Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Prince’s Court
IC Date: Day 28 of Month 9, 170 AC
RL Date: April 23, 2019.

Maron Nymeros Martell, Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne, had called for a public court beneath the great dome of the Tower of the Sun to hear out petitions and requests, to pass judgements, and to make announcements. These things he did, nearly without incident. From giving his blessings to the betrothal between Ser Jordan Dayne, his castellan of the citadel at Planky Town, and Rhialta Santagar to dealing with concerns from Cyrissa, Lady of Kingsgrave that the shariffs had grown slack in their efforts against criminals, Prince Maron showed a measured, thoughtful manner belying his years. More petitioners came to him, and he dealt with each fairly and justly, with no sense of hesitation or uncertainty (a marked contrast to his ailing father, Princ Marence), as he did with the judgments he rendered in criminal matters.

But the session ended with the prince announcing substantial changes at court, naming a few: the stepping down of the Lord Justiciar and his replacing him with Joleta Gargalen, the heir to Salt Shore; the confirmation of Ser Sebaston Vaith as Deptuy to the Warden of the Broken Arm; the naming of Rhialta Santagar to assist the Keeper of the Spear Tower. But the most significant announcement was the retirement of Ser Robin Dayne as Lord Shariff, a post he had held for decades… and the appointment of the notorious Ser Mavros Uller to replace him.

More changes to the court would be announced, it was noted… but there was a minor distraction, towards the end, when Ser Aidan Dayne and his northron wife Lady Aisling quietly departed the throne room with all signs suggesting the lady, great with child, was now entering labor. It would be late that evening that news would arrive of the birth of their first child, a daughter. Mother and daughter alike were said to be in good health, and that the Knight of the Twilight could not be more pleased.

But that was happy news. Four days later, less good news spread through the court: Lady Tanyth, wife to Prince Rhodry, who had only recently revealed her own pregnancy at the court, had miscarried what would have been their first child.