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Interviewing Rose Leslie

Continuing our interview series, next up is actress Rose Leslie, who had a memorable turn as Ygritte last season.

In this interview, she gives some hints about things to come, discusses just how often Kit Harington smiles, and much more. I note one place where she laughs… but truth be told, she laughs often and was clearly enjoying herself immensely at being involved in a project like Game of Thrones.


What can you tell us about season 3?

“I think it’s going to be very exciting. There’s lots of twists and turns this season. We’ll see our characters tested and pushed to the extremes.”

Why is Ygritte interested in Jon Snow? What piques her interest?

“She’s never come across someone like Jon Snow in her life. He’s not so rough and ready in the way that the wildling men are. And the fact that he takes himself so seriously means that she enjoys aggravating and teasing him the way she does.”

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As an added note: yes, we had intended to post alll of our interviews prior to the premiere… but the fact is, that was biting off more than we could chew! Between the world book, the Easter holiday, and everything else we have to do on the site, we’ve decided that we’ll hold the last four interviews a bit longer. It makes sense, in some ways, since one of the interviewees is an actress who doesn’t actually appear in the premiere anyways!