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US Signing Tour (Huntington Beach, CA)

[Note: The following report provides clarification and further details regarding the information reported in the previous report.]

He means to address the AFFC cliffhangers in ADWD even?

Yeah, he mentioned this today in Huntington Beach and I was pretty happy. I was talking with someone right before the signing and we were wondering why he wouldn't consider this. Seems like he is considering. However:

I'm pretty sure he said that's something he might do depending on how he finishes the original POVs he has planned. He said that he has to write at least 1100 pages and he can go up to 1300-1400 without upsetting his publishers. He has 500 pages now, so first he'll finish those and look at the page count. "If" it seems like he can be done with those in about 1000 pages, that leaves him some space for extra stuff, so he may revisit some of the cliffhangers from AFFC. About the POVs in ADDW, he said they are the ones that are missing from AFFC (Jon, Danny, Tyrion, etc..) plus Asha and Arya. He added "And possibly more from AFFC, but we'll see.)