Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Flight from the Tor
IC Date: Day 22 of Month 6, 161 AC
RL Date: March 05, 2010.

The night fell on the ransacked town of the Tor. Soldiers made merry in its streets, confident they were beyond the power of the Dornish and that the war for them was over. But in the night something stirred, the Speardancer and Prince Rhodry had brought up their soldiers in the dark - perhaps taking lesson from the Stormbreaker’s unstoppable march from the week before.

Meanwhile, the Stormbreaker and his good cousin, Lord Swann, were about the business of securing what goods had survived the near disaster of the Young Dragon’s conquest. Their commanders otherwise occupied, the soldiers of the watch were lax in their task. All paid for their incompetence for spies had opened the gates for the Dornish cavalry. The Dornish entered unopposed, Ser Michael Blackmont leading the charge and began to slaughter drunk and debauched soldiers before any could react. Prince Rhodry personally led a smaller force to sweep east through the town’s streets, killing all invaders and winning clear to the castle gate so that the Jordayne garrison could join the battle

First to horse at the harbor were the Heir to Storm’s End, Ser Tanced Baratheon, and the Deputy Warden of the Kingswood, Ser Endros Buckler. Ser Ondryn Waters, the notable son of Ser Gueren Waters, held the Dornish squire Caswyn hostage. However, Caswyn had slipped his bonds and in the confusion of the attack retrieved his bravo’s blade and stabbed Ondryn in the back, mortally wounding him.

Deep in the town, a different sort of battle reigned. The Crakehall cousins, Ser Burton and Ser Elmer, and the young Ser Mathin Lannister were among parties of men hunting through the wreckage of the sacked town, as the soldiers sought wine or hidden wealth that was yet undiscovered beneath the shadow of the castle walls. Their efforts were rudely brought to an end when a squadron of sand steeds appear, and before them all was Prince Rhodry and with him the Bastard of the Red Dunes, Ser Jarvis Sand. The westermen and soldiers from the Marches reacted with courage, charging at the Dornishmen, nearly overwhelming Prince Rhodry and at one point Ser Burton drove Ser Jarvis from his saddle. Yet in the chaos and confusion, the Dornish were able to hold, rallied by the prince who at one point was penned in on three sides. The Bastard of the Red Dunes fought on the ground, seized a horse, and entered the fray just in time to help the prince before he was overthrown. And then the gates of the castle opened, and out charged most of the garrison, joining the fray! Men began to run for their lives, and were cut down for it. A youth from the Marches rallied men as Ser Burton and Ser Elmer—both battered and afoot—led others to escape into an alleyway, even as the horns of retreat sounded

At the harbor, Ondryn fought through the pain of his wound and got himself to horse. His first strike was for revenge and he struck Caswyn swiftly from the saddle. Ser Tancred and Ser Endros fought valiantly, but lost their mounts. The Speardancer, cutting his way to the harbor where Ondryn held the defense, crossed sword with spear as he charged at the Waters knight. It was a long struggle, yet the Speardancer was more than Ondryn’s match that day and with a shattering thrust of his spear, penetrated Ondryn’s breast plate and the breast beneath it… Ondryn died before he hit the ground.

Just then Ser STEVYN Locke rushed in to defend the body of his fallen comrade. He struck out at the Speardancer, his blade thirsty for revenge. The battle between these knights was long and furious, the treacherous Dornish even attacking Stevyn with several knights at once.

“He must have ice in his blood to fight so coolly in so hot a place,” men on the ships remarked.

Finally, the Stormbreaker and Lord Swann were able to rally their soldiers and form a shield wall and guard the retreat - for it was clear now the Tor was overrun and lost. Oakenfist ordered his scorpions to fire, buying further space for the Stormlanders’ retreat. The Crakehalls and Ser Mathin, and only a handful more, managed the harrowing journey on foot through the castleton to reach the harbor, where a few stormlander knights charged to open a way for them to join the flight to the ships.

Thus came an end to the Stormlanders army in Dorne.