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Tamara commands attention with her piercing blue eyes that start from the lightest of blues in the center, and are finally ringed by a deep shade of blue along the edges. They sparkle like diamonds, reminding one of the Dornish sky on a clear cool night. What makes them the most appealing isn’t their color but the shape they hold. Frequently noted as catlike, and rightfully so, as the upturn to the corners of her lids, matched with the quantity and length of lashes; gives them that alluring appearance of the feline persuasion.

Her eyes are not the only thing that makes her a well noted beauty, even though they are the most prominent feature at any given time, it is a culmination of many little things that make up the whole of her perceived image. Following her true stony Dornish roots, her hair is light in color, as are her eyes, and she is much more pale than most. Though it can be said that the blood from her mothers side does give her a slight tan, enough to where she does not burn in the Dornish sun. She wears a thin and airy tunic in the color of sapphires, skirts of the same color hang long to her ankles, slitted up the sides the cut and light weight if the outfit allow the breezes of the city to sweep through and cool her. Her clothes are designed to show her dancers form, by showing a vague outline her toned legs shaped by years of practicing her art.

Her long blond hair hangs to her waist straight as an arrow, but the color of sand. She has long bangs that sweep across the right side of her face. If not swiped away in a subconscious flick of the hand, the swatch of hair half covers her right feline shaped eye. She is almost never seen without jewels or trinkets, even now as she is wearing a delicate neck piece of gold and sapphires, the brilliant blue stones are held in place with threadlike string of gold in a netlike fashion. A ring and earrings of the same color adorn her person, as well as an anklet of chained gold with many small flecks of silver dangling off it that jingles lightly as she walks on each leg.


Never one to be told ‘no’, Tamara has learned how to use the desires and interests of others to her advantage. Though hardly the most ambitious individual, she makes it a point to always get what she wants, pursuing it with reckless abandon if she must. Depending upon the person, she has been known to go so far as to pout in a childish fit if denied her desires. Yet, regardless of her methods, her persistence can approach legendary levels, as she seems quite proud of this tenacity of hers.

Yet, she is not a serious person either, always easy to laugh and smile. She possesses a certain charismatic air about her, with those alluring eyes and that hypnotic sway of her hips, she seems to thrive in the attention of others. Not one to be alone although for a time after her father’s death she was thought to have been taken in by a melancholy mood, she has since showed little sign of such depression, almost always putting on a cheerful and optimistic demeanor.

Though she acknowledges her own beauty, she does not demanding attention for it, satisfied with those that choose to admire her of their own free will. Quick to laugh away her troubles she is usually very passive when it comes to arguments. This is not to say that she will not defend herself, however, for she abhors all sorts of gossip and slander against her. Should an individual be so bold as to insult her in person, she is quick to retort with quips of her own, often resorting to belittling the other person, all while attempting to maintain the bright and addictive smiles she gives so often.


Tamara Fowler was the last child and the only daughter born at Skyreach to Ser Landon, called “Falconhelm”, and Lady Rhona Wyl. She had a relatively normal childhood, a mother that loved her, and a father that thought she hung the moon. Being the only daughter her father doted on her greatly with trinkets and a fine education. It was during these tender years before the war she had learned many of her skills, how to ride horses, weave, and started her dancing lessons, which at the time, she did not enjoy much at all.

After the war broke out, many of the ladies of House Fowler escaped to Hellholt, including 15 year old Tamara, hopeful that they would be safe from harm there. When news arrived of the death of Ser Landon, immediately Tamara was devastated, for some many days, she would speak to no one, and it is said that his death marked the beginning of Tamara’s many late nights that she keeps to this very day. Just when she thought she was safe the Westerosi moved against, and captured Hellholt, placing Tamara and her kin under house arrest. No longer able to venture out, Tamara soon turned to dancing as an alternative, she quickly mastered the art and began catching peoples attentions. Tamara was not taken hostage as some of the other ladies at Hellholt, in this she was lucky.

