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11.4. Animals beyond the Wall
  • Adult direwolves are as large as a pony, twice as big as a large hound. They have not been seen south of the Wall in more than 200 years (I: 15)
  • Mammoths are said to roam (I: 175)
  • Snow bears as large as aurochs (I: 175)
  • Direwolves upset horses, and dogs are so frightened by them that they refuse to use the same space (I: 123, 208)
  • Direwolves are proportionally larger headed and longer legged compared to regular wolves, and their snout and jaws are leaner and more pronounced (I: 339)
  • The wildlings have horses (II: 560)
  • Vast herds of elk (I: 654)
  • It's said that direwolves once roamed the north in packs of a hundred or more and feared neither man nor mammoth. This was long ago, however (II: 654)
  • Wildling horses are surefooted (II: 695)
  • Bears (III: 1)
  • Oxen (III: 11)
  • Mules (III: 11)
  • Weasels (III: 75)
  • Giant elk once roamed throughout the Seven Kingdoms in the times of the First Men, but now they only survive beyond the Wall. One stands as tall as ten feet at the shoulders, with antlers near as wide (III: 78, 536. TSS: 113)
  • A direwolf little more than a year and a half old is half again as large as two well-fed and strong adult wolves (III: 101)
  • Mammoths are so huge that their great curving tusks are higher than a man (III: 167)
  • There are whales in the waters beyond the Wall (III: 167)
  • Snow bears can stand some thirteen feet tall on their hind legs (III: 171)
  • There are wildlings on the Frozen Shore who seem to hunt walruses, for they have chariots made of their bones (III: 172)
  • A mammoth can pluck an armored knight from a saddle with his trunk and throw him some forty feet (III: 841)
  • Direwolves are larger than real world direwolves (SSM: 1)
  • Direwolves can breed with regular wolves (SSM: 1)