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Concordance The Ashfords of Ashford
  • Half a mile from the outskirts of Ashford Meadow is a brook. One of its bends forms a deep pool (THK: 464)
  • Ashford Meadow is separated from Ashford town by the river Cockleswent, a vassal stream of the Mander. The meadow serves as a commons for the townsfolk (THK: 465, 471)
  • Ashford is a market town, prettier than most with thatched and whitewashed houses (THK: 471)
  • Ashford Castle is shaped like a triangle with round towers thirty feet high at each point and thick crenelated walls running between (THK: 471)
  • Back of the stable inside the yard is a turret built into an angle of the curtain wall. Steep stone steps lead up to the wallwalk (THK: 472)
  • Lord Ashford in (HK) had a thirteen-year-old daughter and two grown, knighted sons (THK: 480, 490)