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Making Game of Thrones: Mance Rayder’s Camp

A new entry at the official Making Game of Thrones production blog provides some new information regarding filming in Iceland (which has been a topic featured both in a video blog and a new Bluray excerpt), as it reveals a bit about filming a scene among the wildling encampment where Jon is taken to meet actor Ian Whyte, who played Ser Gregor this past season (and a White Walker in both of the previous seasons):

It’s also a day when our friend Ian Whyte, who plays the White Walker, is back in a different role, one we haven’t seen before. He’s got some awfully big shoes to fill for this particular scene.

What do we think this means?

Whyte’s probably in heavy makeup as ... a giant! Admittedly, the giants of the novels are about 12’ tall, but a suitably hairy, Neanderthal-meets-Sasquatch guy over 7’ tall would work admirably. He may well be Mag the Mighty, the “king” of the giants.

Now, if only we get to see some mammoths…