reflection, which at an extreme hint at the beginnings of sorrow. All that is true, herself preferring to be alone at any given time, if she may so be permitted. When approached, however, she comes off mostly as a polite, honest and gentle young noblewoman of a certain girlish innocence—an expected temperament of a young noblewoman born and raised in such a fine land as hers. Ever one to delight in conversation, be it useful or just general chatter, Jeona is perfectly amiable and easy to like, by most standards at the very least. With so much chivalry on display in the Reach, it is perhaps no surprise that she fantasizes tales of dashing young knights and great lords and equally great ladies who have done much good by their houses. In keeping with the more religious figures of the past, she is substantially pious, ensuring at least one visit to a sept each day, if not more, so that she may pray to her gods, the Maiden and the Mother specifically. Plausibly enough, she is as impartially as given to a caring, thoughtful attitude, sometimes to a fault that she might seem overly affectionate to those she has little knowledge of; and those whom she does know, affection might turn to admiration… in a way that could be looked down upon. Nonetheless, it should not be seen to detract from her common mannerisms, the traditional feminine graces of her type, of which she is wont to follow. It is this, though, that inspires within her a sense that there is some spark of goodness in all people, even though whom clearly it is not, evident to others but somehow kept from her.

And so it may be correctly assumed that she would rather shy away from public attention, preferring to let someone else do the talking. Most unsurprisingly, she prefers to listen to others, and perhaps from there stems some semblance of curiosity. Whilst by no means an opportunist, she is always disposed to hear something new, and the young Tyrell takes in sufficient amounts of information in ample time, hence not entirely lacking for intelligence. This may be seen as an effort to keep up with others who are her superiors in knowledge, for she believes that it may benefit her studies. When the talk turns to herself, though, especially the subject of her own beauty, she will become shy, as one might expect. All that can be achieved from such is a polite answer. None could consider her a shrew, however; Jeona knows better than to provoke the ire of both her superiors and inferiors, for what good will that bring?

All roses have thorns, that is true, though hers are shorter than most. Willing more than wilful, and not like to object to whatever betrothal she is given, Jeona is more likely to cry than to show anger. And even when it does get to that extreme, say, to mention the horrors of Dorne, it is little to behold, and the tears are quick to follow. There is some small pride in her family name, in her House, but she does not over-stress it, nor does she put herself above so many others. Indeed, she would prefer to make what connections she can with the more powerful residents of Kings Landing, as might befit her future position as Lady of the Eyrie. That said, her kindly attitude is more like to make social, friendly connections, as opposed to strong, political types.

But in all reality, she is just a young girl, quiet at most times, but friendly and honest to all, and willing to learn more about them so that she may be easily acquainted and learn more about the world in which she lives.


Jeona was born in the midst of the six month of the one hundred and fifty-forth year after Aegon’s Conquest, to Lord Lyonel Tyrell and his wife, Lady Annet Costayne. Whilst she was not the heir that Lord Tyrell had hoped, her birth was nonetheless a joyous occasion for Highgarden, and many agreed that one day she would blossom into a fair maid of House Tyrell. At the time of her birth, she had single elder sibling; a sister, Rylla, born three years prior. A second daughter may not have such good prospects as the first, but any daughter of such a House could make a worthy bride.

Unfortunately, her father would never come to make any match for her—when she was little more than two and a half years old, her father marched with King Daeron Targaryen to Dorne, and when the Young Dragon returned, Lord Lyonel did not. He remained as the King’s Warden of the South. Highgarden was not completely joyless, however; early in 158 AC, Lady Annet gave birth to a son, who would be named Leo after seven days. Jeona was overjoyed to have a brother to baby over, and sister to play with.

Lord Tyrell would never see his children again, however. Some few years after young Leo’s birth, Lord Lyonel was murdered in a bed of scorpions at Sandstone, his officers slain all around him. The Dornish rebelled once more, and at Highgarden Jeona was wracked with grief for a father she had never really known. Such an event served only to give her to random bouts of silence, preferring to be alone, and timider in her ways; perhaps the world outside her, or, Dorne at the very least, was not all that she thought it would be. The young Tyrell girl became ever more protective of her brother—who was now Lord Tyrell at age two, with his half-uncle Ser Ardon serving as Lord Protector of the Reach—and more caring than ever.

Although it had a major effect on her personality, the death of her father would not completely ruin the rest of her childhood. She enjoyed a fine education, favouring subjects such as needlework and the arts of music, but above all learning the virtues of a noble lady; to be kind, caring, generous, dutiful and wise. As well as this, the Faith mattered very much to her and many were impressed by her piety. These lessons she took with her sister and younger cousin, Lyessa. And during each and everyone, perhaps, she would always listen, always be quiet, and always do what was expected of her. And yet, whenever she was to receive praise, she seemed somewhat insecure about this, usually becoming somewhat embarrassed at such a prospect.

