Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


IC Date: Day 24 of Month 4, 164 AC
RL Date: December 22, 2012.

Ser Rynos Prester has certainly created a stir with his book of lewd and lascivious drawings! Just a week ago, Septon Elwood gave a fiery sermon in the Royal Sept, where he called out all the congregants for their sins of lust. He chided the married woman for lusting after her husband, and the maiden for lusting at all. He was most particularly inspired by Prester’s vile book, and seemed to single out those known to have seen so much as a page of the book, or to have made inquiries as well. Not everyone was best pleased; Ser Albyn Crane was especially furious to have been looked upon in what he perceived as accusation.

But the most visible of those who have seen the book is Lady Sirona Hill, daughter of Ser Hector Hill of Casterley Rock. She has been seen to read something tucked into a supposed copy of The Seven-Pointed Star, and when she fell during a mummer’s farce in the city, several pages of lewd drawings scattered to the winds. Sirona was taken to the septas following the Septon’s harangue, and not seen again.

She was not seen, that is, until a week later. It is said she underwent intense questioning and examination by the septas to determine her guilt. The King himself has concerned himself with her behavior, and once the results of the questioning were presented to His Grace, Baelor banished the hapless maid from court, and suggested that some time spent in a motherhouse contemplating her sins and how she means to atone for them would not go amiss. And so it has come to pass. Sirona has left the court in the grey robes of a novice septa, and is not to return. While the court has yet to know Ser Hector’s response, given his distance from King’s Landing, it is expected that so old a maiden is likely to be left in the motherhouse to become a septa rather than be left to become a spinster.