Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Ties that Bind
IC Date: Day 15 of Month 9, 165 AC
RL Date: May 06, 2014.

Day 15 of Month 9, 165 AC

The king’s return to health continues, and with it… more changes at court. Not, as it happens, offices (although there have been more movements there as well, in lesser offices, and certain other positions of greater note). Instead, the king has turned his eye to the spiritual health of the realm. Moved by prayers, by council with the High Septon and the Most Devout, by the plight of the kingslanders as reports filter even into the Red Keep of the city watch having to deal more and more often with rapers and prostitues who try to secretly carry on their immoral…

A Court Blossoms
IC Date: Day 27 of Month 8, 165 AC
RL Date: April 18, 2014.

Day to day, it is said, King Baelor’s strength grows. The long, long recovery from his fasting in the wake of Princess Naerys’s miscarriage seems nearer to drawing from an end, as he has been seen more often away from his apartments, and the private sept which he most frequents. He has attended services at the royal sept almost daily, now, and though he has yet to sit the Iron Throne in judgement, it is known that he even occasions to join the small council from time to time, though rumors has it that it is Prince Viserys who most often leads the council, save in matters touching on the…

An Embassy Ends
IC Date: Day 20 of Month 8, 165 AC
RL Date: April 11, 2014.

In the wake of the mysterious assassination of Tybio Erosenes in the Sealord’s own palace, the Sealord’s justiciars and guards searched high and low for the culprit. Witnesses were questioned, offers of aid were rejected, interviews were arranged, but to no apparent result. The Secret City keeps its secrets even from the Sealord of Braavos, it seems. And from dragon princes from Westeros, too, as it was well-known that Prince Aegon Targaryen has been spurring on the investigation, had even attempted to have certain men questioned until the Sealord’s guard intervened and prevented it. Down at…

An Ending and an Ending
IC Date: Day 10 of Month 8, 165 AC
RL Date: April 02, 2014.

The great carnival of Braavos, famed throughout the world, drew towards its end with the traditional grand ball in the Sealord’s Palace. A thousand masked men and women entered in, to celebrate the ancient Unmasking of Utheros when the Secret City revealed itself to the world, and it was a grand time. From common merchants to the highest keyholders and lords, the revelers enjoyed the hospitality of the Sealord who was rumored to be among them unheralded and unremarked, perhaps in the plain mask of a commoner, perhaps the more ostentatious mask of a merchant-captain, perhaps even as a servant…

What the Tide Brings
IC Date: Day 21 of Month 5, 165 AC
RL Date: January 12, 2014.

The conflict between Pentos and Lys escalates day by day—outright battles at sea, sellsword companies gathering at ports, trade near the Stepstones becoming constricted as both fleets start to demand tolls for safe passage—and yet it is in distant Braavos where the breadth of the conflict hangs in the balance. Two months now since their first meetings with the Sealord himself, and the embassies from King’s Landing and Sunspear dance about one another, attempting to woo Dontario Prestayn and the Iron Bank to their side. The men dispatched by Viserys Targaryen have been dutiful in their…

The Sealord’s Menagerie
IC Date: Day 23 of Month 3, 165 AC
RL Date: November 16, 2013.

Nearly a moon passed, a moon in which the tidings of troubles between Lys and Pentos grew darker—reports of skirmishes off the Stepstones, of ships seized at harbor and charged onerous duties on vague pretenses, of emissaries departing the respective cities with angry words—and a moon in which two embassies, from Sunspear and King’s Landing, found themselves waiting the Sealord’s pleasure. They did not do so idly, by all accounts: Ser Perrin Blackmont was seen each and every day trying to work his way through layers of minor officials, on the behalf of the prince from Dorne, while it’s said…

On Purple Sails…
IC Date: Day 5 of Month 3, 165 AC
RL Date: October 28, 2013.

The winds blow, and ships from all corners of the world sail from port to port, bringing trade, bringing travelers, bringing news. From the Summer Isles, where the rarest of woods grow, the tidings are of the Stepstones being of late swept almost clean of corsairs and pirates and reavers; their swan ships are rarely disturbed, and they speak of great war galleys flying the Velaryon seahorse beneath the Targaryen three-headed dragon as an explanation for it all. From Qarth, where silks and jewels and rare antiquities can be found, the pale sailors tell of a war between the men of Yi Ti and…

Salvation for Stonedance
IC Date: Day 20 of Month 2, 165 AC
RL Date: October 13, 2013.

