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Quincy Fowler

In Brief

Husband to the heir to Skyreach, Lady Lanei Fowler.


Quincy is a slender man of slightly above average height, with sandy blonde hair of about shoulder length. The things of note in his pale handsome face with a few freckles here and there are his attentively observing light blue eyes and an aristocratic nose, reminiscent of a falcon’s beak. The corners of his mouth are mostly curved slightly upwards in an amused smile.

To those familiar with his late father Falconhelm the traces of parentage will be very obvious, as they show both in Quincy’s features and sometimes even in the way he would carry himself.

He usually wears a tunic of light blue sand silk, secured with a sash of white around his waist. His legs are covered with trousers of white sand silk, neatly stuffed into a pair of brown leather boots. Attached to the belt is a slim dagger in a fine leather scabbard, ornamented with hooded falcons. He usually wears a pair of leather gloves, one of which is filled with wool and attached to his left arm with leather straps, attempting to conceal the fact that his hand is missing.


There is an air of quiet pride and arrogance about this young knight, dampened by a slightly bitter smile now and then. When asked about his missing hand he is usually quick with a reply, trying to meet the pitiful looks from others with dry wit and sarcasm.

Apart from that he is usually quiet and observing, polite towards strangers and not averse to making dry japes when he is among closer acquaintances. Although he lost so many close relatives during the conquest and the rebellion, Quincy prefers to bemourn them in quiet, not joining in the call for revenge like so many others.


Quincy Fowler was born as the second child of four to Ser Landon Fowler, also known as the famous knight Falconhelm, and his wife Lady Rhona of House Wyl. From early on he and his elder brother Astin where destined to become knights like their father, and Falconhelm saw to it that they learned to be proud of being a Fowler and would go through a hard training schedule to make their House proud of them in turn. So when he reached the age of 12, Quincy was sent to the Boneway to squire for his mother’s cousin Ser Edmund Wyl, training hard to fulfill the high expectations his master had from someone whose father was such a famed champion. Quincy worked hard, and he quickly became quite skilled in the use of spear and shield. He was knighted when he turned 19 and returned to Skyreach just in time as word of the beginning conquest of Dorne reached his home.

Upon his return, Quincy first came across his cousins Lanei and Lyra, seeing them for the first time after seven years of absence. He was immediately enchanted by Lanei’s personality and was shocked to hear she was betrothed to his brother Ser Astin. Quincy then tried to quash his feelings for her and to keep their encounters to a minimum - still admiring her from afar but being silent about it.

At Skyreach he joined the forces of Lord Fowler, fighting against the Tyrell army in various skirmishes. Although Quincy fought well, he was outshined by the deeds of both his father and his elder brother, who had become a famous champion of his own. But this seemed only to encourage Quincy to try even harder, be even more deadly in his attacks. And more than once it seemed he had the Seven on his side, in situations where his death seemed certain, yet fate had obviously other plans.

At the battle of the Rush Quincy fought hard and managed to stay alive - while both his father, the Falconhelm, and his uncle Lord Fowler did not. The battle was lost to the Tyrell army and a grieving Quincy was among those who managed to escape to the South and to join the forces of the Hellknight, Ser Mavros Uller.

During the battle of Hellholt Quincy caught sight of his brother, who was being attacked by The Bastard of Three Towers. When he saw Astin go down from the bastard’s attack, Quincy reportedly cried out in agony, before he threw himself at the man who had killed his brother with desperate ferocity. He surely would have been killed as well, had not the tide of the battle separated him from his opponent and carried him off to another part of the battlefield where he continued fighting until the battle was finally over.

After his return to Skyreach, Quincy was second-in-command under his cousin Darion and often accompanied him on his reaving missions. In the final battle in defense of Skyreach he fought hard but was severely injured, when he was facing a huge knight of Lord Tyrell’s forces. Blocking instinctively his opponent’s attack with his shield, it was shattered completely from the impact - and Quincy’s left hand as well. The Fowler knight fell to his knees - defeated, his left hand screaming in pain - not long before his cousin Darion was overcome. Awaiting the inevitable deathblow, Quincy lost consciousness. But he was saved - by the Seven’s grace, as he would later emphasize - and taken to a maester. Skyreach had fallen, finally. In the days that followed it became clear that the broken mess that had been his left hand could not be saved. Quincy had fallen into a fever, the hand had become infected. So it was taken off, before the gangrene could spread any further into the arm. It took several weeks for Quincy to recover. But when he finally did, he was a changed man. His days of glory on the battlefield were apparently over, as he was incapable of wielding a shield anymore.

