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Concordance The Tarlys of Horn Hill
  • The Tarlys are an old family with rich lands and a strong keep (I: 225)
  • The Valyrian steel greatsword Heartsbane is famous, and has been handed down from father to son for nearly five hundred years (I: 225)
  • The Tarlys have existed as a family, or at least as lords of Horn Hill, for a thousand years.
  • Randyll Tarly has led Mace Tyrell's van for many years (II: 353. III: 211)
  • Heartsbane has been carried by the lords of Horn Hill for centuries (III: 201)
  • Lord Randyll lead the van against Robert Baratheon at Ashford, winning a victory (albeit an indecisive one) before Lord Tyrell and the main host had even arrived (III: 211)
  • Lord Randyll killed Lord Cafferen at Ashford Castle during Robert's War and sent his head to Aerys (III: 408, 884)
  • Game is plentiful at Horn Hill (III: 529)
  • Horn Hill, the seat of House Tarly, lies a hundred leagues northeast of Oldtown amidst thickly wooded foothills (IV: 81, 675)
  • There is a pond beneath Horn Hill (IV: 216)