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The Kingslayer’s Value as a Hostage

Not sure if I should be doing this as most boarders I know at Ran's ezboard site suggest we do not mail you until AFfC is finished but I am curious to know something. If I am being a bother feel free to disregard this message.

Many people feel that the Kingslayer had little to no value as a hostage while he was at Riverrun. I tend to disagree. My question is, if Cat had not freed the Kingslayer would the Red Wedding still have went ahead and if it did, would Ser Brynden still be in a good position having the Kingslayer as a bargaining tool?

"What if" questions are hard to answer. No one really knows.

Lord Tywin had not shown much tendency to be cowed by his enemies holding hostages... but Jaime was special.

Also. Did Ser Loras kill Ser Emmon and Ser Robar in a fair fight?

A red rage, more like it. Not a formal duel or anything like it.

I hope you are doing fine and that AFfC is going well.

It's coming more slowly than I'd like. Thanks for the patience.