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Feast for Crows Information

there's a lot of stuff in the forum after WorldCon in Philadelphia!

- The next book in the ASoIaF series will be called A Feast for Crows.

Good title, I'm afraid the Italian translation will spoil it. Anyway, I'd prefer crows rather than dragons.

A FEAST FOR CROWS is next, but A DANCE WITH DRAGONS will follow.

- There will NOT be a 5 year gap.

Well, it will be easier to understand the whole story.

True. Couldn't make the gap work.

- There will be 2 new PoVs - Cersei and another PoV.

Firstly, the not revealed new PoV, is someone Known or completely unknown? Can you tell me?

Someone known.

I hope Cersei will not became a "saint".

Small chance of that.

Anyway, it will be very interesting see her POV. I like her evil and frustrated, that Sansa-chapter where she told how disappointed had been when Jaime and her had grown up was illuminating. I've read your chapter's summaries in the forum, I regret not being there, I could have tried to kidnap you and made you read again!

Ah! I was forgetting: I loved the Spanish interview appeared on El Pays! Spanish is warm and suits perfectly your words; I've asked them for some information to get the other books in Spanish.

I don't think the Spanish editions are out yet... but soon, I hope.

Go on writing, and do not complain. You know? One day we will make you write the 7th...

PS: I've written so you many times and I don't know nothing about the "small things".

For examples: favourite food, colours, season, where you write, how and when (day or night), any animals?

Two cats and a dog. Write best in the morning. Autumn is my favorite season, purple is my favorite color, and I've never met a food I didn't like.