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Concordance The Swanns of Stonehelm
  • Stonehelm is on the Cape of Wrath (THK: 493)
  • Lord Gawen Swann was well past mid-fifty and by that time was not much of a knight (THK: 493, 494)
  • Stonehelm is in the Red Watch (II: 32)
  • The Swanns are powerful Marcher lords (II: 520)
  • Ser Barristan Selmy squired for Lord Swann of Stonehelm in his youth (II: 646. III: 651)
  • Ser Barristan rescued Lady Jeyne Swann and her septa from the Kingswood Brotherhood, defeating Simon Toyne and the Smiling Knight, and slaying the former (III: 752)
  • Swanns have had wives from House Osgrey in the past (TSS: 112)