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More 2025 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar Details Revealed

Thanks to publishing news site Edelweiss, we’ve learned the full list of featured locations in the upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire 2025 Calendar, which we previously reported on back in December when the cover art, featuring Starfall, was revealed. All the illustrations are by artist Eddie Mendoza, whose work has previously graced The Rise of the Dragon.

Here’s the list of all 13 featured locations, continuing the tradition of twelve images for the months and a bonus two-page spread:

  • Moat Cailin
  • Dragonstone
  • the Inn at the Crossroads
  • the Nightfort
  • the Bridge of Skulls


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  • Skagos
  • Qarth
  • the Dreadfort
  • Starfall
  • the Water Gardens
  • Planky Town
  • the Arsenal of Braavos
  • Hellholt

A very interesting selection of locations, particularly because there seems to be an emphasis on both Northern locations and Dornish sites, giving the calendar its own particular spin on “ice and fire”.

The calendar will be released on July 23rd.