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The Stone Giant and Oxcross

[Summary: KAH asks GRRM about Bran's vision in A Game of Thrones, where he sees his sisters before a snarling hound, a golden figure, and a giant knight in stone armor looming over them. Specifically, he wants to know which of various theories is correct in regards to the knight.]

Well, it's an interesting question, but not one I care to answer. Puzzling out the meanings of dreams and visions is an excercise best left to the characters, I think... and of course to the readers. So argue on...

Another question I've wanted to ask for some time, is concerning the Lannisters. Given Tywin's death and Tyrion's exile, the Lannisters appears to have suffered a _grievous_ brain drain. Will there be other Lannisters to come forth and take their place ('intellectually' speaking, that is)? Daven Lannister, perhaps?

There will be other Lannisters who will =try= to come forth and take their places, undoubtedly. Ser Daven, as you mention, though Ser Kevan is considerably more senior and more experienced. And do not neglect the women. Only Kevan remains of Tywin's three brothers, but there was a sister as well. A younger generation is coming up as well, and there are more distant cousins and the like too. The Lannisters are a large family.

Oh, and while I remember it - how big was Ser Stafford Lannister's host in ACoK, anyway? (I and Ran debated whether it was 10 or 20 thousand, respectively, just to find out that the number isn't really mentioned in the books at all. ;o) )

Even in real life, estimating the size of medieval armies was always tricky. Try researching how many people fought at Agincourt or Crecy, and you will get a dozen different numbers. Why should Oxcross be any clearer?