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12.4.2. Vaes Dothrak
  • The Horse Gate of Vaes Dothrak are two gigantic bronze stallions, hooves meeting a hundred feet above the road way to form a pointed arch, but Vaes Dothrak has no walls. (I: 323)
  • The Horse Gate, when seen directly and from a distance, frame the great purple mountain which the Dothraki name the Mother of Mountains (I: 323, 327)
  • The path beneath the Horse Gate is the godsway (I: 323)
  • The godsway is decorated with plunder from many lands'; statues of dead cities brandishing thunderbolts, stone kings, young maidens on marble plinths, monsters of all sorts (I: 324)
  • The Western Market of Vaes Dothrak is where the merchants from the Free Cities, and even those of the Seven Kingdoms, come to trade (I: 325)
  • Entering Vaes Dothrak from the godsway means starting at the Western Market (I: 326)
  • Vaes Dothrak is at least ten times larger than Pentos, its streets paved with grass and mud and carpeted in wildflowers. Vaes Dothrak sprawls languorously and its buildings are well-separated (I: 326)
  • The households are strange; pavilions of carved stone, manses of woven grass as large as castles, rickety wooden towers, stepped pyramids faced with marble, log halls open to the sky, and some palaces are surrounded by thorny hedges (I: 327)
  • The buildings of Vaes Dothrak have been built by slaves from many lands, so they built after their own fashion (I: 327)
  • Only the crones of the dosh khaleen live permanently in Vaes Dothrak, with their slaves and servants (I: 327)
  • Vaes Dothrak is so large out of the belief that one day all the Dothraki will die and return to the holy city. It must be ready to receive them all (I: 237)
  • The Eastern Market is filled with caravans from Yi Ti, Asshai, the Shadow Lands, and the lands from beside the Jade Sea (I: 327)
  • From the pit where important ceremonies are done in Vaes Dothrak, processions move along the godsway which runs through the center of Vaes Dothrak, from the Horse Gate to the Mother of Mountains (I: 411)
  • The lake along the godsway is named the Womb of the World (I: 412)
  • Some traders at Vaes Dothrak have huge eunuchs as guards, who strangle thieves with strips of silk so as not to break the laws of Vaes Dothrak and spill blood (I: 414)
  • The Western Market of Vaes Dothrak is a great square of beaten earth surrounded by warrens of mud-baked brick, animal pens, and whitewashed drinking halls. The square itself is a maze of stalls and aisles shaded by awnings of woven grass (I: 489)
  • The caravans that come to Vaes Dothrak come more to trade with one another rather than with the Dothraki. The Dothraki tolerate them so long as they do not break the peace of the sacred city, do not profane the Mother of Mountains or the Womb of the World, and honor the dosh khaleen with the traditional gifts of salt, silver, and seed (I: 490)