Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Away to Dragonstone
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 7, 173 AC
RL Date: January 24, 2022.

A moon and more since the whispers first began, and now it has come to pass: Prince Daeron and Princess Mariah have taken ship to Dragonstone, moving their household there to take up the rule of the ancient Targaryen stronghold. Their leaving did not go unmarked by the court, nor by the kingslanders, as an event was made of their leaving the city. Queen Naerys herself was there to see her son off (as well as her infant daughter Daenerys, who she entrusted to the prince to foster on Dragonstone), carried down in a palanquin escorted by Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and others of the Kingsguard. So, too, were various members of the court… including the royal mistress, Mysella Blackwood, who Princess Mariah went so far as to embrace. But the king? No, not the king.

King Aegon had deigned to show himself, briefly, in the yard of the Red Keep before Prince Daeron and Princess Mariah began their journey down from Aegon’s Hill to the River Gate and the docks beyond. Yet His Grace did it with customary ill grace, looking little pleased at having his day interrupted despite it being clear that Missy Blackwood had played a part in his appearing there in the first place. A few grudging words to his son, and then he marched away into Maegor’s Holdfast before they departed. For many at court, this sort of tensions between father and son was the reason for Daeron’s decision to depart to Dragonstone.

There were many who stopped in the street to watch the progress down from the Red Keep to the docks, led by the prince and princess and the queen’s palanquin, followed by the courtiers who adhered to them, and then the men and women of the household, many of them Dornish lords and ladies, clad in their bright sand silks and polished jewelry and mounted on beautiful sand steeds. Almost every man and woman in the household would join them in Dragonstone… but rumor had it that in a fortnight or a moon’s turn some would return, to represent Prince Daeron at court, and to serve him and the princess whenever they deigned to return.