What followed were days of captivity. Ser Joscelyn Mallister took over, commanding the newly installed garrison at Skyreach. As a captive Quincy was stripped of his weapons. He didn’t show any inclination to revolt against Ser Joscelyn’s men, so he was allowed to move about the castle with a guard in tow. During these days he started visiting the library, gathering knowledge about geography, theology and other themes, which he hadn’t been interested in before. And the war had managed to bring out a more pious side to Quincy’s character, as he was seen more often than before praying in the Sept.

During the Dornish Rebellion the garrison at Skyreach was quick to surrender to the rebels. When most other knights left to join the rebel army, Quincy, crippled as he was, stayed behind in charge of a small number of men-at-arms left for Skyreach’s defence. It was during this time that he started assisting Lady Marcia Fowler in her duties of ‘running’ Skyreach, quickly picking up the basics of stewardship.

The return of the hostages to Skyreach brought Quincy’s feelings for Lanei back to the surface. A development which took a bit of time until it was noticed by Lady Fowler. Quincy was becoming increasingly distracted when his cousin was near, it showed in the way he carried out his duties as well. He made mistakes, forgot some tasks he had to take care of. Lady Fowler pondered for some time how to solve the situation but finally she came to the conclusion that it would be best to send Quincy to Sunspear. In fact he would be probably of good use there, as her son Darion might now need a bit of tempering of his hot blood, regarding the newly arrived delegation from King’s Landing.


The development that saw Quincy betrothed to his cousin Lanei might have surprised some - and none of it was his doing, but a decision of Lady Fowler to see her daughter united in a match to the line of the Falconhelm, as originally intended with Quincy’s late brother Astin. He was called back from Sunspear to Skyreach to spend time with his betrothed, and then, in the year 166 was joined to her in matrimony in a feast held there at the seat of House Fowler.

The marriage was graced with a child, in 167, a healthy daughter, they named Ynessa. And it is now, one year after the childbirth, that the Fowlers have returned to Sunspear to show presence at the prince’s court.

Notable Events

08-10-137: Quincy is born as the second child to Ser Landon Fowler and his wife Lady Rhona.
05-06-150: Quincy is sent to the Boneway to squire for Ser Edmund Wyl.
23-01-157: At the age of nineteen Quincy is knighted by Ser Edmund Wyl.
12-06-157: Quincy fights in the Battle of the Rush, during which both Falconhelm and Lord Fowler are killed. Quincy manages to escape to the South, where he joins the forces of Ser Mavros Uller.
25-09-157: Quincy fights in the Battle of Hellholt and sees his brother, the famous knight Ser Astin Fowler, die from the hands of the Bastard of Three Towers. Crying in agony he throws himself at the knight yet manages to stay alive due to being carried apart from the bastard in the battle’s tide.
04-04-158: Fighting in the defense of Skyreach, Quincy’s shield shatters and his left hand is smashed from one terrible blow, he falls unconscious shortly before his cousin Ser Darion is overcome as well and Skyreach falls.
16-01-164: Quincy Fowler arrives in Sunspear in the company of a servant and two Fowler guards after a long travel from Skyreach on horseback.
05-07-164: Quincy attended the feast held in the Feasting Hall of the Sandship, celebrating the union of his cousin Lyra Fowler with his other cousin Coran Wyl. In the name of his branch of the family, but not in the name of his scandalous sister Tamara, he offered the newly wed pair two falcons, a merlin for Lyra and a male peregrine falcon to Coran.
06-08-166: The betrothal to Lanei Fowler is officially announced. Quincy learned of it only a few days prior.
13-11-166: The wedding of Lanei and Quincy Fowler is held in the Great Hall of Skyreach, with friends and relatives among Dornish nobility in attendance.
23-09-167: After nine months of pregnancy without any complications, it happens in the early hours of morning that Lanei gives birth to their first child, a healthy daughter. She is named Ynessa a few days later.
30-10-168: Quincy and Lanei attend the tourney held in honor for the King’s Landing Embassy, the first social occasion they attend after arriving in Sunspear just a few days ago. There to spectate rather than take part, the son of the late Falconhelm cheers his cousin Darion on, witnesses the rare form of Ser Joscelyn Mallister who gives a strong showing, and finally cheers for Prince Rhodry Nymeros Martell who emerges as the winner of this contest.

