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5.2.2. Ancestors and History
  • The Tullys were never kings, but they held rich lands and the castle of Riverrun for a thousand years (I: 684)
  • During the Wars of Conquest, the riverlands belonged to Harren the Black, King of the Isles (I: 684)
  • Harren's grandfather, Harwyn Hardhand, took the Trident from Arrec the Storm King whose ancestors had won lands up to the Neck three hundred years earlier by killing the last River King (I: 684)
  • The first of the riverlords to desert the unloved Harren the Black for Aegon's host was Edmyn Tully (I: 684)
  • Aegon raised Lord Edmyn Tully to overlordship of the Trident, requiring all other lords to swear fealty to him (I: 684)
  • Harren the Black beggared the Iron Islands and the riverlands to make Harrenhal. He had completed Harrenhal and had finally taken up residence when on that very day word came of Aegon the Conqueror's landing. (II: 88)
  • There are claims that Harren the Black and his sons haunt the cellars of the Wailing Tower, even though they died in the Kingspyre Tower (II: 335)
  • Lady Minisa Tully died in childbed trying to give Hoster Tully a second son. The boy died with her (II: 363)
  • Lord Tywin considered marrying his heir Jaime to Lysa Tully of Riverrun (III: 128)
  • Lord Hoster Tully's father died more than thirty years ago, as Catelyn Tully was too young to remember his funeral (III: 395)
  • Counting Lord Hoster, Walder Frey has known four Lord Tullys (III: 559)
  • By 211, Lord Tully was a boy of 8, and was considered incapable of stopping the Blackwoods and Brackens from entering into private war (TSS: 122)
  • Ser Brynden Tully won renown fighting the Ninepenny Kings (IV: 495)
  • Lord Norbert Vance of Atranta and Ser Brynden Tully of Riverrun together served as squires to Lord Darry (IV: 567)
  • Young Lord Tully did not attend Lord Butterwell's wedding (TMK: 674)
  • The Mudds and Fishers were two dynasties of River Kings (among many) who were ended in wars (SSM: 1)
  • The Andal invasion ended the line of the Mudds, who were the last of the First Men to be River Kings (SSM: 1)