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US Signing Tour (New York City, NY)

That was fun even if it was very hot and he did not read.

I got there around 12:20 and much to my surprise noone else was there so I was first in line to get my wristband (there were maybe 7 people in line when they started giving them out at 1). When I returned around 5 they still had wristbands which shocked me and made me rue giving up my lunch to go down there.

Whoever thought that having this at the Astor Place B&N was a good idea needs to not be in charge of picking locations in NYC any more. The second level was jammed with people and it was so hot. The second level is narrow and long and while there were speakers I'd imagine it was very difficult to hear what he was saying if you were not seated.

I even got to ask a question. Apparently we will not be getting a Hodor POV chapter any time soon.

When I left the line went all the way down to the first level and almost out the door into a rainy night. I don't want to think what time George will get to leave.