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Jaime’s Regicide

Well, I have to say that I think ASoS was utterly brilliant. Your skills as a writer continue to amaze.

Thanks for the kind words.

However, I was quite upset with you when I read the Red Wedding, but I got over it. Just please try to leave a few Starks for me. I am a true Stark loyalist.

The Starks still have quite a few of those, especially in the north. I will try and remember to save a few for you <g>...

As for my question. I was wondering if the vows of the Kingsguard take precedence over the vows they take when they first become knights? That is, was Jaime justified in his killing of Aerys because Aerys was going to burn the city, or was he guilty of betraying his vow to protect the king.

Some might say, "both." As Jaime himself says in the dungeons of Riverrun, the vows you swear are sometimes in conflict with each other.