Social & Political Affiliations

Significant Relations

Marcia Fowler: After the garrison finally surrendered Quincy learned from Lady Fowler the basics of stewardship, helping her with her duties in taking care of the castle and its inhabitants. He admires her sense and her insight in politics - an area in which Quincy yet has to learn a lot.

Lanei Fowler: Only few would have expected this match to happen, even if Quincy’s admiration for his cousin has been apparent in the past. She was betrothed to his late brother Astin, who perished before he could wed her. Now that they are married, Quincy’s admiration for his wife is by no means diminished, but has shifted into something that enhances rather than hampers his character.

Darion Fowler: During the Conquest, Quincy accompanied his famous cousin on a number of reaving missions, and they fought side by side in the final battle defending Skyreach. Quincy is impressed with Darion’s bravery and martial skills, although he does not share his hot-blooded temperament.

Landon Fowler: As Falconhelm’s second son Quincy has always looked up to his father, training very hard to become a knight of similar fame. During the Conquest he was able to fight at his father’s side until Falconhelm’s death at the Battle of the Rush.

Astin Fowler: Although it was obvious from an early age that Astin would always be the better fighter of the two, Quincy was very close with his brother, especially before he left to squire at the Boneway. When he returned seven years later they fought together in various skirmishes and battles - until Astin died in the battle of Hellholt.

Tamara Gargalen: His sister has infuriated Quincy in the past, with her loose ‘whorish’ ways. Things got slightly better, after she entered into a somewhat official relation of Paramour to Ser Corrent Gargalen. He was more than pleased to hear of her finally getting married to Ser Corrent. Even if the choice of name she elected to give their first son again managed to ruffle his feathers.

Joscelyn Mallister: After the Conquest of Dorne Quincy was one of the captives at Skyreach while Joscelyn was the Castellan in charge of the garrison there. Joscelyn treated him fair though, as it became clear the Quincy would not be the rebellious type of captive. He even granted him access to Skyreach’s library and free movement inside of the castle as long as a guard was present. Still, Joscelyn represented the enemy, and Quincy hated him for that although he did not voice it openly. However, much to Quincy’s surprise, Joscelyn had some of his own men executed for raping Lady Fowler’s kitchen maids. A man with such a strong sense of justice deserved his respect and he began to see ‘Joscelyn the Just’ in a different light. Their paths crossed more often, as both visited the Sept quite regurlarly, sometimes engaging in a theological conversation of some sort. From that time onwards Quincy would suddenly find himself speaking in the man’s defense whenever he would come across someone speaking ill of Ser Joscelyn.

Rhona Fowler: The death of his father and his brother has strengthened the bond between Quincy and his mother Rhona. She was among those few who noticed his odd behaviour upon his cousin Lanei’s return. And she brought the matter before her good-sister Lady Fowler, which led to Quincy being sent to Sunspear. He is very thankful for this and plans to send her letters on a regular basis to inform her of his experiences in the Dornish Capital.

Athis Fowler: Quincy is always supportive of his relatives, especially if they are known to train as hard as Athis does. Although he noticed a certain tension during the wedding of their cousin Lyra, and an unwillingness to take part in the bedding ceremony that struck him as a little odd. But then again, maybe all Fowlers have one unusual side to their character, making their House as special as it is.

Coran Wyl: Quincy remembers Coran well from his time at the Boneway, when he squired for Coran’s uncle Ser Edmund Wyl. Especially the advice to never engage in any sparring with the frail heir, which he headed of course. Whatever his views of Coran had been back then, Quincy holds him now in high esteem, as he has realized that sometimes a strong mind might be of more worth than a strong arm. He was among those who uttered their support for Coran, when he was in talks for the position of Warden of the Broken Arm.

Lyra Wyl: Quincy has found his cousin Lyra to be the sensible kind, and he agrees with her views regarding how to deal with the embassy. Valuing her friendly politeness when dealing with him, he is grateful that she doesn’t tease him with his admiration for her sister. Her marriage to Coran Wyl has strengthened the bond between the Houses of his late father and his mother, and of course Quincy approves of it.

Edmund Wyl: Quincy squired for Ser Edmund Wyl at the Boneway and found him to be a strict and just Master. Ser Edmund put him through a hard training schedule which prepared him well for the battles he would later have to fight during the Conquest. When he heard that his former mentor was captured and executed as a rebel in King’s Landing, Quincy was grieving as he had held the man in high regard.

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