The victory at sea by the Sea Watch proved a vital blow against the forces of the so-called “king”, Red Rhys of the Scourge, and his ally Sullehman Saan. But though they had lost the battle, the war for Stonedance continued as the remnant of their forces remained at Stonedance in strength. Driving forward under the royal banner, the host under Prince Aemon Targaryen, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, joined with the outriders they had sent to sweep away the reavers and scavengers that Rhys and Saan had out. As they approached the walls, the giant Vaario Quanis could be seen bringing a man…

The Bloody Dance
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 2, 165 AC
RL Date: October 07, 2013.

The terror that has swept Massey’s Hook, when it was revealed that the Dornish robber-knight Red Rhys of the Scourge had allied himself with the notorious Sullehman Saan, has even come to the royal city where Baelor, slow to recover, prays… and where Prince Viserys, his uncle and Hand, rules. For in the city, an assault took place in which the lady Reyna Saltcliffe was injured, her guards killed… and worst of all, the young ladies Jyana Arryn and Elrone Darklyn were abducted and vanished. While throughout the city a search was made, it would not be for a fortnight before the truth was…

Another Voyage to Braavos
IC Date: Day 23 of Month 1, 165 AC
RL Date: September 19, 2013.

Far to the south, Dornish galleys cross the narrow sea. Braavos is their destination, to attempt to win over that mighty Free City to an alliance with Pentos against Lys.

And unbeknownst to them, from King’s Landing have sailed a handful of royal war galleys, a mighty escort for a prince with a similar—yet opposed—mission. Prince Aegon Targaryen, son of the Hand Prince Viserys, cousin to the King Baelor the First of His Name, was named head (some might say figurehead) of an embassy meant to dissuade Braavos from taking part. Earlier efforts had been rebuffed, the emissaries sent back in…

A Voyage to Braavos
IC Date: Day 19 of Month 1, 165 AC
RL Date: September 12, 2013.

From the Tower of the Sun, where the court of the Prince manage the affairs of the realm, an official pronouncement is issued declaring as true something that had been rumored and gossiped about for weeks: Dorne is indeed sending emissaries to the court of the Sealord of Braavos to discuss important matters concerning trade in the narrow sea. With rumors of corsairs growing bolder—news from King’s Landing, filtered through galleys and couriers alike, made that more than plain—and Lys and Pentos approaching open war over the Stepstones and trade routes, Dorne’s interests are plain enough. But…

A Failed Mission
IC Date: Day 20 of Month 12, 164 AL
RL Date: August 13, 2013.

With all the turmoil in King’s Landing and its environs, from the near-destruction of a royal fleet by the notorious Saan to the over-running of Stonedance, the arrival of a royal galley and its escorts was little remarked; there are many such plying the narrow sea. But it was soon recognized as the galley sent, with an emissary and his aides, to Braavos, to meet with the Sea Lord. At court it was well-known that this was due to growing tensions involving Lys and Pentos, Free Cities nearly at war with one another and seeking allies. Prince Viserys’s old ties to Lys may well have been the…

IC Date: Day 17 of Month 12, 164 AC
RL Date: August 10, 2013.

Blood on the high seas, and blood in the deep forests: war has come to Westeros, a strange one, waged by pirates and bandits against the Iron Throne.

Matters have taken a swift turn for the worse in the wake of Prince Viserys deciding how best to deal with the pirates Sullehman Saan and Vaario Quanis—growing ever bolder in their depredations along the coast—as well as the growing threat of conflict with the Free Cities alliance over the Stepstones. On receiving word from men of the sea watch and the Crackclaw Point wardenry that Saan’s lieutenant, Vaario, had broken with him—for the latter…

Rumors of War
IC Date: Day 19 of Month 11, 164 AL
RL Date: July 14, 2013.

In the shadow city, in the winesinks and the pillow houses, there is talk of many things, of news from places near and far. Merchants tell of the disruption of trade caused by fears over the Iron Throne fleet in the Stepstones meaning to do more than sweep out pirates, and of the real harm that the notorious corsairs of those waters have caused in the Narrow Sea. But others speak of the greater storm brewing between the Free Cities, a trade war that might become something all together more dangerous if they come to blows.

In the halls and chambers of the Old Palace, the nobles tell similar…

An Office Appointed
IC Date: Day 30 of Month 9, 164 AC
RL Date: May 26, 2013.

Rumors of war across the narrow sea, a king disabled, bandits in the Kingswood—these are the kinds of troubles that are not unheard of in the Seven Kingdoms, but all at the same time they are a cause for worry. Some at the court of the Red Keep worry over these matters, and worry that King Baelor will not recover any further than he has from the disasterous fast that almost killed him. Yet others, it must be said, take heart in the fact that the king’s uncle, Prince Viserys, has been active in these and many other matters beside.

As Hand of the King, he has dispatched forces to strengthen…