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Concordance The Redwynes of the Arbor
  • The Redwynes use the emblem of a cluster of burgundy grapes on blue (I: 247)
  • The Arbor is said to make the finest of wines, from dry fruity reds to a rich golden vintage (I: 493. II: 423)
  • Lady Olenna of House Redwyne was almost made to marry a Targaryen prince, but put an end to that (III: 66)
  • There is a wine from the Arbor known as Arbor gold (III: 323)
  • The Redwyne fleet seems to number in the hundreds (III: 671)
  • In 211, the fierce drought damaged grape crops in the Arbor, as did pirating from ironborn reavers (TSS: 83)
  • The Redwyne fleet is the largest fleet in the Seven Kingdoms (IV: 235)
  • The Arbor has sufficient strength at sea to fight the full ironborn fleet of as many as 500 ships. Lord Redwyne owns no less than two hundred warships, and five times as many carracks, cogs, trading galleys, and other vessels (IV: 474, 476)
  • Runceford Redwyne was the grandfather to Paxter Redwyne (V: 22)
  • There are smaller islands around the Arbor (IV: 529)
  • Ryamsport, Vinetown, and Starfish Harbor are three ports in the Arbor (IV: 672)
  • Stonecrab Cay, the Isle of Pigs, the Mermaid’s Palace, the Horseshoe Rock, and Bastard’s Cradle are isles around the Arbor (IV: 674)
  • The only fleets comparable to the Greyjoy fleet in the Seven Kingdoms are the royal fleet and the Redwyne fleet based at the Arbor (SSM: 1)