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A Song of Ice and Fire: Tactics Game Nearing End of Fundraising

Just a little over half a day left on CMON‘s crowd fundraising campaign for their next ASoIaF-based game, A Song of Ice and Fire: Tactics. Made to the same scale as their miniatures games (with thanks to Dark Sword Miniatures, who hold the license for all miniatures), this tactics-based game has already very much cleared its fundraising goal, with over 5500 backers raising $1.6 million (and counting). There’s some pretty impressive miniatures on display, in particular an enormous Drogon miniature that is a crowndfunding exclusive.

Here’s a trailer for the game from CMON:

Below, you’ll find the press release for the game with additional information!

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CMON is happy to announce A Song of Ice & Fire: Tactics, a new strategic skirmish wargame set in the richly detailed universe of A Song of Ice & Fire, crafted by G.R.R. Martin.

In this immersive game, players compete for victory by engaging in tactical skirmishes using iconic characters and terrain tiles of well-known environments that re-create battles and moments from the original story, in addition to creating battles and scenarios of their own.

This exciting new play experience will parallel A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game in retail release tempo, organized play, and marquee event support. The two games will be different but complementary experiences. A Song of Ice & Fire: Tactics will be expanded so that players will be able to integrate their existing ASOIAF:TMG miniatures in the new game.

Adam Lovell, CMON’sVP of Sales, Organized Play & Events, said the following: “If there’s anything George R.R. Martin has demonstrated, it’s that there are so many stories at so many scales to tell in Westeros and beyond. That’s what I am most excited for in Tactics: telling stories of A Song of Ice & Fire in inventive ways and at a different ‘zoomed-in’  point of view. The Song Tabletop Miniatures Game

< will continue to carry the banner for imagining army-sized battles while

Song: Tactics will bring small-scale skirmishes to life!”

Jim Ludwig, president at Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc, adds: “George and I always envisioned two distinct types of tabletop miniature games set in the world of Westeros – a rank and file game and also a skirmish game. CMON was very receptive to this idea and have been hard at work developing a unique tabletop miniature game experience that amps up the danger levels along with the potential glory for your favorite characters. We have been collaborating on this skirmish game for well over two years now. The Song of Ice & Fire: Tactics game is getting wonderful new art & sculpts of beloved characters along with numerous troop types. The miniatures of course are all in the same scale as our critically acclaimed rank and file game, which means that any of the miniatures can be interchanged between the two game systems as players see fit. We are so excited for new and existing players alike to dive into this new tabletop miniature game experience”

At CMON Expo Bangkok, we displayed “”Drogon’s Fury””, an awe-inspiring playable dragon diorama that transports players into the heart of Westeros. More information about this exciting game piece will come soon!