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R’hllor and Evil

I just want you to know that your books are great. They are the best I have ever read. I must say, even better than Tolkien. I hope I am not shot for that.

It's quite a compliment, but don't worry, I seldom shoot my readers.

I hope you are okay after tuesday's events. Gods know, I would really hate for you not to finish those books.

Me too. September 11 had its impact on me, as on everyone else, but I was two thousand miles away in Santa Fe, so I'm okay.

Not that we all don't value your person. Just to those of us you haven't knighted at the cheesesteak place, your books problay are more real.

Perfectly understable. I feel the same way about my own favorite writers.

About my question. Melisandre, I hope I am not butchering the spelling, really seems to be evil to me. She births shadow babies, and talks very much of blood. This seems to be blood magic to me. Perhaps its not.

But if it is, then is it evil, for Mirri was evil. Or just a vengeful bitch like the terriorists.

Mirri Maz Duur considered herself a hero, and no doubt Melisandre feels the same. What they are in truth... well, that's for each reader to determine for himself. I don't intend to make it easy.

Thoros is a totally different person. He is kind hearted and nice. Is this just because he washed out and became a fake priest. Or is this the way most red priests act?

Red priests are human beings, and like other human beings, they vary greatly.

And then there are the dragons, and the apparent increase in magic they brought on with their birth. Is R'hllor only truly able to touch the world when dragons live. And are the seven affected. Like Davos and the mother.

You'll need to keep reading to learn more.

Once again, I hope you are alright.

I'm fine. Thanks for your concern.