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A Feast for Crows Release

Hey is this George R.R. Martin?


I was just wondering... Well I wanted to email to you that I am a great fan! I love your work and wish to tell you so. I was kinda upset with the part in ASoS with what the Freys did to the Starks... I won't ask alot of questions about what Arya will do if she does anything to get revenge.

I also just wanted to let you know I am kinda depressed. I thought AFfC was going to come out in the Summer "August" but its comming in the Fall? :( Is their anyway you can make it come out sooner like Summer?

Please! :)

I wish I could, but it is coming more slowly than expected. These books are huge and they take a long time to write... especially if you are determined to do it right.

P.S. What is Bran doing anyway and who and WHAT is Coldhands... Is the "Lord Of Light" all good as the Red Woman says? Sorry just currious...

You'll have to wait and see. Keep reading.