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US Signing Tour (New York City, NY)

I do wish he would have read. At first they said he was doing a reading, but then he didn't do it. Maybe because the signing was so big they realized he wouldn't have time to both read and sign, or maybe he's just exhausted from the tour - I don't know. Either way, I'm glad I got to see him and when he signed I asked him a question about whether he originally intended for the theme of religious fanaticism to become so prominant in the story or if that was partially informed by our real-world events of the last five years. He said that no, it was really pretty much his intention and that Melisandra was kind of the beginning of that. It's totally fitting for the setting, though. The Middle Ages were all about Crusades, Jihads and a lot of general religiously induced lunacy. If anything, Martin's inclusion of these elements were maybe more prescient about our world than the result of what's going on in our world.

P.S. - I didn't think he would sign so many books, otherwise I would have brought more. I only brought AFFC and my old, 1977 hardcover edition of "Dying of the Light." He kind of liked seeing the old book and commented about it.