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GRRM Launches Highgarden Entertainment Patreon

It’s become an increasing trend among creators to have Patreons where they can connect more directly with fans, and with the launch of Highgarden Entertainment George R.R. Martin has joined the bandwagon—but with a twist. As some may know, George has poured time and money into supporting the arts and commerce in his home of Santa Fe, NM. Most notably, he saved the Jean Cocteau Cinema which is now a venue for independent and genre films as well as talks with authors and filmmakers, and opened up his own bookstore, Beastly Books. The Patreon has three separate segments (which can be combined into one offering at a discount): one focused on GRRM, one focused on the Jean Cocteau Cinema, and one focused on Beastly Books.

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For those curious about the GRRM-specific offering, what’s offered is access to the following:

“Fans of George RR Martin will receive one exclusive piece of digital content from the World of George RR Martin EACH MONTH! Unreleased archival video, personal documents from the GRRM library and private updates on all the happenings in the GRRM world.”

There are already two posts for that category of Patron, giving a look into George’s miniature knights collection (which is extensive!) and tabletop games that George has enjoyed (and which directly led to the creation of the Wild Cards universe).