Eventually, her dancing drew the attention of several suitors, who showered Tamara with the attention she so desired. Spurning her mother’s attempts to rein her in with a marriage of her choice, Tamara instead went from one admirer to the next, living off the gifts given to her, and gambling when that was not enough. After some time, the young girl found a stable patron in the form of the Lady Tamsyn Uller, once a Princess of Dorne. With the defeat of the Westerosi, Tamara has now ventured to Sunspear in an attempt to make a name for herself. She will find no help from her mother in this cause, nor from Lady Fowler, as her rebellious ways have cut her off from the added aid of the rest of her family. Forced to live on a small stipend is one of the reasons she headed for Sunspear, the other is to meet old friends and make new ones.

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A New Obsession: Posted by Ariana Martell

The court at Sunspear has been abuzz with the latest goings-on of Princess ARIANA Martell.

Men-at-arms of Lord ARYARD Manwoody were heard to be joking (though not in his hearing) about a lost wager between him and the princess, requiring their lord to attend a dance lesson with ARIANA and her dancing master. Meanwhile, serving maids gossiped about a lively chat, overheard between the princess and Lady TAMARA Fowler, on the subject of dancing. The pair were later seen practicing their art together in the Tower of the Sun. Some people have even been discussing a conversation heard between ARIANA and her chatelaine, Lady LILAH Gargalen, and though reports seem to vary on what -exaclty- the discussion entailed, all agree that the topic had to do with the princess’ latest obsession: dancing.

Princess ARIANA is mad for dance, that much is clear. However, what this means for the court or the people of Dorne is anybody’s guess.

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Dance With Me

Scene with Ariana Nymeros Martell, Tamara Fowler

Ariana lights the sconces set into the walls.

Though the hour is not so very late, the torches in the tower have already been lit by industrious maids, and they cast a somewhat more mysterious glow on the beautifully accoutered walls than might otherwise be seen during the day. The flickering candlelight brings out a different flavor of the Tower of the Sun, more mysterious than it ever is during the daylight hours, and the Rhoynish tile work takes on an almost savage demeanor. It’s a time that awakes the imagination, and gives the impression that anything might happen.

One of the doors is flung widely open, and the occupants of the room that it displays could not be more different. On the one side, there’s Ariana Martell, her hands stretched out above her head, her eyes closed as she breathes deeply in and out. On the other, a middle-aged man with tightly curled dark hair, just beginning to run to gray, stands with his hands clasped behind his back, his lithe, wiry body completely at ease. At his side, a lute-like instrument sits, awaiting its master’s command.

The soft jingle of Tamara Fowler’s anklets can be heard approaching the place to which the princess has instructed her to come. A warm contented smile sits on her face idly as she she enters to see the princess stretching. She nods her head deeply, “My princess I have come, master,” she nods to the dance instructor kindly, and strides over to join the girl.

The soft jingle of the plated jewelry following with every step, sheerly robed and jeweled in emerald, a cream tunic and slit leg trousers can be seen through the sheen of green. Tamara’s pin straight blond hair is pulled up neatly to the top of her head, bangs are held back with a jade comb. “What shall we be working on today my princess?” She smiles to the girl as she bends a knee and lunges to stretch her thighs and calves.

At the sound of the bracelets ringing out and echoing off the walls, Ariana’s head turns, and a smile lights up her face when she sees Tamara enter the room. Her hands float gracefully to her sides, and she reaches forward, taking the other woman’s hands and squeezing them lightly. “I’m so glad that you came,” the princess says, though he tone is more one of politeness, as it’s clear that she never expected otherwise. “I will yield the floor to Master Orbo. Master Orbo, Lady Tamara Fowler.” A sweeping gesture is made toward the man standing near her.

The dancing master steps forward, giving a deep bow to the woman. “A pleasure to be meeting you, my lady,” he intones, picking up the lute and motioning toward the center of the floor. “We will begin with a simple partner dance. Please, face each other. My princess, you will do the lord’s part for now, yes?” With a decisive nod, he waits for the two to get in position, then begins to pluck the lute, a soft, bittersweet melody emitting from it.

Ariana begins to move, and though the motions in this dance are slow and somewhat staid, her stylized movements convey a more emotional interpretation. A lift of the heel, or a flick of the wrist, and she makes the dance uniquely her own. Though perhaps she’s not the most technically proficient dancer, there’s clearly a passion there.

Again Tamara nods to the master in understanding, she steps forward joining the princess and curtsies, she grins while she dances as she watches the girls movements. Nodding with approval, as she dances along side. Every now and again a pass of hand to hand but not much more as far as contact. Tamara remembers why she did not like dance much when she was a child, but seeing the girl improvising slightly she cannot help but see herself in her not too much younger counter part.

