Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Tidings from Dorne
IC Date: Day 21 of Month 5, 158 AC.
RL Date: February 18, 2007.
Since the glad word that Skyreach had fallen to Lord Tyrell, little news has come from Dorne of any note, save for the advance of King Daeron and Lord Tyrell to take the final resisting castle of Kingsgrave. But early in the morning, a raven from Sunspear arrived to reveal that things had changed dramatically: not only was Kingsgrave still free, but Blackmont too had gone over to the rebels ... and worst of all, hundreds of leagues to the east the gutted town of the Tor had risen up under the incitement of the rebel lord, Caston Vaith, and trapped the garrison within the castle. Lady Jordayne…
The Fall of Skyreach
IC Date: Day 21 of Month 4, 158 AC
RL Date: January 22, 2007.
"Black wings, black words," it's said, but this is not the case when the latest raven from Dorne wings its way to the archmaester's tower. Soon enough, word spreads throughout the castle: Skyreach has fallen to Lord Tyrell's siege. Details are sparse as to how this transpired, but it seems losses were entailed in the process. King Daeron had not yet joined Lord Lyonel's host at the time of the successful taking of the castle, but was known to have left Hellholt some days prior to it, and so is expected within the next few days.
A Ship from Dorne…
IC Date: Day 7 of Month 3, 158 AC.
RL Date: December 06, 2006.
On the evening of the sixth day of the month, a swift galley -- the Black Sword -- dispatched from Oakenfist's fleet in Dorne arrived at King's Landing unheralded in the night. A pair of knights from the ship oversaw the offloading of some materials before commandeering horses from the City Watch at the River Gate. At the Red Keep, the pair let their business be known, and the result was that they were ushered to Prince Viserys in the middle of the night. By the afternoon of the seventh day, news began to spread through the castle of just what the visit meant: after much delay, the first…
Dornish Abroad
IC Date: Day 3 of Month 3, 158 AC.
RL Date: December 02, 2006.
Among the gold cloaks garrisoned at the Red Keep, the word spreads that Ser Richard Harte has notified them of a change in the status of the Dornish hostages. After three weeks under close guard in the castle, Prince Viserys has allowed for them to now leave the walls of the Red Keep to the city below. The hostages will, naturally, have a close escort of guardsmen to make sure they have no ... difficulties when in the city. However, the Hand has reissued orders to the captains and officers of the gates of the city that none of the Dornish hostages may be allowed past them. Although it has been…
The Hand Holds Court
IC Date: Day 26 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 25, 2006.
Prince Viserys Targaryen, the Hand of the King, had let it be known that he would hold an open court session on this day. In the days prior, petitioners could be seen coming and going from the Tower of the Hand to have the prince decide whether they would be called upon. When the day came for the court to be in session, anticipation was high that the prince would reveal news from Dorne and perhaps even some of the king's decisions as to what lords and knights would receive rewards. They would not be disappointed. Many lords and ladies were in attendance, among them Carmella Dondarrion, Jonn…
Storm of Insults
IC Date: Day 22 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 22, 2006.
Almost two weeks have gone by since the arrival of hostages and heroes from the Conquest of Dorne, since then anger has seethed in curt word and wrathful glances amongst those who compete for the love of the commons and the Iron Throne. The King's Peace was shattered, however, when Ser Sarmion Baratheon appeared in the training yard with naked blade in his hand, his ire keen on the full plate mail clad Ser Doran Dondarrion. Harsh words were tossed at the Blackbolt of Blackhaven by the Stormbreaker, calling him both liar and murderer for his deeds on the Boneway. These insults were met with…
IC Date: Day 12 of Month 2, 158 AC
RL Date: November 11, 2006.
Three weeks at sea, and at last the sails of Lord Arryn's fleet were sighted from the high walls of King's Landing in the afternoon. News spread through the city, which had anticipated this day since the news of King Daeron's victory came from Sunspear. By the time the ships were still an hour away, the stretch from the red walls to the docks was a veritable sea of people. Nearly all the City Watch, personally led by Ser Richard Harte, marched to the River Gate to make sure all was calm as the Hand, Prince Viserys, rode down from the Red Keep with his daughter Naerys and the king's siblings.…