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House of the Dragon: All Must Choose Images

It sounds like Thursday is likely to see a new trailer or teaser for the forthcoming second season of House of the Dragon, according to the latest post from the official sites. Two tweets promise that everyone must choose between “Team Green” and “Team Black”, and each tweet features dramatic images of some of the leading members of each party… plus our first look, I believe, at King Aegon II’s golden dragon (on green rather than the book canon black) that also answers one of the enduring heraldic questions of the show.

More on that below, but here’s the tweets:

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ALL MUST CHOOSE. This promotional banner features the Greens and the Blacks, represented by Aegon, Ser Criston Cole, Aemond, and Alicent on the one side, and Rhaenyra, Daemon, Rhaenys, as well as Corlys Velaryon on the other.

As you can see, the golden dragon of Aegon II… has just two legs, which is what the case is in the books and in the reality of A Song of Ice and Fire, while Rhaenyra has the Game of Thrones-style four legs. Back in 2022, Ryan Condal actually discussed this issue and hinted that there’d be an explanation for why at times GoT showed the two-legged dragon and at others the four-legged version (our guess? Human error, not anything planned or intended).