The two women circle each other, each movement in symmetry, neither overpowering the other. Ariana returns the other woman’s smile, obviously quite pleased with her new partner. Every now and again her eyes flick downward to study the positions of Tamara’s feet, though this doesn’t seem to distract her from her own movements; rather, it enhances them.

“Good,” says Master Orbo, fingers tripping nimbly about the strings as he studies the pair in front of him. His steps take him in a circle, looking first at one dancer, then the other. “Princess, lift your head. Act as if a string is attached to you, pulling you upward, ever upward.” A slight pause, then, “Watch my Lady Fowler. See how she rises and falls, so effortless. She is a piece of lace, and so must you be, not a wooden knight that children play with.”

Tamara eyes the master slightly, “Master is correct, though, may I?” She stops and gestures to the princess not entirely waiting for the master to reply she walks up behind the girl. “My princess beg my pardon,” she takes Ariana’s right hand and lifts it upwards shaking it slightly to loosen the tension and poses it above her head, taking the other and placing her hand low toward her stomach giving it the same shake treatment with a smile.

Finally she explains, “Princess Arianna, at times I close my eyes, I know the steps, I know the music, I just close my eyes and let my body move with it dancing for the music not for others around me. It works best like that.” She looks back to the Dancing Master, “Do you not agree Dance Master?” She smiles warmly to the man she know probably does not take kindly to his lesson interrupted.

Though Master Orbo does not appreciate interruptions, when they pertain to his lesson he makes allowances. The man listens to Tamara’s explanation, and nods decisively, giving a little hop as he plays to further emphasize his enthusiasm. “Yes, yes!” he exclaims, “You understand, then. The music tells you, you do not tell it.” His fingers continue to pluck at the strings, and the melody moves seamlessly to a well-known Dornish folk melody, though it’s flavored with an unusual mode that can only belong to the Free Cities. It’s slightly faster, though not frenzied.

Ariana’s body seems to stretch out as Tamara moves her, and there’s no resentment exuding from her; she simply listens to the other woman as a prize student would to any teacher, no matter who it is. She nods, and her strides lengthen, her movements relaxing even further, her form becoming more natural. “I do always seem to think too much about who is watching me. I always do my best dancing when I am alone.” She laughs sheepishly, “If only I could harness that feeling, and use it whenever I dance.”

Tamara watches a moment before joining her, taking a once round her standing on the male side, “Very good, do not force that arm, now do the ladies part and I will switch with you.” Tamara holds her hand out, placing the princesses hand on the traditional top part, “On the count off of 3 close your eyes and we will commence,” She smiles to the dance master, who seems on the same page so far.

She counts off, “One, Two, Three.” A small hum along with the music as Tamara easily dances next to the princess, she leads her forward and back, doing the appropriate dips and hops, all with eyes closed and a small hum, “When you are ready my Princess, you may open your eyes and hum to the music, it is how we harness the feeling, making it vibrate through your mind, though quietly mind. It is a way to count the steps without actually counting.” She opens her eyes now to observe pleased by what she sees. “Very lovely Princess.” She gives the Dance master another smile and a nod as she skips, hops and dances with the princess.

The music weaves and sighs, echoing through the chamber as though it’s coming from every direction at once, not simply the small lute that the dancing master plays. He’s clearly quite skillful; in his hands, the piece seems to come alive, each note played just so, and it’s as if the tower drops away and the trio are out on the sands of Dorne under a sky filled with stars, as the piece was played when it originated.

Ariana closes her eyes as instructed, and even though they are closed, her movements are still precise. In fact, perhaps more so than before, and whether it’s from her concentration or the music carrying her away is hard to tell. She begins to hum, as well, almost absently, as though it’s almost beyond her control and she is merely doing as Tamara, through the music, instructed her. Her body dips and sways, and when her hands touch at the appropriate times with the other woman’s, the sharp rapport of the clap punctuates the lute in perfect synchronicity.

