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Beauty and the Beast setting and characters

[GRRM is asked if the writers were aware of how much the setting of Beauty and the Beast affected viewer interest.]

Yes, we were aware that our viewers watched the show for many different reasons. Some loved the romance, some the action, some the fantasy, and some of you liked all of it. We tried to do many different types of shows, to keep the series fresh from week to week.

[How did you handle characters you did not create in your scripts?]

Well, most of the major characters were created either by Ron Koslow or one of his staff writers, which included me, and we were all right theire to help each other when those characters appeared again. For instance, I would sometimes tweak the dialogue of Mouse, who was one of "my" characters, to help capture his unique voice. Ron was the ultimate authority, of course.

[How is consistency of characterization handled in a show with many different writers?]

That was always Ron Koslow. He rewrote as necessary, and if the voices weren't right, the script never went into production.