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Concordance The Dondarrions of Blackhaven
  • The banner of the house is a black field powdered with stars slashed with purple lightning (I: 234)
  • Ser Manfred Dondarrion was son of the ruling lord of the house (THK: 473)
  • About the year 205, old Lord Dondarrion and Lord Caron burned out the Vulture King (who may have been a Blackmont) out of the Red Mountains. There were some eight hundred knights and nearly four thousand foot with them (THK: 482. SSM: 1)
  • The sigil of the house was gotten when the first of the line carried a message across the Dornish Marches. An arrow killed his horse and two Dornishmen came out to confront him. His sword was broken and he thought himself doomed, but a bolt of purple lightning burst out of the sky to strike them both down. Because the message was vital to a Storm King in his campaign against Dorne, he raised the knight to lordship (THK: 483)
  • The Dondarrions rule Blackhaven in the Dornish Marches (III: 383, 387, 445)
  • The Vulture King died for his treason, perhaps after Lords Dondarrion and Caron fought him in Daeron II's day (III: 407)