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Authors Worthy of Legends

[Summary: In response to a thread speculating on authors who should be included in a second LEGENDS anthology. As a note, Robert Silverberg (editor of Legends) stated from the onset that he had no particular plans to do a second volume, but was interested in hearing from the posters about potential authors.]

Jack Vance, Guy Gavriel Kay, Jack Vance, Robin Hobb, Jack Vance, Gene Wolfe, Jack Vance, and Poul Anderson.

Did I mention Jack Vance? IMNSHO, Vance's Dying Earth was one of three seminal creations from which all modern fantasy has sprung, the other two being Tolkien's Middle Earth and Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age.

The real shame is that there wasn't a LEGENDS ten years ago, so that it could have included a Fafhrd/Mouser story from Fritz Leiber and an Amber story from Roger Zelazny.