A pleasing sound coming from the Master, very attentive is Tamara, she continues her humming. Smiling as the woman keeps eyes closed still, she chances a glance to the master who seems to be in his own little world and it shows through his music. A lovely piece and although the princess is still a bit stiff her movements are correct if not mechanical. “Very nice my princess, loosen that elbow just slightly,” She says softly as another clap of their hands resounds. Tamara’s endurance is great, and right now she is glad of this as she leads the princess around once more as the lute plays. By the sounds and location on the floor she knows the end is soon to this dance but she does not make note, she just lets the princess dance as she pleases. A walk in a small circle around her and a stop, she takes the princesses hand and leads her around her to do the same.

Master Orbo does not say anything more, merely looking on approvingly as Tamara continues to assist his protege. Under his fingers, the piece crescendos, then begins to die away, the theme played ever more softly until it can barely be heard, then dying away entirely, the last note ringing out in the hall for a moment, as though wishing the two women a fond farewell. As the music stops, Ariana’s eyes open, and she gives her head a slight shake, clearing it from the place where the music, and Tamara’s words, had taken her. She blinks once, then looks to the other woman, her smile growing as she says, “Thank you, my lady.” She adds nothing more, but her few, heartfelt words say volumes more than a long speech of lesser conviction could have.

Master Orbo graces Tamara with a smile and another low, courtly bow, and says, “I am thanking you, as well, my lady. I welcome you to join us again when you are able.” He turns to Ariana, bowing to her as well. “My princess. If you will not be needing me, I will depart.” At a nod from Ariana, he departs, footsteps echoing against the high-ceiling tower, though soon enough, even those die away, as well.

At the last note Tamara bows, rising, “Well my princess, that was most exquisite.” She smirks, “No need to thank me Princess Ariana, I was glad you asked me to come, I had an exceptional time.” She nods to the master, “My thanks, you have done very well with her, farewell master, I may return soon enough, that is if it pleases my princess.” She smiles, “You do have a lovely form, though the master is right, you are just slightly stiff, though that is no place I have not been before.” She smiles brightly at the woman, “I must say I have not danced so formally in a long while.” She sighs dabbing a bit of sweat from her brow.

At the last note Tamara bows, rising, “Well my princess, that was most exquisite.” She smirks, “No need to thank me Princess Ariana, I was glad you asked me to come, I had an exceptional time.” She nods to the master, “My thanks, you have done very well with her, farewell master, I may return soon enough, that is if it pleases my princess.” She smiles, “You do have a lovely form, though the master is right, you are just slightly stiff, though that is no place I have not been before.” She smiles brightly at the woman, “I must say I have not danced so formally in a long while.” She sighs dabbing a bit of sweat from her brow.

The princess looks somewhat fatigued, as well, her breathing just slightly labored, though her expression is invigorated as she turns to Tamara, “Yes, Master Orbo does tend to emphasize perfect technique in formal dancing, but I must admit that I prefer more free-form styles.” Her smile twists mischievously, “Though they tell me that it is not proper for a princess, that does not mean I cannot enjoy it when I am alone.” She pushes some errant hair back from her face, tucking it behind an ear. “You are a beautiful dancer. I hope that someday I can match your form, though that will be difficult to achieve.”

Tamara smiles, “Indeed, though he was fairly polite about my interjection. I must admit, I do not think I would be.” She chuckles lightly, taking a breath. She grins, “You are correct but what you do while veiled and alone, or hiding is for you to decide. I will not sway you either way.” She breaths in again wiping the last of the dampness from her brow, “My Princess, it is not that awful hard, as I said yesterday, practice, a lot of it. It took me from basic skill to being fairly adept about two years, though you must want it and love it, and let it become you.” She grins, “Though at times I assume that is not too proper either.” She chuckles lightly at that.

A laugh escapes Ariana’s lips at this last statement, and she begins walking toward the door, motioning for Tamara to follow her. “Well, I dedicate myself to it as much as I can, though it seems as if there is always something else that needs my attention.” She shakes her head, her mouth twisting wryly as she lets out a small, almost imperceptible sigh. However, her momentary lapse of good humor is just that, momentary, for soon enough her smile returns, and as she reaches the door, she says, “Thank you again, my lady. I hope that you will be able to join me once again very soon.”

Tamara curtsies to the princess, “That is always a good thing my princess,” she says as she follows her to the door. “I shall join you whenever it pleases you Princess Ariana.” She gives her a slight wave as she leaves.

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