Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Family Feud
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 6, 166 AC
RL Date: February 10, 2015.

As the Keepers gathered the officers of the court of Sunspear to deal with affairs of the Old Palace and the shadow city, trouble brewed thanks to the attendance of the princes Cadan and Rhodry. With Prince Marence still unfit to rule—gripped by paralysing fear at times, by deep lethargy and indecision at others, and still physically weak from the yet-unsolved attempt to poison him—unease has grown concerning how the realm would be ruled and only the efforts of the three Keepers to maintain a semblance of control has kept panic at bay. But the brothers? The brothers may have begun the slow slide into chaos.

That meeting may have gone well—some say it went well enough—as the Keepers and officers arranged certain matters, but when they turned to the question of the Knight of Lemonwood’s bellicose return to Dorne, hungry for vengeance after the death of his heir, the two princes began to bicker . Although it was proposed—and largely agreed to—that Ser Dinias Dalt’s kinsman Ser Laurent should go to Lemonwood and talk sense to him, Cadan and Rhodry loudly disagreed on what might come after that, if no result was yielded.

That bickering spilled out of the Tower of the Sun and into the inner yard of the castle, where far too many people—lords and ladies, knights, squires, guards—happened to be located, and so were privy to the argument between the two. Prince Rhodry accused his older brother of hoping Dalt would simply forget matters, while Prince Cadan accused Rhodry of wanting to resolve matters with bloodshed, with armies gathered and sent to put Dalt in his place.

Barbs of more personal nature were also exchanged, and in the end the Keepers were forced to try to convince the princes to hold their tongue. And so Prince Rhodry articulated what has long been rumored: a regent must take up the rule of Dorne, until Prince Marence is in good health. In the wake of that, the unintended audience grew more animated, shouting questions about the prince’s health, whether there would be war, and more. In the wake of that, the Keepers departed, and the princes as well.

And so now rumor runs rife… and unease grows greater still, for the lack of unity between Marence’s brothers may doom any effort to a peaceful regency.