Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


151 AC

A tourney on Oakenshield.

Month 6

Day 3: A tourney hosted by Lord Hewett at Oakenshield in honor of the impending birth of his first child and the turning of the season to Summer. Doran Dondarrion wins his spurs after defeating a field including Lord Allos Swann, whom he was squire for, Lord Belion Chester, Ser Wallace Chester, Ser Harwin Marbrand, Ser Galbin Stone, and Ser Ryck Westerling. At the final tilt, he broke five lances to Ser Andric Staedmon’s one and was declared champion of the tournament. At the banquet after the tourney, hard words exchanged between the young Jonn Lannister and Ser Doran leads to swords being drawn both supporters of both youths, but the new-made knights balks at drawing his own sword and leaves.