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Tanyth Toland

Tanyth Toland


In Brief

Tanyth was born in the year 140 to Lord Talfryn Toland and Lady Ailys Dayne. She is the twin sister of Ser Tamlyn Toland and she is called the Black Tempest.


Black as a desert night, tinted by nothing save the dark gleam of obsidian, her hair falls in silken waves over her shoulders, the rippling cascade stilled only past the curve of her hips and narrow waist. A few soft, artfully tousled curls seem to just happen to frame her face, ever so slightly mellowing the sharpness of its distinctive and somewhat leanly angular features; high and sculpted cheekbones, a somewhat narrow chin and a prominent nose best described as aquiline. As unyieldingly dark as her abundant tresses, and fringed by long and sooty lashes and arching brows of the same hue, are her wide, slightly tilted eyes, sharply contrasting even against the dusky olive of her unmistakably Dornish complexion. It is fortunate, perhaps, that the sultry smiles that catch so easily upon the pouty curves of her red lips faintly temper the fierceness of spirit and unquenchable pride found in those coal-black depths. Nothing, however, serves to moderate the willful and vivacious streak so boldly displayed—indeed, sometimes even flaunted— in the way she carries herself; her hauteur-tinged manners adding inches to her otherwise unremarkable stature, and her gracefully sensual way of moving making the most of her lithe, womanly figure.

Bright, emeraldine silk mingles with darker hues of green and liberal embroideries in thread-of-gold in the swirls of cloth that flow about her form. The outer robe is lighter, the one beneath darker, and both are formed by lavish expanses of fabric that just skim over her sinuously curved form. The sleeves of the inner robe are longer and tighter, the sleeves of the outer robe shorter and wider, but the openings at her neck follow a similar line, a wide V-shape revealing the rich golden yellow underdress. Cut with a woman’s shape in mind, it features a square neckline and a fitted bodice laced with ribbons of green silk. The rest of it is left hidden, as the two layers of robes wrap around her body to leave the openings somewhat off-centre, and there they are fastened with a broad sash of cloth of gold about her waist. However, despite the layers of fabric, from time to time her movements reveal that the sandals she wears on her feet lace up to well past her knees. About her neck she wears a necklace with three rows of golden disks, matched by the double rows circling her brow and the smaller disks dangling from ears.


It is said in the rest of the Seven Kingdoms that the women of Dorne are particularly wild and wanton creatures. Perhaps it does have something to do with all the spices that flavour the food of Dorne, or perhaps it is simply the legacy of the Rhoynar reputedly led to Dorne by their formidable warrior queen Nymeria.

Either way, the saying is certainly verified by some of the women of Dorne. Such as Tanyth Toland, called the Black Tempest by the singers. Though her brother, Ser Tamlyn, is a knight of good repute, it has been said of the young lady that there are knights who consider her rather more dangerous than her twin.

For one thing, while he is known as an easy-going young man with a taste gambling and ... immoral activities, she is known as a sharp-tongued and sharp-tempered young woman with a taste for gambling and ...immoral activities. She is also known as an expert archer and, like most of the Dornish nobles, a splendid rider, and she’s earned a reputation for having a liking for wagers of all kinds and often with ... non-monetary stakes.


The only girl out of the five siblings, and one of those not just a brother but a twin at that, it is perhaps no surprise that Tanyth is fierce even for a Dornishwoman.

Already before she came to court, some years before the war, she had gained a reputation that a young woman not yet 16 years of age should perhaps not have had. Her byname of the Black Tempest may have been earned when she was barely a maid but since then she has more than lived up to it.

Considering this, it was always a little curious that the young girl took a fancy to her cousin, Aidan, as one would be hard-pressed to find someone more…well-mannered than the young Dayne. But even though this infatuation did not fade away with her arrival at court, she did not let it stop her pursuit of other interests.

Such as Prince Rhodry and his then paramour, Ser Corentyn. But that particular association was eventually ended by the war. During it Tanyth was noted as a brave defender of Ghost Hill, her arrows felling a number of assailants. She was also involved in the uprising that freed Ghost Hill from its initial occupation and rumors suggest her personal involvement with a certain crucial death.

But in the end, Dorne fell and Tanyth, her twin Ser Tamlyn and their youngest brother, Danyll, were selected among the 49 hostages sent to King’s Landing. Among them was also their cousin, Ser Aidan, and the four grew very close during their time in captivity, even though Tanyth cared little for Ser Aidan’s growing interest in another lady at court.

But following King Daeron’s death and the return of the hostages to Sunspear, Tanyth’s interest was once again turned towards Prince Rhodry. Yet now their relationship seems to have soured, perhaps on account of whatever happened between the prince and Ser Mavros’s bastard daughter as he brought her from the Free Cities to Dorne.

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