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Dunk and Egg and A Feast for Crows

I've just heard rumours of a planned sequel to LEGENDS, could you confirm this. Assuming you plan to contribute to another short story collection would your piece be another tale of Dunk and Egg?

If LEGENDS II does indeed happen -- that is not entirely certain as I write -- I will indeed contribute a second Dunk and Egg story, "The Sworn Sword."

Will A FEAST FOR CROWS span the same 5 year peroid you originally intended to have between A STORM OF SWORDS and A DANCE WITH DRAGONS or will it be more condensed time frame?

I hope to cover the five years.

Finally I don't suppose you have a burning desire to reveal key plot details (or any details for that matter) from AFFC to a complete stranger. I just thought I'd ask on the off chance :)

Nice try.