Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


148 AC

Tourneys at Highgarden and Stonehelm.

Month 2

Day 27-28: A tourney hosted by Lord Tyrell at Highgarden draws many champions. Among those present are Lord Corwen Baratheon, his brother Ser Sarmion Baratheon, his bastard uncle Ser Tarwen Storm, Ser Tarwen’s son Ser Aethan, Ser Jerion Penrose, and Sarmion’s squire Almer Connington. Elanna Baratheon and Reyna Tyrell are also both present, and Lady Elanna is briefly carried off by the hotheaded Ser Aethan—her own cousin—before Penrose can rescue her. In a rage at this insult, Ser Sarmion demands that the Silver Stag come forth into the lists which he and his son had avoided after the incident. With his courage questioned, Ser Tarwen can do nothing else but ride against Sarmion. Four times they meet head-on, and on the last pass Sarmion unhorses his bastard uncle. Then they fight afoot, and Sarmion forces Tarwen to yield. For this, Ser Sarmion was called Stormbreaker.

Month 6

Day 14: During a melee hosted by Lord Allos Swann at his seat, Stonehelm, Ser Ludwin Estermont is mortally by a freakish blow from the westerlands knight called Swordbiter, Ser Arlan Kenning. His blunted tourney blade snaps three-quarters of the way up its length, sending a shard through the slit of Estermont’s visor which enters his brain through his eye. He dies three days later, having remained unconscious in all that time. Swordbiter went on to win the melee, having wrested Estermont’s longaxe from him before he fell and using it to good effect without having been aware of the injury he had done him.