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Children of the Forest

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I hope things are going well with Storm of Swords.

Very well, thanks. I'm right on schedule and hope to be done by year's end.

I must apologize for taking up valuable time to ask questions but this one is nagging me and I was hoping you would help. I was paging through Game of Thrones for the millionth time and came back to the tale that Old Nan was telling Bran about the Long Night and the last hero who went to find the Children of the Forest. Right at the scariest point of that story within a story Maester Luwin barged in, and the tale was never finished.

Did the last hero ever find the Children of the Forest? What stopped the advance of the Others? Is there any relationship between the Children of the Forest and the Others?

I realize we will most likely see more of the Others later on, but that old yarn is very interesting and I don't think Old Nan is still around to finish it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid these are the sorts of questions that I will be answering in the books to come, rather than divulging via email.

If you enjoy speculating about this stuff with other fans, however, check out the site at

P.S. I am about halfway through "Portraits" and I wonder what took the public so long to flock to your work. It's just so damn good.

Thanks. I don't know what took 'em so long either, but I'm glad they've finally found me. <smile>