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Brynden Tully’s Bachelorhood

First off, thanks for writing my absolute favorite fantasy novel series. I hope that all is well with you and yours, and you're having a good time with all the travelling you've been doing.

Mostly I've been home the past few months, but I do have some travel coming up.

Once again, the boards have gotten themselves up into a tizzy about a very small detail that is likely to remain forever in mystery, and I've decided to use my first e-mail to you to attempt to get an answer. The question is: why did Brynden Tully not marry at Hoster's request? A lot of folks suspect that he is gay. Others suggest that it is brotherly rivalry. Or lost love. Or impotence. Any light you could shed on this?


I know, I know, it seems a very small (and to me) unimportant detail, but the conversations have made me a bit curious...anyway, the usual disclaimers apply about understanding if you won't tell me, because of future spoilers etc. Though it would be nice to know that it would be revealed in the future. I for one hope we haven't heard the last of the Blackfish.

The Blackfish will be seen in A FEAST FOR CROWS, have no fear. In fact, I was working on a scene with him and Jaime just the other day.

Hmmm. As sad as it sounds, this seems to be it for questions regarding the books right now. Weak, I know. How is AFFC going? Can we expect you to come visit the Northwest any time soon?

FEAST is coming along, but more slowly than I'd like. My appearance schedule is posted on my webpage. At present my next trip to the northwest will be for Foolscap in 2004, but if Bantam sends me on a book tour for FEAST it is likely that I will included Portland and Seattle once again.