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Lilah Gargalen


In Brief

Lilah Gargalen was born in the year 139 after Aegon’s Landing. She is the daughter of Ser Elyas Gargalen and Sybella Dalt.


A single black curl escapes the mesh caul of gold and gems red as blood, falling past a face the olive hue and thinness that only a “salty” Dornishwoman would possess. Her eyes, a fierce brilliant green framed by thick black lashes, look out at the world, challenging it - daring it - to make a move against her. Warm lips curved like the Dornish bows are most often in a smile, and from them fall either honeyed words or peals of laughter as the situation needs. Her voice is a soft cadence of careful pitch and tone.

An undergown of yellow-gold worked with embroidery in swirls and intricate abstract designs, almost dizzying when the sun glimmers off the metallic thread and one’s eyes try to follow it, clings to a form toned from riding and activity. Her overgown is of a rich red, linen as is best suited to the heat, clasping her body like a lover’s embrace. The overgown is pinned together by an abstract geometric pin, set again with red and gold and black. Leather slippers worked with embroidery to match the undergown peer out from beneath the skirts, worn into a state of comfortable burnished care.


Lilah is known to be a headstrong woman, protective and passionate about her friends, family, and causes. She is clever and cunning, often involved in the intrigue of the court; what rumours she has sown, and what information she has reaped, she tends to keep to herself and her close companions. She is motivated to succeed at whatever she tries her hand at—at whatever the cost. She has often been called “courageous”, and by her detractors “stupid”, some pointing out they are sides of the same coin. Impetuous at times, this can cause her problems in finessing her contacts and laying out her plans; she has not yet attained the patience a true social manipulator has.

Oftentimes, Lilah has been said to be made of tougher stuff than her brother Willum, and despite her fragility, Lilah will step up and push herself, and others, and endure the challenges thrown at her. She has expressed an interest in learning the arts of stewardship, and thusfar proven adept.


Born to Ser Elyas Gargalen and Sybella Dalt, Lilah spent an - almost - uneventful childhood. She was doted on by her elder brother Willum, and with only two years separating them, they became tightly knit. Her younger siblings Armand and Gileta followed Lilah only a few short years later, and even as Lilah proved to be a child of boisterous behaviour and temperament, she was fiercely protective of her kin. As she grew older and more aware of the world outside herself (a challenge, to be sure), Lilah would often seek out other members of her family and their servants to help support her schemes. With many Gargalen children of a near age, there was usually always a bit of trouble to be engaged in at Salt Shore or its environs. Lilah would often find herself as the initiator as well as the stewardess of it, taking close care to make sure none of her companions were injured.

With adolescence came a sharp turn for Lilah, her freedoms curtailed as her mother took steps to make sure that the wild-child would, at least, be well-schooled and properly marriageable: if necessary, to secure an alliance, and otherwise at least not a stain upon the Gargalen name. To needlework she went, and dance-lessons and riding-lessons, learning to play instruments and dabbling in a dozen things. As some sons came to Salt Shore for fosterage, she learned to bat her lashes and make the most of her Rhoynish blood, flirting and spending time with them. She had little serious interest in any of them, her interests more in learning the art of it.

Lilah was sent to court at Sunspear when the political situation began to tense further. It was, ostensibly, to further her education and to make her presence known for the establishment of a marriage. That is when she met Ser Madyn Santagar. A cautious establishment of a relationship - some commented it was rather like circling dogs trying to establish dominance, or boundaries - and then it was public knowledge that she was Ser Madyn’s paramour, and it had been expected that a marriage would occur. Their relationship came to an end while he was hostage in the Red Keep, and the secret of what ended it is a tightly-guarded secret. Today, she resides in Sunspear with infrequent visits to Salt Shore, enjoying the opportunity to host small dinners, study the arts of stewardship, and - like all unmarried women - catch a husband. Lilah is known to be someone who is fiercely protective of her friends, and will support causes and act as a representative for those with interests and plans.

Notable Events

Social & Political Affiliations

Lilah is well-known as a scion of the Gargalen line, the eldest daughter and second child of Ser Elyas Gargalen and Sybella Dalt.

Due to the intermarriages between the Gargalens and House Dalt, she counts most of the House as ‘cousins’, as many are in varying degrees.

As a lady-in-waiting to Princess Ariana Nymeros Martell, she is committed to the princess’ needs, and has demonstrated herself a young woman of high status and standing.

Lilah is, as of yet, unmarried.

Significant Relations

Lilah was once the paramour of Ser Madyn Santagar, though they separated and the reason why is known only to the pair of them.

She is very close to her older brother Willum (called Wild Will) and her younger siblings Armand and Gileta.

Lilah is currently one of the ladies in waiting to Princess Ariana Nymeros Martell.

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