And when she was eight years old, it was announced that Jeona would be betrothed Eldred Arryn, the young heir to the Eyrie. Jeona was overjoyed and delighted to hear this, and a grand tourney was held to celebrate the betrothals—hers, and that of her cousin Lyessa to Damon Lannister, son of the heir to Casterly Rock. It was indeed a splendid occasion, and whilst she was shielded from the more gruesome aspects, she did enjoy the chivalry displayed there, and the appearance of Queen Daena herself. In fact, she then yearned to go to the court of King’s Landing—from what she had heard, it was a spectacular place, one with a court larger than that of her home, and where the festivities there were grander than any she had seen.

And soon, at the age of five-and-ten, it was decided that Jeona should travel to the court of King’s Landing, to further her education as a true noble lady, especially one who would one day wed the heir (or lord, if time took its toll) to another Great House; and to make better connections across the realm, as the future Lady of the Eyrie.

Notable Events

16th day, 6th month, 154 AC - Jeona is born at Highgarden, the second daughter of Lord Lyonel Tyrell, and his wife, Lady Annet of House Costayne. Whilst she is not the son they had hoped for, her birth is rejoiced nonetheless. At the time of her birth, she has a single elder sister, Rylla.

25th day, 1st month, 157 AC - Having received word of King Daeron’s planned invasion Dorne, Lord Lyonel marches off with the Reachmen. Jeona remains at Highgarden with her sister and mother.

4th day, 1st month, 158 AC - Lady Annet gives birth to another healthy child, and much to the relief of Highgarden it is a son. The boy is named Leo.

4th day, 12th month, 160 AC - Lord Lyonel Tyrell is murdered in a bed of scorpions at Sandstone, his officers slain all around him. Leo becomes the Lord of Highgarden, whilst his half-uncle, Ser Ardon, is named Lord Protector of the Reach.

25th day, 7th month, 162 AC - Jeona is betrothed to Eldred Arryn, the heir to the Eyrie. The Tourney to celebrate these betrothals—hers and that of her cousin Lyessas to Damon Lannister, heir to Casterly Rock—is a grand proceeding, with half the court and Queen Daena herself presiding over it.

25th day, 6th month, 169 AC - Jeona arrives in King’s Landing, just over a week after her fifteenth nameday.

2nd day, 7th month, 169 AC - Jeona was present at the birth of her new niece, by her elder sister, Rylla. Unfortunately, the actual pulling out of the babe itself was too much for the young Tyrell maid, for she fainted soon after.

2nd day, 8th month, 169 AC - Jeona attended the investiture of the newest member of the Kingsguard, the common man known as Ser Will of the Misty Wood. She, as many others likewise were, was quite embarassed at the young man’s disgrace, as well as her sister’s outburst, and soon after left the hall.

Social & Political Affiliations

Member of House Tyrell

Sister of Leo Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden.

Betrothed to Eldred Arryn, heir to the Eyrie

Significant Relations

Eldred Arryn, heir to the Eyrie - Jeona has not yet met her betrothed, even once—she knows he is the heir to Eyrie, and little more. One day, she hopes to meet him, and is hopeful that she can be a good wife to him.

{Lord Lyonel Tyrell}, Lord of Highgarden - Jeona was little more than two and a half years old when her father marched off to Dorne, and her memories for before that time are lacking. She cannot recall much of the time he spent with her, but from what she is told he was a hero during the Conquest, a brave leader who helped to put down many of the petty insurrections of the Dornish. But most importantly, he was loving and devoted to his children. His death, however, has very much shaped her personality in that she is more timid and quiet than before.

Lady Annet Tyrell, Lady of Highgarden - For years, Lady Annet has been one of those whom Jeona has tried to emulate, as she believes that she shows the true virtues of a noble lady, and more importantly for later life, a good mother. She has shown much love and devotion to her second daughter, having been one of the main people involved in her studies—it is owing to her teachings that the young rose knows the proper qualities of a noblewoman.

Rylla Tyrell - Whilst Jeona is the younger sister, and this gives her less prospects, she is by no means hateful of Rylla. In fact, she looks up to her elder sister, for she too is a perfect example of what a noble lady should be. Ironically enough, Jeona has the better match, but she does not use this to her advantage. She only hopes that they can become more friendly than they already are.

Lord Leo Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden - Jeona is very fond of her younger brother, the Lord of Highgarden. Given her father’s death, Leo is the closest male relative she has, and is always one to treat him as he should be; with kindness and respect. In her opinion, the young Leo has the making of a great knight and commander, and hopes that he can make a name for himself.

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