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A Casting Clue from GRRM

And now a surprise, as George R.R. Martin trots out Froggie the Gremlin for a most unexpected casting clue. For those who’ve missed them previously, for prior seasons Martin has occasionally revealed actors who’ve been cast in roles by the use of clues. Inevitably, he’d use his Froggy the Gremlin avatar to signal when it was a clue.

This one threw me, since it’s rather early to be casting season 4 when the 5th season isn’t even greenlit. But of course, others who are smarter (or at least in earlier timezones) resolved the clue quite quickly: “It’s the Pits!” refers to a specific pit that will be appearing this season, and the “son of Homer” is, of course, Bart Simpson.

Put it all together, and you have something fans recently surmised following remarks from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau:

The bear pit scene from Jaime’s last Harrenhal chapter will indeed be taking place—something we’ve known for quite awhile, actually—and GRRM’s clue reveals that the bear will be none other than Bart the Bear… well, Little Bart, as the original Bart has been dead some years. “Little” is, of course, all relative…