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Some Questions

I hope I'm not intruding on your writing time, and I hope your writing is going really well. But I have a couple of questions about your work (which is brilliant) that I would like to ask you.

Are you going to let Littlefinger survive the series? I really hope so, because you should see the number of arguments that he causes at our message boards. He is one of your best characters, and I for one hope he lives.

That's not something I am like to answer in a letter. Keep reading.

Are the Others just pure evil, or are we going to find out more about their motives later on?

Keep reading.

Did one of the Brandon Starks ever reach Asshai by the Shadow?


Does Littlefinger feel an attraction to Sansa solely because of her beauty, or is it because she is Catelyn's daughter? I personally prefer the former, though. :)


Finally, on a slightly different topic, can you recommend any good informative books for want-to-be fantasy writers like me?

Lisa Tuttle's recent book on writing SF and fantasy is valuable. There's a link on my website, under "What I've Read."

Thank you for reading this e-mail, and I hope it hasn't taken up too much of your time. I look forward to reading your reply.

Good luck.