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Veiled Ladies


In Brief

Princess Naerys’s prayer companions, notable by the veils they wear over their hair when accompanying her to prayer.  It is considered a great honor to be invited. Members are invited when presented with a veil of heavy lace by one of Naerys’s ladies-in-waiting, and the gentle Princess is always deeply saddened when someone refuses the honor.


To provide the well-loved and fragile Princess with companions at prayer, as well as honor some ladies at court who are not otherwise interested in serving as a lady-in-waiting. Being invited is a mark of the Princess’s esteem for the lady, as well as her opinion of the lady’s piety and devotion to the Seven.


Notable Events

Currently engaged in sewing and embroidering accoutrements for Baelor’s Great Sept, though it is not yet built.

Social & Political Affiliations

Princess Naerys Targaryen

Notable Members


  • Lady Reyna Saltcliffe (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Jyana Lannister (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Orene Waynwood (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Belissa Corbray (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Fiona Crakehall (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Nessa Donniger (lady-in-waiting)
  • Lady Melarra Connington
  • Lady Gwyn Banefort


  • {Lady Glenna Massey} (nurse and companion)
  • Lady Joleta Gargalen
  • Lady Rylla Hightower

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